Gorgeous Gardening Gifts from Peach Perfect

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a gardening friend, Peach Perfect have plenty of inspiration

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If you’re looking for a gift for a garden lover then you need to take a look at Peach Perfect.

They have curated a gorgeous range of gifts for gardeners, as well as those who love wildlife or relaxing in the garden with a nice cold drink!

Peach Perfect is the creation of Kate Findlay. She set the site up when she became frustrated about not being able to find the perfect gift for her friends and family.

The site has an eclectic selection of gifts that are thoughtful, beautiful and affordable. Each item is personally selected by Kate, so it has to be something that she’d be happy to give to her own loved ones.

There are gifts for people who love crafting, gifts to brighten up your home, and a selection of presents for babies and children. They even have a selection of presents for pets, and their range of gardening gifts is just gorgeous.

You’re sure to find something perfect for your friends and family, or even for treating yourself!

A lot of people have got into gardening this year, and you’re sure to find an ideal gift for them in the Peach Perfect gardening section.

This gorgeous gardening set from Burgon & Ball features artwork from the RHS Lindley Library. The set includes a stainless steel trowel and set of secateurs.

The secateurs have a blade made from tempered high carbon steel to give lasting sharpness. The trowel head is engraved with a quote from Gertrude Jekyll, the famous horticulturist, which reads “The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies”.

These beautiful and practical tools come in a presentation gift box, and have the Burgon & Ball lifetime guarantee. This set is a perfect gift for a keen gardener!

The waiting lists for allotments are always long, but this next gift is perfect for someone who has managed to bag one. It’s also ideal for someone who has set up a veg patch in their back garden this summer.

The Allotment Essentials set from Sting in the Tail is full of essentials for growing fruit and veg.

It includes a pair of drill gloves together with wooden labels and a greenhouse thermometer. There’s also natural twine and a set of scissors, and some coir pots made in Sri Lanka by a women’s co-op.

The set is approved by the RHS, and everything is beautifully packaged in a biodegradable birch tray which can be used to grow seedlings.

And this Garden Bird gift set from Wildlife World is perfect for wildlife lovers.

It includes a brushwood nester which has been designed in association with Simon King, the wildlife photographer. The nester’s design has an open entrance with a concealed nesting space, perfect for robins and other small birds.

The set also includes native wild flower seeds, a bird identification guide, and gourmet bird food which is packaged in a plastic-free hessian bag. And the whole thing is presented in a cardboard box with barley straw.

It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves birds, nature and the environment.

And if you’d like to encourage a child to take interest in gardening and nature, this next gift is perfect.

Bobby’s Bug Box is an insect home that has been designed to be suitable for all sorts of bugs. It offers a safe place to shelter over winter for ladybirds and other pollinating insects like gentle solitary bees.

The home is made using sustainable FSC certified wood from carefully managed forests, and is presented in a gift box.

The Bug box comes with an bug activity book making it a fun and educational gift for young nature lovers.

And finally, a gift for anyone who loves to relax outdoors in their garden.

These gorgeous Woodstock chimes are like fine musical instruments for your garden. The 8 aluminium tubes are tuned to a meditative medieval scale, giving them a a light and soothing tone that’s perfect for when you’re relaxing in your garden on a summer evening.

The aluminium chimes are complemented by cherry finish ash wood, and you can even remove the windcatcher to have it engraved.

The chimes are weatherproofed but should be hung in a position that is out of full sun.

These are just some of the gorgeous gardening gifts available at Peach Perfect. But if you can’t decide what to buy, you could always buy a Peach Perfect gift card. That way they can choose for themselves!

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And the question you need to answer to be in with a chance of winning this prize is:

What is your favourite thing to grow in your garden, allotment, patio or windowsill?

Good luck!

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362 thoughts on “Gorgeous Gardening Gifts from Peach Perfect

  1. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I just love growing garden peas, they are easy to grow and super tasty when they are ready.

