Singapore Sightseeing: 5 Top Things to Do in Singapore

You’ll be spoilt for choice when you’re sightseeing in Singapore – here are some must-see suggestions from Sally Allsop of Life Loving.

The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore by night

Today’s guest post comes from a different Sally: Sally Allsop, who blogs over at Life Loving. She aims to inspire others to get out and about and enjoy life more, and lives by the motto ‘ketchup tomorrow, relish today’. 

Singapore is a wonderful place to visit. It’s one of my favourite places, and somewhere I was lucky enough to visit on our honeymoon last year. It brings together the modern cleanliness and ease of a functional city with an ambition to embrace nature. And there’s a beauty that comes from marrying the two.

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If you're planning a visit to Singapore, you'll have plenty of options for sightseeing. Here are some must-see suggestions for your visit #Singapore #Raffles #SingaporeSling #Travel

There is a plethora of things to see and do in this wonderful place. But here are my top tips for things to do if you are spending a few days in Singapore.

The Super Trees in Singapore
© Sally Allsop

Gardens by the Bay

We were inspired to visit Singapore by what we saw on David Attenborough’s Wild Cities. The programme showed the Super Trees, which have been built in the Marina Bay area of the city.

They are there to assist the flora and fauna living in the city, and contain over 200 different plants. At night, the trees light up and there are displays set to music and lights – they are an amazing sight.

Make sure you go just before it gets dark, and take some time to walk around the gardens. Once dusk comes, the Super Trees come into their own. There’s a 128 metre walkway up amongst the tops of the trees, and when we visited it was a very reasonable S$8 to go up into the trees. At the time of writing, that is about £4.50.

The Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel

Singapore Flyer

Like the UK’s London Eye, the Singapore Flyer is a large wheel with viewing pods. However, the Singapore version is much larger than the UK’s wheel and takes in a very different view.

It is only really from the top of the Singapore Flyer that you can appreciate the true enormity of Singapore and the number of skyscrapers in this amazing city.

Currently, it costs S$33 for an adult to go on to the Singapore Flyer (around £18.50) and S$21 for a child (around £12).

Singapore Grand Prix

If you happen to be in Singapore around the time of the Grand Prix (normally in September), you should really look into treating yourself to a ticket to this incredible spectacle.

The Singapore Grand Prix is famous for a couple of reasons. The first one being it is a street circuit, which more often than not brings excitement and action to the F1 calendar. And it is also a night race, which adds a different layer of complexity for the drivers and makes it an astounding sight. The track is fully floodlit to allow the action to be seen.

But even if you don’t visit the race, you’ll hear reverberations of the engines bouncing off skyscrapers all over the city.

Raffles Hotel in Singapore

Raffles Hotel

You shouldn’t visit Singapore without going to the birthplace of the Singapore Sling.

Currently Raffles Hotel is closed for renovation work, but it is due to re-open later on in 2018. It’s a lovely experience to go to one of the bars at the Raffles Hotel and enjoy a tasty cocktail in such opulent surroundings.

Sally Allsop enjoying a Singapore Sling cocktail
© Sally Allsop

As you would expect, it’s quite a pricey cocktail at S$31 (about £17.50). But you aren’t really paying for just the drink, you are paying for the experience.

Whilst you are there, enjoy the free monkey nuts!

The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore by night

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

There’s few buildings that are more iconic than the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It looks like a giant skyscraper with a surf board on the top. It’s not until you are at the very top that you appreciate actually how high it is. You will be looking down on the Singapore Flyer!

There is an iconic rooftop pool, but you can only swim here if you are staying at the hotel. But if you aren’t, there are other options available.

You can take in the views from the public observation deck, which costs S$23 for adults (around £13). And if you really want to treat yourself, there are a three restaurants where you can book a table.

We booked a table at the Ce La Vi restaurant and were fortunate enough to be seated at a table overlooking the very edge of the building. We arrived just before sunset and watched the beautiful skyline transform from sunshine to twilight and finally to night, right before our eyes. Night-time in Singapore is like few other places, it’s almost like the city becomes alive.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what to see and do in Singapore, and there’s a whole host of other things to do. It’s a destination you could visit more than once and enjoy a different experience each time.

Have you been to Singapore? What are your favourite things to do in Singapore?

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