My Sunday Photo: The View from the Alhambra

This week's Sunday Photo is a throw back to May, when I visited the Alhambra Palace in Andalucia, Spain.

Visiting the Alhambra was one of the highlights of my trip to Spain earlier this year.

The palace is around an hour’s drive from the Andalucian city of Malaga. I spent a wonderful afternoon walking around the palace with Mark, exploring the beautiful gardens and the stunning Moorish architecture.

The views out over Andalucia are amazing as well, especially when you walk up to the Alta Alhambra. It was a hot day when we went, around 32C, but nowhere near the high temperatures that you’ll get if you visit in the summer.

If you’re visiting Granada, Malaga or anywhere else in Andalucia, it’s definitely worth making a detour to look around the Alhambra.


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