Three MiFi: Get Online wherever you go!

Find out how the Three MiFi* makes getting online really simple, wherever you are.

Find out how the Three MiFi makes getting online really simple, wherever you are.

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As a blogger, I need to be able to access the internet quickly and easily wherever I am. So I was really happy when Three offered to send me one of their nifty little MiFi units on loan for my recent holiday to Portugal.

Because if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t really want to take two weeks off completely. Yes, it’s nice to have a few days off from work, and I didn’t want to be glued to my laptop all day every day. But I love blogging, and I love working on my blog and social media. Quite frankly, the thought of going back to my inbox after two weeks off was scaring me!

But the villa we were renting didn’t have good quality WiFi, which put me in a bit of a quandry. I could have set up a personal hotspot on my phone, but that always seems to eat through my battery really quickly. Or I could find a bar or restaurant which had WiFi and set myself up in there, but that’s not always convenient. The Three MiFi seemed like a much better solution to the situation.

Find out how the Three MiFi makes getting online really simple, wherever you are.

Three MiFi – what’s in the box?

I was loaned the Three MiFi Huawei E5573 to take on holiday with me. It’s a palm-sized 4G mobile WiFi unit, which allows you to connect multiple WiFi devices at once. It weighs just 75g, so won’t take up too much room in your hand luggage if you’re going on holiday.

The MiFi’s battery lasts for 4 hours in use, and 300 hours on stand by. It comes with a USB charging cable, and you could also use a battery pack to extend the battery life while you’re out and about.

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Using the Three MiFi

The MiFi’s Quick Start guide makes setting up the MiFi easy . I literally just had to remove the back from the MiFi, slot in the SIM card and I was away!

The MiFi has the login details inside the back cover, so they’re easy to find. You just use your device to scan for available WiFi networks and log in as you would with any other network. It’s literally that simple to set up, and it meant that I was able to get online within minutes. Internet coverage in Burgau can be a little unreliable sometimes, so I was really pleased to find that we had no problems with connection through the MiFi.

Download and upload speeds were not as fast as those we get on WiFi at home. But to be honest, I didn’t really expect them to be. They were fast enough for general browsing, accessing social media and updating this blog. They were also OK for accessing Amazon Prime through a Fire Stick – there was the occasional brief bit of buffering, but nothing too disruptive.

We mainly used the MiFi for browsing the internet and using social media while we were in the villa. We did watch a couple of films, which ate through data at a really high speed. That’s definitely something to bear in mind! Luckily Three had given me two SIMs to see me through the holiday. You can either log into the Three website to check your data usage, or there’s a handy app that you can access on your phone.

Working from the beach bar is easy with a Three Mifi - every office should have a view like this!But the best thing about taking the MiFi away with us was that I could work from wherever I wanted to. Somehow, checking my emails didn’t feel so much like hard work, sitting by the beach with an ice-cold Mojito!

Three MiFi – My Thoughts

The Three MiFi is a little gadget that made a big difference to my trip to Portugal this year. It was much more convenient to go online whenever I wanted, rather than waiting to find somewhere with WiFi.

And the costs are quite reasonable as well. Three have a range of plans available, depending on how much data you need to use. Light users can pay £9 per month for a 2GB contract, or you can get a whopping 20GB of data from just £17 per month. All prices correct at time of writing.

Three MiFi is great for anyone who needs to get online on the move. It’s ideal to let your kids chat to their friends or play online games, check your own social media or log into work emails. It also feels much more secure than logging into public WiFi in coffee shops and airports. As I am travelling more these days, I’m definitely considering getting one to add to my travel kit.

The Three Huawei E5573 MiFi* is available from the Three website or from Three stores.

Three loaned me one of their MiFi (personal WiFi) units to take on holiday with me recently. It was so simple to use, and I'm definitely going to add one to my travel kit. Read my #review to find out how Three MiFi makes getting online really easy and convenient, wherever you are.


  1. I remember using three mifi many years ago when I lived alone, it was so much cheaper than having my own broadband connection as I hardly use the net in my own home. It is good to see they are still going strong.


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