Preparing for Travel Emergencies: Tips and Tricks to Know

No-one expects trouble when travelling, but things can and do go wrong. These simple tips will help you handle travel emergencies like a pro!

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No one expects trouble when travelling, especially when going on holiday. After all, we all want our holidays to run smoothly and be as enjoyable as they can be, don’t we?

Still, things to wrong for all of us at some time or another. And even the most meticulous travel plans can fall apart because of one small glitch.

Knowing how to deal with common travel emergencies before you travel really helps you to feel more in control. You can react to bad situations faster and better when you know exactly what to do when things go wrong.

And preparing for travel emergencies ahead of time is even better. For example, you can visit Flightright for information on flight delays and the compensation that you can claim when flights are delayed.

When you are prepared for things to go wrong, you can enjoy your trip more, knowing that you have what it takes to deal with different situations.

So to help you prepare better for travel emergencies, here are the tips and tricks you need to know:

Understand the Emergencies

The first way to prepare is to go over some of the things that could go wrong on your trip. Flight cancellation is probably one of the most common, but you already have Flightright helping you with that.

The site is filled with information about your rights when your flight gets delayed or cancelled. You can even learn about the compensation from specific airlines like EasyJet.

Flightright also has details about what to do, including how you can file for compensation. For instance, did you know that the compensation for cancelled flights is still rightfully yours for up to 6 years after the schedule of the flight?

That covers cancelled flights, but you want to take your time and dig deep into other common travel emergencies too.

Cancelled hotel reservations, a missing passport and other problems are easier to handle when you acknowledge the risk and prepare better for the situation. Having your luggage lost or stolen or your rental car break down are also worth preparing for.

Have Contingencies in Place

Before we get to preventing these travel emergencies from ruining your trip, we are going to take a look at how you can plan for emergencies in advance.

Knowing which apps to use when your hotel room gets cancelled, for instance, will save you a lot of trouble if you find yourself in that situation.

The same can be said for other travel emergencies. For example, imagine that your passport gets stolen while you’re abroad.

Knowing in advance how to contact your country’s embassy in the country you are visiting, and how you can get a passport reissued is absolutely invaluable.

And if your flight gets cancelled for some reason, the ability to rearrange other parts of your trip quickly is just as useful.

Contingencies certainly make staying calm in the situation easier. If you already know your rights and what you can do to solve the problem, there is really no reason to panic. Simply follow your plan and begin solving the issue.

You’ll be back to enjoying your trip in no time!

Try to Prevent the Problems

Sometimes problems are beyond your control. For instance, there is really nothing you can do about a cancelled or delayed flight. The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself in advance so you can react better to the emergency if it occurs.

Other emergencies, however, are totally preventable.

For example, you can reduce the risk of losing your passport by packing it separately from your carry-on. A money belt or a sling bag, completely separate from your daybag, is perfect for when you are travelling to places with a higher crime rate.

Dealing with a broken rental car may be avoided by doing some checks before leaving the car park.

One thing to note: you do have the ability to prevent one particular issue from turning the trip into a complete catastrophe. A cancelled flight is not uncommon, but a cancelled connecting flight can turn your well-planned trip upside down.

To prevent that from happening, make sure you also reschedule additional flights as you deal with the cancelled one.

Refresh and Learn

Last but certainly not least, learn from experience and the experiences of others. The more you know about how to handle travel emergencies, the better you’ll be at it.

This means staying calm gets easier and dealing with the underlying problem becomes second nature. After all, you know exactly what you are dealing with and how to best deal with the situation.

That said, don’t let yourself get too comfortable with the contingency plans you already have. The more you travel, the more problems you are likely to experience on your trips, and you will learn more from them.

Through this kind of experience, you’ll know exactly how to deal with having your credit card stolen or having your hotel room broken into.

Things go wrong, but you can always prepare for them. With these tips and tricks in mind, you can prepare for travel emergencies better.

And the better you are at dealing with them, the better you’ll be at preventing them as well. It won’t be long before you start travelling like a true pro and enjoying problem-free trips!

What are your best tips for hassle-free travel?

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