Tres Chic! Poppy Sloane mascara on review

Poppy Sloane Tres Chic mascara is smudgeproof and waterproof, but only needs warm water to remove it. Is this the Holy Grail of mascara?

Mascara is a staple item in most make-up bags, and my search for the perfect product sometimes feels never-ending. So I was really pleased to be asked to try out Tres Chic Mascara from Poppy Sloane PS…Well Behaved Makeup.

The mascara was originally launched in 2016, and came about as a result of founder Jacky Vincent’s search for a mascara that she could apply and forget about.

I love trying new mascaras, and the thought of a mascara that would give volume and definition without any smudging was very appealing. Let’s see if the product lives up to the promise…

Poppy Sloane Mascara: What they say

Traditional mascara coats the lashes with the product, but Tres Chic is a tubing mascara. This means that the brush wraps the product around the lash, creating a waterproof tube.

Yet despite the fact that it’s waterproof, you don’t need a specialist product to remove the mascara. All you need is light friction with plenty of warm water, and the mascara vanishes with no smudges or smears.

Tres Chic mascara now has a new vegan formulation, without the small amount of ethically sourced bees wax that was in the original formula.

And bamboo has been added to ensure that the mascara is as voluminous as possible, while the redesigned bottle ensures exactly the right amount of product is on the mascara brush.

Tres Chic smudgeproof mascara is available from the Poppy Sloane website, and shipping is free on UK orders.

First Impressions

Poppy Sloane Tres Chic mascara is presented in a sleek black tube with a small amount of silver decoration.

It’s the mascara equivalent of the little black dress, and lives up to the product’s name.

The tube is slim and fits easily into your make up bag, making it perfect for travel, especially if you’re flying hand-luggage only.

Inside the tube, there’s a flexible brush with short, spiky bristles. The plug in the bottle works very effectively, making sure that there is little or no excess on the brush.

Poppy Sloane Mascara: my review

Applying Tres Chic mascara is very simple, and the formulation coated my lashes evenly. The flexible brush makes it really easy to cover all of your lashes, even those hard to reach ones in the corner of your eyes.

And I was particularly impressed by the coverage on my baby fine lower lashes. The brush picked up every one and gave great definition.

I liked the definition and volume that I got from Tres Chic mascara, but I found that it didn’t add a great deal of curl to my very straight lashes. I would recommend curling your lashes first if you feel they need a little more help in that area.

But I can confirm that Tres Chic stays true to the Poppy Sloane tagline of “Well Behaved Makeup”. I could apply this mascara and then happily forget about it all day.

No smudges, no panda eyes, even if I rubbed my eyes.

And at the end of the day, removal was every bit as straightforward as I had hoped. I simply used a washi cloth and warm water to gently remove the tubes from my lashes.

Poppy Sloane Tres Chic mascara is perfect for travelling, for exercise, or just for making your eyes look great on a day to day basis.

Poppy Sloane Tres Chic smudgeproof mascara is available from the Poppy Sloane website, RRP £15.

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