How to Reflect the Right Mood in your Home

Discover how choosing colour, light and materials can help you to create the mood you want in your home.

A modern white bedroom with dark hardwood floor - picking the right decor can help you to create the mood you want in your home

Are you planning to decorate but stuck for ideas? When deciding on home decor, it is important to consider what type of mood you want to create in each room. This will then help you make the right decor choices to get the end result you’re after.

To make sure you create the perfect mood in your home, these simple tips will help you enhance your living space and create your dream home.

Choosing the right colour

A vintage style blue/green bathroom with white bathroom furniture and black and white tiled floor

The first thing to consider when decorating your home is what colours and shades you want to use. There are lots to choose from, so you need to decide how you want your room to look and feel.

For example, you may want to create a calming ambience in your bathroom, where you can enjoy a relaxing bath in peace. So for this, you could choose light blue and green shades alongside neutral colours. These light hues will help create the tranquil bathroom you envisioned.

A white kitchen with black worksurface and a white vase containing pink flowers

If you want to create a sleek and contemporary kitchen, you could select shades of bright white on the walls. This can then be complemented it with black or grey slate worksurfaces.

The use of white will enhance your space significantly making it more open and welcoming. Meanwhile the darker colours create a modern and professional feel, which can be seen in luxury houses and apartments.

This monochrome kitchen is becoming more popular, as it sets the scene for a modern and updated home where you can both work and live.

The importance of lighting

The Alex light from Serious Readers shines light on a light wood desk

Of course, lighting is a vital component in any room. But before choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home, you need to consider how lighting can affect each space.

For example, in your home office, you need a design that will allow you to feel motivated and alert. To achieve this, you could implement a desk lamp with various dimming settings, which can be used for several functions.

The brightest setting is good for focusing on paperwork, while the lowest setting could be used when you want to rest your eyes.

A great trend at the moment is rustic kitchens, with a major fixture of this being outdoor lighting. Features like lanterns or overhead lighting will help to create a naturalistic feel.

The use of natural light fixtures is known to have a positive impact on mood – enabling happiness and improved energy levels.

This is also a great way to save energy and make your property more environmentally-friendly. It can also save you a significant amount on your energy bills.

The mirror effect

A large wood-framed mirror reflects light into the entrance hall to a home.

Another great way to improve the mood in your home is through the placement of mirrors.

Mirrors can help to create the appearance and energy of an expansive space even in the smallest of rooms, and there are several ways that mirrors can change how a room feels.

For example, putting bigger mirrors in your room can transform a dark, dingy room into a bright and uplifting space, thanks to the reflected light. So even if you don’t have many light fixtures in your home to help reduce your carbon footprint, you can rely on mirrors to brighten the room..

You could even double up your mirrors near your front door. This will help create a welcoming feel to your home as soon as any guests enter.

Choose the right flooring

A modern white bedroom with dark hardwood floor - picking the right decor can help you to create the mood you want in your home

If you’re planning to totally redecorate a room, don’t forget what’s under your feet.

Choosing the right flooring can make a real difference to the mood of a room. For instance, slate floor tiles will give a more contemporary feel, while some beautiful real oak floorboards give a more rustic appearance.

And even if you don’t want to install wall-to-wall carpet, a few well chosen rugs can make a room seem softer and more welcoming.

So when you’re planning your next home decoration project, take a while to consider these few aspects. It can make a real difference to the mood of your room!