Oomph Portable Coffee Maker: Review

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Like many people, I love a good cup of coffee. And I’m always looking for ways to replicate takeaway coffee at home – I’ve got a Nespresso machine which is fab for espresso.

But the options for an Americano at home never quite seem to hit the spot. I have a French press but I always find that the second cup from it starts to taste over brewed and bitter. Plus it never seems to keep the coffee as hot as I really want.

So when I saw the Oomph Portable Coffee Maker*, I was really intrigued.

About the Oomph Portable Coffee Maker

The Oomph launched to the general public in 2016, following a successful Kickstarter campaign. You may have also have seen it appear on Dragons Den on TV.

It’s a revolutionary coffee maker which is designed to provide the ultimate takeaway coffee at home.

The sleek BPA-free plastic body contains a double brewing chamber and fully integral piston press. It also keeps your coffee hot for up to an hour, and you can drink your coffee directly from the Oomph. That makes it an ideal replacement for expensive takeaway Americanos.

How to use the Oomph

Using the Oomph is really simple – it’s very similar to making coffee in a cafetiere or French press. You simply add around 24g of ground coffee, and top up with water that’s just off the boil. There are maximum lines for both coffee and water on the side, so you don’t need to worry about overfilling.

After leaving your coffee to brew (1 to 2.5 minutes), you press down on the plunger. This locks into position at the bottom, so that it stays firmly in place.

You can then either decant your freshly brewed coffee into a mug, or drink it directly from the Oomph. It’s so convenient for coffee on the go!

Benefits of the Oomph Coffee Maker

With a traditional cafetiere, the grounds stay in contact with the water after you press down the plunger, and the extraction process continues. This means that even if your first cup tastes perfect, the second cup can taste overbrewed and bitter. 

But when you push down the plunger on the Oomph, it seals the coffee grounds away from the water. So the second cup will taste exactly the same as the first cup, no more overbrewing.

You also have more control over the strength of your coffee, compared to a French press. And if you’ve ever had to throw away a whole cafetiere of coffee because it’s underbrewed and sour, you’ll know what a benefit this is!

The Oomph allows you to sample your coffee after a first brew, and then if it needs a little longer, you can pull back the plunger and brew again. The water is drawn back through the grounds, and after the second brew you can press down the plunger and sample the coffee again.

It’s a much more precise process than with a cafetiere or French press.

Great for Coffee on the Go

The tough BPA free plastic construction is much more suitable for travelling than a glass cafetiere. I think that this will be great to pack in my suitcase when I’m staying away. I really miss a good cup of coffee in the morning when I’m staying in a hotel.

But do remember that the Oomph hasn’t been designed to be watertight, so you can’t just throw it into your bag when it’s full of coffee!

And unlike a cafetiere, the coffee will stay warm for up to an hour. I prefer my coffee scalding hot, but even after 30 minutes I still found that my coffee was hot enough for me to drink quite happily.

The Oomph Coffee Maker is a quick and easy way to enjoy excellent coffee at home or on the move.

Where to Buy

The Oomph Portable Coffee Maker costs from £39, and is available directly from the Oomph website, where they also stock their own limited edition coffee.

You can also buy the Oomph at Amazon*

The Oomph Coffee Maker – My Verdict

Using the Oomph has definitely changed my morning coffee for the better. I can prepare the Oomph and take it up to my office so have delicious fresh coffee while I work. It will also be fantastic to take away with me when I’m travelling, and would be great for anyone who likes to pick up an Americano on the way to work. You could even take it along on camping trips!

Coffee made in the Oomph has none of the bitterness that can come from overbrewing. It’s smooth, and tastes great right to the last drop. It also stays hot for much longer than coffee from a cafetiere.

The coffee maker comes apart easily for cleaning, and the BPA free plastic body means that you don’t need to worry about cracking a glass jug.

I really like the Oomph – it’s certainly the best way I’ve found to make an Americano at home. It looks very sleek and modern, and is very easy to use.