  2. Rebecca Manson says:

    I love to grow all different types of climbers my favourite being clematis and wisteria

  3. Valerie Brown says:

    This year I have had great success with window boxes and hanging baskets – a riot of colour

  4. Richard Saunders says:

    We eat a lot of Salad – and having Spring onion and Beetroot etc on tap this time of year is great – but I especially love the cucumbers

  5. Peter Nickson says:

    Just started to get green fingers, got strawberries, spring onions, potatoes and tomatoes on the go.

  6. Natasha R-M says:

    Courgettes – they are easy to grow and provide a good and regular crop from just one plant.

  7. Chris Andrews says:

    What is your favourite thing to grow in your garden, allotment, patio or windowsill? . . . flowers as they add such a lot of colour

  8. Carly Belsey says:

    This would make such a lovely gift. I love to grow beautiful flowers in the garden and sometimes strawberries.

  9. Susan B says:

    The two things I always plant when I move house are Erigeron daisies for ground cover and a cherry tree of some sort to remember my parents who had the most magnificent standard cherry in their garden that I have ever seen.

  10. Ana Nunes says:

    The house is rented, so we can’t do lots of things, but i dream with plant my own tree and see her growing up :)

  11. Susan Laing says:

    Has to be herbs. Simple dont take up much room and so useful in all things baking and cooking

  12. melanie stirling says:

    Tomato plants. There is nothing like homegrown tomatoes fresh from the greenhouse.

  13. Julie Kenny says:

    I love my garden and grow lots of plants and flowers – but I do love growing sunflowers with the children , they are always amazed at how quickly and how high they grow x

  14. Jayne Townson says:

    I love growing potatoes, they taste so good and you can’t beat nice homegrown food.

  15. K Court says:

    Along with my much loved herb garden, ny favourite thing to grow is Pumpkins! They look great in the autumn when we have our very own pumpkin patch ready to carve for Halloween

  16. Elizm says:

    I’m rubbish at gardening but I can grow tomatoes on my windowsill – kids always get to them first but that’s half the fun

  17. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    I have just starting a veggie plot in my garden, we are growing, kale, lettuce, green beans, toms and beetroot which i am looking forward to being ready

  18. Nicola Godfrey says:

    I’m very pleased with the sweet corn that I’ve grown from seed. There flowering at the moment and looks beautiful, can’t wait for the corn.

  19. John Taggart says:

    I’m not the best of gardeners first the Brussels sprout, then my beans do runner and even the carrots ‘beet’ it as soon word ‘leeks’ out I’m about to ‘turnip’

  20. Antonia Sergent says:

    I have recently started to grow strawberries and cherry tomatoes, although we do have a beautiful cherry tree in the garden that I also love

  21. Maya Russell says:

    I like growing French beans because I normally get a good crop and once they have grown a bit they don’t get eaten by slugs.

  22. Jane Heenan says:

    Im not the best at growing so anything that grows well. Just trying to grow a few herbs

  23. Lyndsey cooksey says:

    The vegetable that keep on giving….my tomatoes! They are so juicy and flavoursome and I love it how the colours change as they grow.

  24. michelle hall says:

    i’ve started growing my own herb garden since lockdown. I love using them in my cooking

  25. Caroline H says:

    Herbs. I love cooking so it’s a joy to be have a wide range of fresh herbs I can just cut from my own collection.

  26. Steven Weaver says:

    I love root vegetables, tomatoes and beans. They are great staples for our household and we are lucky enough to have a good patch to grow them in.

  27. Jean Cassell says:

    Burgess Buttercup Winter Squash are my favourite vegetables to grow either in the garden or from the bottom of compost bins. They do well every year though this year they seem to be slow getting started.

  28. Heather Hibbert says:

    I love to grow my sunflowers, i do it every year. I have all different coloured ones, red, yellow, orange, pink, lime green and even white! I love them so much

  29. Angie Mcdonald says:

    I love to grow Herbs like parsley and mint so I can pop fresh herbs straight from the garden into my cooking!

