My Sunday Photo: A Winter Walk in Newport

Rain, rain, go away - bring back the crisp winter mornings like this one!

A shot of the Newport Canal in Shropshire, taken in January 2018It feels like it’s been raining forever.

It hasn’t, but it feels like it has. The paths where Charlie and I take our walks are covered in puddles and masses of thick, sticky mud.

Charlie only has little legs, but he battles through it all. He brings a fair amount of mud back home with him though. And so far he hasn’t worked out that going for a walk means suffering a bath afterwards!

So it’s nice to look back through my phone and remember that it wasn’t so very long ago that I took a photo like this.

This is my kind of winter morning – crisp cold air, blue sky, and the fluffy white clouds reflected in the water of the Newport Canal.

When the canal looks like this, I can cope with washing even more mud off Charlie yet again…


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