Adding style with Mid-Century Modern Rugs

Discover how you can use Mid-Century Modern rugs to add a splash of style to your home interior decor

Large luxury interior home with gray midcentury loveseat and fluffy, cream rug

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Adding a rug is a simple way to switch up the decor in your home. It adds style and warmth to your room and as an added bonus, they will even help to muffle noise.

A rug can frame your furniture in an elegant way and can also help to add character to the room bringing all of the elements together.

And this is never more true than when you’re designing a Mid-Century Modern room. Mid-century modern rugs are a creative way to add style to a room, creating a beautiful living space.

But what is mid-century modern style and how can you add it to your room?

What is Mid-Century Modern Design?

Mid-century design dates back to the decades from 1945 through to the late 1970s, when the UK and the US were in a period of strong economic growth after the Second World War. This created an appetite for progressive design in everything from clothing to home interior to cars.

The contemporary style that came into fashion then is what we now know as Mid-Century Modern, although that term didn’t come into use until the 1990s. The style is defined by clean lines, organic forms and high functionality. It also incorporates the mod style that became fashionable in the 1960s, with its geometric shapes and vibrant colour combinations.

If you’re looking to add some mid-century modern style to your home, adding a rug is an easy way to pull together the different design elements that you’ve used.

Here are a few tips for styling a mid-century modern rug:

Choose Organic Patterns

Mid-century decor often features rugs with bright, geometric patterns but it also draws on simple natural patterns and clean lines. These wil highlight the natural materials in your room, such as a hardwood floor or stone fireplace.

Choosing a natural colour palette for your rug will help to make your furniture stand out, while also pulling your cosy room together.

A teal mid-century design chair and side table against a neutral wall, with a brightly coloured rug underneath the chair

Go for Bright Colour

Make your rug the main feature of your room by picking daring colours and bold geometric patterns.

This works well if you’ve picked beige, off-white or ivory for your walls, while colourful vintage furniture will maintain that mid-century feel.

Just a word of caution though.

Don’t go too wild with colour in your mid-century decor, or it can easily slip from looking bold and vibrant to cheap and tacky. The best way to give your colourful room a cohesive theme is to pick up a colour that’s already in your room and reflect that in your rug. This could be the colour on your walls, a piece of furniture or perhaps a painting.

Mid-century modern table and teal coloured chairs with a bright geometric design rug

Try Layering Rugs

Layering rugs is a great way to give your space depth and structure while also making it feel incredibly cosy. Cosy fabrics like faux fur or sheepskin, leather and textured mohair will give your home a unique mid-century modern look.

And it’s also a way to incorporate an expensive rug that you love into your decor without blowing the budget. Simply buy a small version of your favourite rug and layer it on top of a more affordable one that complements the look.

Set the Scene in your Hallway

Your hallway is the first room that guests will see when they enter your home, so you want it to feel welcoming and pleasant. It’s also a crucial point in your house as it connects the rooms, so you want it to set the scene for your mid-century style home.

Scandinavian mid-century modern rugs have a simple style that works well with minimalism, and the neutral colours will give your hallway a peaceful, welcoming vibe.

If your hallway is quite narrow, try choosing a rug with horizontal stripes to give the illusion of a wider space.

Large luxury interior home with gray midcentury loveseat and fluffy, cream coloured rug

Create Boundaries in an Open Plan Space

Many modern build houses have an open plan floor space, where the kitchen is joined with the living room and dining room. You can use a mid-century modern rug to demarcate the different sections of the space. This creates a natural boundary while still giving a cosy atmosphere.

If you plan to use a rug in the kitchen, be careful to choose one that will withstand washing so that you can keep it clean. And in the living area, you can choose softer textures to make it clear that this space is for relaxation.

Mid-century modern rugs are the perfect choice if you want to play with rich colour and strong patterns. Pick up the colour of the rug in a sofa cushion or a painting in the living room and in the tiles and accessories in your kitchen. This will anchor your living space, creating a cohesive environment but still serving as a point of contrast to the furniture.

The colours and geometric shapes of mid-century modern rugs are key to making them as much on-trend now as they were 50 years ago. By choosing the right style, colour, size and placement for your decor, you can give your home’s style a real boost without breaking the budget.