My Sunday Photo: Dreaming of Burgau

Today's Sunday Photo finds me dreaming of Burgau, in Portugal. It's been the site of many a happy family holiday, but I may not be visiting this year.

An early morning shot of the beach at Burgau in Portugal
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The sun is shining today in Shropshire, but it’s cold.

Not cold like they are experiencing in the US at the moment (-40C windchill? Ouch!). But cold enough to make me wish that I was sunning myself on a golden beach somewhere.

And that got me looking back at my photos from our holiday to Burgau in Portugal last August. Since 2010, we’ve spent our family holiday there most summers and it almost feels like a second home now.

I may have wanted to switch things up and go somewhere new from time to time. But the boys love visiting the village every summer, and to be honest, I love the familiarity of going back and seeing old friends.

This year, our summer is already looking really busy. Ollie will be doing NCS, and Lyle has got the possibility of a summer job working in Ironbridge. So it’s looking like we won’t be taking a family summer holiday to Burgau this year.

That makes me feel a bit sad, to be honest, and I’ll really miss our break out there. Maybe we’ll manage to squeeze in a week sometime, or even just a long weekend…?


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