  30. Katie B says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have a garden. But my parents are currently growing runner beans and tomatoes! My mum would love this!

  31. Susan Willshee says:

    My favourite thing changes depending on the time of year. At the moment the favourite thing I’m growing in my garden is Livingstone Daisies. I love the way they open up in the sunshine and close again when it rains or gets dark.

  32. Ellie Spider says:

    I’m currently growing catnip and catgrass on my windowsill (upstairs outside) for the cats – it drives them nuts as they cant get to it unless I open the window and cut it lol

  33. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    We’re currently growing herbs – basil, parsley and mint. And also nasturtiums.

  34. Alex Bell says:

    Aromatic herbs, they’re ready for use in all seasons and I love the flavours they add to my dishes!

  35. Tina H says:

    I just love to grow courgettes as they are quick to grow, satisfying and absolutely delicious.

  36. Karen Jones says:

    I love growing Lilies in my garden as they are my favourite flower and this year I am trying to grow my Grandfather’s favourite Ball Chrysanthemums, they are not looking too happy at the moment but fingers crossed

  37. Becky Duffy says:

    I love to grow Beans and strawberries in my garden as you can really see the progress and the children love joining in to help you grow them

  38. Ruth Harwood says:

    Got some Begonia, and I quite love them, we’ve just had too much rain and there’s too much water in the plant pots xx

  39. Kirsty Nisbet says:

    My favourite plant to grow are Auricula primula not sure why them more than the other plants grown but they bring me a lot of happiness when I look at them.

  40. CLAIRE TAYLOR says:

    I’ve just started trying to transform our garden. I love roses and have just planted two climbers one red and one yellow, really looking forward to seeing how they come on.

  41. Melissa Lee says:

    So far this year French Beans have been my favourite thing to grow. They’re very easy and taste lovely!

  42. Hayley F says:

    I love to grow tomatoes. Unfortunately I can’t actually eat them so my parents get all of them which they enjoy x

  43. Mark R says:

    Has to be the tomatoes – can’t beat taste of home grown ones, and then the green ones are made into chutney

  44. Lesley Smith says:

    I love growing herbs,using freshly picked herbs in my cooking makes such a difference.

  45. Fiona jk42 says:

    We like to grow our own herbs. If you buy one of those supermarket basil pots, separate the plants and put each one in its own pot. You will end up with loads of plants that will last you all summer, and give you enough basil to make lots of homemade pesto to use over the winer.

  46. Laura Norcop says:

    Sunflowers :) because of the absolute joy on my little girls face when she sees them

  47. Nadia Josephine says:

    I have really enjoyed growing tomatoes this year they are coming along really well. I know it is a lot of effort but it feels great to see them grown!

  48. Carol W. says:

    I try to grow something different from seed every year, last year it was lavender and this year it is wall flowers and evening primrose.

  49. Hayley Atkins says:

    I grow lots of flowers and vegetables each year in my garden but my favourite is to grow sweet peas up a large trellis/I always grow a highly scented variety and is the perfect summer flower.

  50. Rebecca Beesley says:

    Normally courgettes grow well for me but this year I pushed a potato into the soil and have just dug up enough to feed the whole family so that is my success of the year so far.

  51. Marie Rungapadiachy says:

    I love growing tomatoes. They are so versatile and also my daughter’s favourite, so it makes her happy.

  52. Patricia Dewey says:

    I have an allotment so grow many fruits and vegetables but my favourite is raspberries.

  53. Hester McQueen says:

    Parsley – flat & curly, basil, oregano, mint in the planters at the back door. Cottage garden plants and roses in the flower beds. Leeks, beans and cabbages in the raised bed. Love spending time in our garden.

  54. Kate Cunningham says:

    I love colour so I plant loads of bedding plants – this year I put in over 300 all by myself! I also like growing vegetables and keeping my shrubs under control.

