My Sunday Photo: A Rose at Alhambra

This week's Sunday photo features a beautiful rose in the gardens at the Alhambra palace, near Granada in Spain

A beautiful white rose in the gardens at the Alhambra palace near Granada in Spain

The snow is falling as I write this post, and it feels like a lifetime since I visited Malaga last May.

As part of that visit, Mark and I went to the Alhambra palace near Granada. It’s somewhere that Mark has wanted to visit for a long time, so I was really happy that we were finally making the journey.

One thing that surprised me about the Alhambra was the number of roses growing in the gardens. I’d expected to see the stunning Moorish architecture, but roses? Not so expected!

By the time we visited, many of them were starting to wilt in the Andalusian sun. We’d planned our visit in May to avoid the extreme heat of the summer. Even so, the temperatures were still in the low 30’s in the afternoon.

But this beauty looked almost perfect, and I couldn’t resist capturing its image in a photo.

This year, I plan to relaunch and revive my YouTube channel. There’s not a lot on there at the moment, and it’s been sorely neglected for well over a year.

So this Wednesday, I’ll be posting my first travel video – a visit to Alhambra.

Why not head over and subscribe now, and if you hit the notification bell, you’ll know as soon as my videos go live.


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