My 2017 Resolutions: Making Progress…

The start of April feels like a good time to look at my 2017 Resolutions. After three months, am I still keeping up with them?

The start of April feels like a good time to look at my 2017 Resolutions. After three months, am I still keeping up with them?

Regular progress checks are a good way to keep on track with your goals. So this year I’m aiming to do quarterly updates on the resolutions that I made at the start of the year. I set myself six goals at the end of 2016, which you can read about in this post.

How am I getting on with them? Well, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag so far…

1 – Complete my 2017 Reading Challenge

I’m making awesome progress on my reading challenge, so that’s a great boost! I set my annual target for 2017 at 45 books, which was five books more than my targets for the previous two years. I’ve been really flying through books so far this year, and really enjoying what I’ve read!

When I posted my March update yesterday, I had already completed 20 books. That’s almost halfway towards my goal after just 3 months. I’m not expecting to keep up that level throughout the whole year, but things are looking good so far!

2 – Travel More

So when I posted my goals at the start of the year, I said that travel was becoming more important to me. It’s true that I haven’t done much travelling so far this year, apart from a trip down to London for a brand event. But I have been making plenty of plans and getting things booked up.

This month I will be visiting Berlin with Ollie and Lyle, then next month I am visiting the Alhambra palace in Spain with Mark. I’ve also lined up a trip to Dublin in July, as well as our regular family trip to Portugal in August. On top of all that, I have been planning days out around the UK and there will also be some travel to conferences as well. 2017 is certainly looking busy so far!

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

3 – Finish ‘that’ Cross Stitch

Hmm. This one is giving me pause for thought. This year I set myself the goal of completing a large cross stitch that I started back in 2004. I’ve dug it out from the back of my wardrobe, and it’s a beautiful picture that is around one-quarter completed. I know that completing it is definitely acheivable this year, but I’m really resistant to actually getting started on it.

I think I added it to the list because I feel I should complete the picture, rather than because I want to. And there’s a part of me which says ‘why should I?’. Nobody is making me do it, and there won’t be any consequences if I don’t finish it. So maybe making a decision not to finish that picture is the better outcome?

My first tattoo, which I had done in March 20174 – Say ‘Yes’ More Often

I’m definitely making progress on this, and have been consciously choosing to accept invitations to go out even if I’d rather stay at home! I did turn down a press trip to Berlin last month, which I’m still kicking myself about. But it was on Mother’s Day weekend, and family has to come first on those kind of occasions.

I’ve also lined up a couple of concerts this year that I’m very excited about. I even finally said ‘yes’ to getting my first tattoo in March, which I’ve been dithering over since I turned 18. I’m generally finding that this year is looking very full, and that makes me feel more positive. And that in turn makes saying yes to invitations easier!


5 – Post on YouTube

I originally included this in my 2017 Resolutions post, but then decided that it was better placed in my Blogging Goals list. So I’ve already updated on this in my Blogging Goals progress check- click here to read that.

6 – Boost my Fitness

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t done as much towards this as I would have liked. I’ve done some exercise, and I’m still walking regularly with Charlie of course. But I’m definitely not back in a regular exercise routine yet. I’d really like to do better with this over the next three months!

On the bright side though, I have lost around 5kg since the start of the year through Intermittent Fasting. That means that I’m now back to the sort of weight I was before I injured muscles in my back in 2015. I’d still like to lose a little more weight, as well as strengthening my core to try and prevent that happening again.

So it’s been a little bit of a mixed bag for my New Year’s Resolutions so far in 2017. What resolutions did you set? Are you still keeping them?


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