Make Light Work in the Kitchen with the Panasonic MK-F800 Processor

The Panasonic MK-F800* is a high quality food processor and blender, which helps to make food preparation light work for anyone.

The Panasonic MK-F800 is a high quality food processor and blender, which helps to make food preparation light work for anyone.

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Panasonic Experience Fresh certified blogger badgeRecently I was invited to work with Panasonic as one of their #ExperienceFresh certified bloggers. They offered to lend me some of their kitchen range to try out, review and put to use in my kitchen. I’ve always been impressed by the Panasonic products that I’ve used before, and I was keen to try out some of their kitchen equipment.

So when my first piece of equipment turned up from Panasonic, I felt a bit like a kid on Christmas morning – what would I find under the layers of wrapping? I was very pleased when I discovered that my first test product was the MK-F800 precision food processor*.

The Panasonic MK-F800

My own food processor is absolutely ancient! I think I bought it back around the year 2000, and I’ve lost most of the attachments. I only really use it for making pastry or chopping the veg base for tomato sauces. But I’ve never got around to replacing it – I tend to get by with my own chopping skills.

I could tell straight away that the MK-F800 is a much higher end processor than my old machine. The base is very solid, and has a lovely glass touch screen panel rather than the simple Off-Low-High control that my processor has! The rest of the attachments are equally high quality. The Food processor jug and goblet blender are both made from BPA-free plastic. They feel very weighty, and the processor lid closes with a satisfying ‘click’.

As well as the standard chopping knife, you get blades for dough kneading, whipping and grating. There is also a citrus press and a small salad spinner. Coffee afficionados and people who like grinding their own spices will love the dry mill attachment!

Also included is a blade stand with interchangeable blades for slicing, shredding and cutting juliennes. And you also get a nifty storage box for the blades, so no more digging around in the back of a cupboard for the blade you need! I also feel this is safer than having the sharp blades rattling around in a drawer, and helps to keep them sharper. Perhaps if my food processor had a storage box like this, I wouldn’t have lost so many of the attachments!

All of the attachments fit into place easily, and I particularly like the finger holes in the blade stand. I usually worry about dropping food processor blades and cutting myself, but this made it foolproof.

The Panasonic MK-F800 comes with a range of accessorie

The MK-F800’s range of pre-set programmes make mincing, chopping, making a paste, salad draining or chopping frozen foods very easy. You simply select the programme you want to use, and then after you press the Stop/Start button, the processor will run for the appropriate time.

Alternatively, you can use the manual controls for Continuous Mode and Intermittent Mode (pulse). When you select these options, you can also choose the speed of the blade up to level 10.

Cleaning the MK-F800 is very easy, and it comes with a small brush for cleaning the blades. There is even a pre-wash facility which helps to make cleaning the processor bowl and blender jug easier.

The Panasonic MK-F800 processor is an impressive piece of kit, and makes such light work of chopping and shredding. I have been able to easily prepare recipes which used to take a long time to chop by hand. Recipes like potatoes Dauphinoise and Lancashire Hotpot are so much easier to cook when you can evenly slice potatoes in seconds.

And my recipe for Winter Slaw takes just minutes to prepare with the MK-F800. It would have been much more time consuming without it!

The Panasonic MK-F800 retails for around £300, which places it at the upper end of the food processor market. But this is a solid, high quality piece of equipment, and makes food preparation so much easier and faster. I think that you will quickly find that it’s a very good investment for your kitchen.

The Panasonic MK-F800 is available online and on the High Street.

4 thoughts on “Make Light Work in the Kitchen with the Panasonic MK-F800 Processor

  1. Hidhayah says:

    Hello.. i just bought this awesome piece of machine and am very excited to use. Everyday i search for new recipe in the internet to experiment with all the attachments. I like to cook, try new recipe but hate slicing cutting veggies!! Tedious works. Haha…this is the main reason i dreamt of getting a food processor.

    • Sally Akins says:

      Hi, I haven’t used this processor since I returned it after the trial, but from what I remember it isn’t really suitable for juice preparation. You would probably be better looking at the Panasonic slow juicer if you want to make juices at home.

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