Transform your Garden for early Autumn

Follow these steps to turn your garden into a peaceful outdoor space that’s perfect for making the most of early Autumn.

Pile of autumn leaves with a fan rake on  a garden lawn

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Summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying your garden. The warm weather can easily last through September and sometimes even into October, so now is a great time to start thinking about early Autumn in the garden.

A great garden needs to be comfortable, inviting, aesthetically pleasing and provide a space that is both fun and functional.

You can transform your garden in many different ways. So if you would like to get your garden into shape for early Autumn, here are some simple ways to achieve it.

Getting The Lawn In Shape

A good lawn is the foundation for a great garden, and the first step to achieving your desired outdoor space. 

Grass can keep on growing well into Autumn, so you’ll still need to keep on top of mowing the lawn. As well as mowing, you should regularly use a strimmer to trim your lawn around the edges and into any awkward places where it’s hard to reach with the lawnmower.

And make sure you clear fallen leaves regularly, especially from paths and decking where they can be a slip hazard.

Not only will this all give your garden a neat and clean look, but it also helps to give you a blank canvas for the rest of your plans. If the job starts to overwhelm you, try to pick one area at a time and move systematically around the garden.

Add A Garden Deck

A garden deck is the ideal solution when you want a stylish area to relax in your garden.

It can give you some extra space for relaxing with friends, reading a good book, practicing yoga or just lazing under the sun.

If you want to combine style with comfort when you spend time outdoors, a garden deck could be the ideal solution.

And of course a garden deck is also the perfect location for an outdoor dinner or birthday party on warm early autumn evenings.

There are many different options for the material you choose for your deck, including aluminum, redwood, and cedar. The cheapest option for garden decking is pre-treated softwood while hardwood is the more expensive but more durable option.

Add Plants And Trees

Good landscaping is essential for a great garden, but the placement of your plants and trees needs careful planning. Random and haphazard planting probably won’t give the final result that you’re after.

It’s really important to choose plants and trees that are suited to your soil type, local climate and the direction that your garden faces. No matter how exotic a plant or tree, it will not look pretty if it is wilting away in your garden. 

For a more harmonious and coordinated look throughout your garden, you could try arranging five or six types of plants throughout your garden in repeated patterns.

You could also installing planters full of plants that look good in the Autumn. With so many different options to choose from, you can choose ones that fit perfectly into your newly created garden scheme. For example, tall and slim planters will take up less room in smaller gardens. 

Remember to choose your plants carefully and research what maintenance they require before buying. If you’re not a big gardener, keep to simple ideas that require little watering and don’t go overboard with the planting!

A woman smiles as she relaxes in a wicker chair in autumn, she is wrapped in a cosy blanket and holding a red mug.

Add Comfortable and Durable Furniture

Lounge chairs and deep seating sets will make your garden feel like an extension of your living room and you can also add dining tables and chairs to allow you to eat meals in the garden on warm early autumn evenings.

Apart from being comfortable, the furniture also needs to be durable because it will face the elements outdoors. 

As well as the classic options of wrought iron and wood, weatherproof garden furniture gives the same durability and style but with added comfort. Rattan chairs and tables are also an excellent choice for your garden thanks to their durability and comfort.

Adding a selection of comfy cushions and cosy throws will make your garden feel even more luxurious. And it’s worth investing in some good quality covers to protect your furniture against the worst of the weather.

Focus on Lighting

The sun sets earlier in autumn, so adding some outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your garden for longer.

Solar lights are a great option to add accent lighting to your garden, and they are also energy-efficient and eco-friendly. You can use pathway lights to add a touch of ambient lighting to your garden’s entrance as well as improving safety.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you should use task lighting in the work areas for proper illumination. And in the dining and seating areas, you could even add dimmable electric lamps or wall-mounted downlights. 

By following these top tips, you’ll be well on the way to creating an inviting garden you can keep on enjoying into Autumn!