  55. KATHY D says:

    Sweet Peas – love the colours and scent – have several wigwams of them around my garden

  56. Sheri Darby says:

    Parsley and geraniums, mainly because they seem to be the only things that I don’t kill

  57. Marc H says:

    Chillies. I’ve grown 3 different varieties this year. I dry them and use them in lots of my cooking.

  58. Josephine Pett says:

    Peas, my granddaughter and me eat so many off the plant, there’s none left for the pot

  59. Victoria Prince says:

    My favourite thing to grow in the garden is courgettes! They’re fairly easy and very satisfying

  60. Alison Clark says:

    At the moment it’s tomatoes as they have so many flowers on and everyday at the minute more tomatoes are emerging. I also love Rocket growing as its so quick but so tasty.

  61. Jade O'sullivan says:

    At the moment its different types of flowers – but we got given them and we have no idea what any of them are, so its a surprise when they start blooming!

  62. Angela Sharp says:

    I love growing allotment, I have really enjoyed growing tomatoes and strawberries this year

  63. Christine Purcell says:

    I plant sunflowers every year. Little Leo’s are great for borders and full of flowers. I also grow some huge ones that grow to over 6′ tall. They really brighten up my garden.

  64. Alison Johnson says:

    I love flowers, mainly gerberas, sweet peas, dwarf sunflowers & Osteospermum. But I also grow tomatoes, courgettes, cumcumbers, onions & cauliflowers.

  65. Marjoleine Kok says:

    I love a challenge and also absolutely love Aubergines- So this is always my favourite to grow – some years have been better than others :)

  66. Chris Hobbs says:

    I love to grow sunflowers every year and gather the seeds at the end. Sunflowers are easy to grow and they encourage the bees. They make such a statement with their stunning colour, tall presence and smiley faces.

  67. Kay Broomfield says:

    I like growing herbs as I enjoy cooking and it’s nice to grow my own, plus it saves money!

  68. Sandra Fortune says:

    I grow lots of fruit blackcurrants redcurrants strawberries gooseberries and love my annual flowers

  69. Tracy Barber says:

    I like growing my own veg in the garden, I’ve got tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, carrots, sugar snap peas, salad leaf, loads of herbs, strawberries, raspberries and a fig tree. I also like growing flowers

  70. A.E.ADKINS says:

    Rhubarb, once it’s established, simply water – lots and the feast or famine crop of courgettes!


    Runner Beans are my favourite thing to grow. Not only do they taste great but I just love how tall they grow and picking the beans hanging off them.

  72. Anthea Holloway says:

    I love growing gladioli and dahlias which flower all summer long and look so beautiful.

  73. Elaine Shaw says:

    I love growing fruit, we have lots of beautiful strawberrries, and rhubarb, and this year I have planted a plum, a pear, and two cherry trees. All dwarf of course, but i am looking forward to lots of fruit over the coming years.

  74. Deanie Gillies says:

    These green fingers loves crossing just about everything. I do love my spiral stemmed bay & olive trees they have to be my favourite x

  75. Emma Davison says:

    Tomatoes. They are so easy to grow from seed and we save a fortune not having to buy tomatoes when our plants are fruiting.

  76. Kat says:

    I going to have a go at growing my own food and currently have a pack of spinach seeds but I would like to grow other food like potatoes and courgettes.

  77. Kyomi Johnson says:

    Radishes are my favourite to grow they are so easy but I would also like to challenge myself too

  78. CAROL PATRICK says:

    I love to see flowers in the garden, they bring so much pleasure. I particularly love to grow spring and summer bulbs of all varieties, Lupins, Honeysuckle and Clematis.

  79. Amber Spilsbury says:

    Our garden beds are filled with Wildflowers and we have potted Blueberry bushes on the patio

  80. Su Brett says:

    We have lots of soft fruits – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that we are picking at the moment

  81. Tunde Toth says:

    I’ve got a mini orchard. I grow kiwi, cherries, figs and plums. Also trying out goji berries and pomegranate bushes. We will see.

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