Brushing up my German with Rosetta Stone

I'm really excited to be able to let you know that I'm working with Rosetta Stone to brush up my German. And I've got a fantastic discount code to share with you as well!

Screenshot of the Rosetta Stone website against the background of a German flagKeep reading to find out how you can save 50% off a Rosetta Stone language course!

Disclosure: I have been provided with free access to the Rosetta Stone language learning course. The opinions below are my own and unbiased.

I’ve always loved learning languages. I first learned a few words of German when I was living in Germany as a small child. Since then, I studied A Level French and German, and always try to learn a few words when I visit a new country.

But when I visited Berlin back in April, I was shocked to see how rusty my German was. I guess it’s to be expected really – it’s over 25 years since I took my A Levels. And speaking a language is not like riding a bicycle – you certainly do forget!

So I’m really excited to be working with Rosetta Stone to brush up on my German. Rosetta Stone are a leading provider of language learning programs, and have been helping millions of people all over the world learn a new language for over 25 years.

Rosetta Stone offers two types of courses:

  • Interactive and immersive course for the language learner who will start from scratch and wants to make rapid progress.
  • Advanced course for people who have some knowledge of the language and now want want to really master it.

I will be using Rosetta Stone Advanced to brush up my German, but since a lot of people want to learn a language from scratch, let me first tell you a bit about Rosetta Stone’s unique immersive method.

Rosetta Stone’s Immersive method

This interactive course immerses the user in their chosen language, which help to accelerate the learning process.

Rosetta Stone gets you off to a flying start by learning the core skills of speaking, reading and learning. You’ll learn your new language the same way you learned to speak your native language – by listening and copying. And their unique speech recognition technology helps you to get your pronunciation right by correcting you as you learn, right from the day you start.

One of the best things about about this course is Rosetta Stone’s online subscription, which allows you to study wherever you want. Life can get pretty hectic and if you are not always in front of your PC, being able to download MP3 lessons is a real bonus. There are other nifty features like the Audio Companion, which you can use when speaking isn’t possible. And the Stories feature allows you to read a story aloud and compare your voice to a native speaker. Meanwhile, apps for iOS and Android allow you to access the Rosetta Stone program while you’re on-the-go.

Rosetta Stone Advanced

I’ll be brushing up my German using the Rosetta Stone Advanced program, an online course available on desktop. These courses are ideal for people who already have a reasonable grasp of a language. It will go much deeper and take my A1 level to C1. The course offers expanded vocabulary and grammar exercises. It allows you to expand your knowledge and be able to read longer, more demanding text. If I get chance, I might take a quick look at the French course as well. It’s very tempting to revive my A Level knowledge after all this time.

But I’m also tempted to use one of their other programs to learn a brand new language. Learning a new language is a great way to keep your mind active, which is really important for mental health in middle age and beyond. Rosetta Stone has more than 30 languages to choose from, so I might pick up some Spanish ready for my next visit to Malaga. Or I could go for something totally new like Polish!

My eventual aim is to head back to Germany next year speaking the language confidently and comfortably. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Full details of the range of courses and pricing can be found on the Rosetta Stone website. You can try a free demo or click here to save 50% by using the voucher code SALLY50 when you checkout.

If you've ever wanted to learn a new language, or want to brush up on some rusty knowledge, then take a look at Rosetta Stone. Their immersive language courses make learning a language really simple and fun #review


    • I was surprised that I could still make myself understood when I was in Berlin, but I’d lost a lot of it. I’m really hoping that I can get back to a similar standard again

  1. I studied Latin at school and then university, so I’ve never actually learned a language I can speak. I really want to learn Spanish or Italian so this would be perfect.

  2. Good luck with your studies, this sounds like a great thing to be doing. I’d really love to brush up my French, it’s so rusty because I haven’t practiced for years. I used to be able to read books in French, I don’t think I could do that now!

  3. I really think it’s so important to know another language – in fact I even blogged about all the reasons knowing another language is handy when travelling. I also think it’s a little ignorant for people to just expect others to speak and understand English all the time. So kudos to you for brushing up on your German! x


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