Giveaway: Win a Year’s Supply of Oomph Coffee!

One lucky reader will win a year's supply of coffee worth £200, thanks to the guys behind the Oomph Portable Coffee Maker!

The selection of coffee available from the Oomph coffee website

Back in October, I reviewed the Oomph Portable Coffee maker. It’s a really innovative gadget that lets you brew a fantastic cup of coffee, just as you want it. Not only does it remove the risk of a bitter cup of joe, it also acts as a portable coffee mug, so you can take your coffee to go.

Click here to read my review of the Oomph Coffee Maker.

The Oomph Coffee Maker is a quick and easy way to enjoy excellent coffee at home or on the move.

The makers of the Oomph Portable coffee maker have just relaunched their website. On there, you can buy their fantastic coffee maker, as well as a selection of three different coffees. Each of them are perfect for use in the Oomph Portable Coffee Maker.

The three varieties are:

Ethiopian Sidamo: a light coffee with an aromatic, fruity finish. It has notes of blackcurrant, stone fruit and acidic red cherry.

Fairtrade Costa Rica: a distinctive cofffee which is rich in body, with a fine mild flavour. This coffee has notes of caramel and a subtle sweet acidity.

Colombian Rainforest Alliance: a specially selected coffee from the San Augustin region of Colombia, with an excellent full bodied rounded taste.

To celebrate the relaunched Oomph website, one lucky reader will win a year’s supply of Oomph coffee.

The winner of this fantastic giveaway will receive two 250g bags of coffee each month for a year. Altogether, this amazing prize is worth £200!

Please note that this prize does not include an Oomph Portable Coffee Maker, but the coffee is suitable for use in any standard cafetiere as well.

Want to be in with a chance of winning this giveaway? You simply have to log into the Rafflecopter below and answer the easy question. There are additional social media entries which you can use to boost your chances of winning as well.

The competition is only open to UK readers aged 18 and over, and it will close at 11:59PM on 23rd February 2018.

And the question you need to answer to enter this giveaway is: The Oomph Portable Coffee Maker is ideal for taking your morning coffee out with you, but where in the world would you love to drink a morning cup of coffee?

Good luck!

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  1. I would love to Drink my morning coffee in a remote cottage in the Scottish Highlands, with my wonderful Valentine Hubby!

  2. Anywhere as long as it is sitting in the sun, with a good cup of coffee listening to the birds sing, so probably my garden!

  3. Okay!!! This is something I’ve dreamed about for ages. A cobblestoned street in a streetside Austrian cafe at a little round table, with a cathedral tolling just down the street, with a really good book. 😀 😀 😀

  4. Would love this, for my dad to be honest. He loves his coffee, and likes to try new blends from different companies all the time.

  5. I’d Love to Drink Black coffee in Costa Rica, watching the sun come up, before exploring for the day in the rainforest!

  6. How brilliant would it to be to win this! I love to have my morning cuppa in the garden, even if it means wrapping up in full winter gear!!!

  7. I would love to go to Hawaii, it seems like such a beautiful place, with an amazing culture, people, food, eco system and traditions

  8. My favourite cup of coffee moment has already happened. We found a tiny little coffee shop under the Chelsea Highline in NYC back in October 2017. We nipped down and had to wait 7 minutes for each cup of their colombian drip coffee – there was no option to add milk or sugar. We also bought wholewheat toast with avocado and chilli and walked back up the Highline and looked out to the Hudson with the Manhattan Skyline behind us. Unbelievable.

  9. this is a hard question so many beautiful places i would enjoy a morning coffee, but i would love to say a hot Caribbean country on the white sandy beach watching the sun come up perfect!

  10. I don’t drink coffee so I asked my partner, and she says “San Francisco, coffee with friends in the bay would be lovely”.

  11. Sitting on picturesque Exmoor on a Summer’s day, surrounded by rolling, heather-clad hills, listening to beautiful bird-song.

  12. In the plaza at San Augustin, Colombia. After my cup of coffee I would go for a walk to see the coffee growing, and maybe have another cup!

  13. In Venice. I went there on a day trip, but would love to wake up there staying in a hotel looking out over the canals and Italians can make a decent cup of coffee!


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