Reading List Update September 2017: 45 books and beyond!

After all of the excitement of hitting my 2017 target, find out whether I’ve kept on reading in September.

After all of the excitement of hitting my 2017 Reading List Challenge target of 45 books, find out whether I've kept on reading in September.

September was a funny month as far as reading goes. After the two books I read in early August, and then my bumper reading marathon on holiday, I have easily reached my 45 book goal for 2017. In fact, I’m already well past it, with 49 books read by the time I got back from Portugal. And as I expected, September has been much quieter.

To be honest, I always find it hard to maintain motivation once I’ve hit my annual goal. And after reading 11 books in August, I was left feeling a little bit burned out.

So I decided to take a bit of a break from reading for a couple of weeks, and that means that my reading update for September is quite light. In fact, there are just two books on the list – let’s take a quick look at them:

Dr Jekyll and Mr Seek by Anthony O’Neill

This is a modern follow-on to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It’s set seven years after Hyde has died and Jekyll disappeared. Someone claiming to be Dr Jekyll has turned up to claim his estate, but Jekyll’s solicitor Utterson can’t believe that it is really Jekyll. Because Utterson knows that Jekyll and Hyde were the same person!

Utterson tries to prove his theory, but it puts his own sanity and even his life in danger.

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by R L Stevenson

After reading O’Neill’s sequel, I really wanted to go back and read the original novel. It’s a book that has passed into common knowledge, and the title is part of modern language. We all know about the idea of a Jekyll and Hyde situation, where there are two completely different sides to a person.

It was odd reading this book, because I already knew roughly what it was about. So there was no great surprise when Hyde and Jekyll are revealed to be the same person. But it was a very enjoyable novel, and reading it reinforced my opinion that O’Neill did a good job of writing his sequel.

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So after my mammoth reading marathon in August, I only added two books to my list this month. But that still leaves me on 51 books for the year with three months still to go. I think I’ll probably ease off a little over the next few months, because I’ve got an awful lot of events, trips and work planned. But I’m still hoping to get to somewhere between 55 and 60 books by the time I close this year’s challenge on Christmas Eve.

So check back at the end of October to find out how many books I read during the month.


  1. Wow!! amazing how many book you have read so far. My aim this year was to read at least 12, so far I am on track. really wish that I did have more time to read as it’s my favourite hobby


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