Click here to check price and availability for the Oomph Coffee Maker on Amazon*

239 thoughts on “Oomph Portable Coffee Maker: Review

  1. Alison Macdonald says:

    I’m not a huge coffee fan unlike my DH! Would love to win this for him so he could take it to work with him x

  2. fiona waterworth says:

    I would sneak it into hospital for my husband so he could have a decent cup of coffee after his ankle operation

  3. Rena Plumridge says:

    I would make it then drink it on the way to work taking it with me as I never have time to have one at work


    Coffee, I thought it looked interesting Sunday night on the Dragon’s Den, glad he got the investment,

  5. Emma Chapman says:

    In would use mine when visiting my little one in hospital .. I forget to look after me and coffee I end up buying goes cold to quickly this sounds amazing

  6. Jade Pawley says:

    I would use mine at work! I’m a builder so quite a lot of the time the customer is at work so this would be brilliant!

  7. Jules Eley says:

    On the school run, on the way to work and to keep me going during swimming, gymnastics and football lessons.

  8. Barbara Knight says:

    I would use it on weekends away instead of the yucky coffee you often get on hotel hospitality trays.

  9. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    I would use it in the mornings for the school run, I see some mums all glam at the school gates and I’m like a zombie xXx

  10. Bev B says:

    Well, I’d actually/maybe consider giving it to my husband. He’s a teacher,and he can never get a decent cup of coffee at school!

  11. Emily C says:

    I wouldn’t be using it; my hardworking and coffee-obsessed fiancé would, probably during his morning break at the school where he teaches!

  12. Mary Davis says:

    Oooo, this would be fabulous at home and at hotels and on the road!! We love bird watching in the winter and this would be perfect to warm us up. :D

  13. Rebecca Sutton says:

    i would use it for work, saw this on Dragons den, i thought it was a brill idea, shocked they didnt go for it, as there was a problem with the flap on the lid.

  14. Layla Thomas says:

    I’d definitely use it when we travel. I hate instant coffee and always end up drinking it in hotels because I’m desperate for my morning coffee.

  15. Tracey S Anderson says:

    Perfect for when tatting in the garden aswell as whilst doing general household chores :) x

  16. Carolyn says:

    I would take mine every time I went on a trip/holiday/backpacking etc so that I can enjoy good coffee EVERYWHERE! Life is too short for bad coffee.

  17. Simon Tinsley says:

    I’d like to say somewhere cool like on a yacht in the Bahamas. But I’ll say at work, because that’s where it’ll be used (whilst dreaming about being on a yacht in the Bahamas)

  18. Melanie Pennie says:

    I’d use it on my daily commute to the office each morning. Would be lovely just to stop and have a great tasting coffee :)

  19. kate m jones says:

    I would use mine in lots of places! Like on the go if i’m travelling or commuting, at home if i’m home.
    I’d defo take it over to my non-coffee drinking friend’s houses so I could still enjoy a lovely cup of Coffee (that tastes good not just a cup of ‘been thee for at least 3 years instant coffee granules!’)

  20. Nancy Bradford says:

    I’d use it at home, mainly because I wouldn’t want my workmates to knick it but also, because I’d love to have a nice, non instant coffee every morning when I wake out.

  21. Frances Sunshine Hopkins says:

    My partner would use it when he goes to work, at night nothing is open. So would be perfect

  22. Tony Shannon says:

    I’d take it to warm me up watching my daughter play football outdoors on Saturdays and Sundays!

  23. Rachel Craig says:

    If I won, I would gift the prize to my brother. He would make use of it in a variety of places, as his work involves travel.

  24. Laura Lee says:

    I have an hour drive to work each morning it would stay in my car for before i left for work and when i arrived at work

  25. Karen Scott says:

    I’m always running the kids around of an evening when I’m tired and so a quick cup on the go would be fab when I’m a one of the many after school clubs or during the day at work or on days out…as you can tell I do love coffee and spend a small fortune on it when I’m out and about lol

  26. Audra bland says:

    My 73 year old mum isn’t very mobile and this would be fab for her to make a coffee and then not have to get up to make another brew

  27. Oli Marshall says:

    I would use it absolutely EVERYWHERE! Being a coffee addict, this prize would be literally a dream come true ☺.

  28. Jacqui Rankine says:

    WOW I love this. Looks so compact. My daughter is crazy about coffee. She would welcome this with open arms and copious joy.

  29. Petra Beck says:

    Travelling – most hotels & B&Bs supply only instant coffee in the rooms but this would be so much better for an early morning cup!

  30. Stacey Gahan says:

    I’d give it to my partner for the train journey to work, he never has time for a coffee or any breakfast so it would be great to use on the go

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