Let’s talk about Light Bladder Weakness – #noonetoldme

Light bladder weakness is one of women's health issues that people still don't really talk about. But 1 in 3 women experience it at some point in their lifetime. It's time to lift that taboo and start talking about those oooops moments. #adLight bladder weakness is one of those subjects that people don’t really talk about. Well, it’s time to lift that taboo and start talking about those oooops moments.

I visited Champneys Springs as a guest of lights by TENA, but the opinions below are my own and unbiased.

Do you follow me on Twitter or Instagram? If so, you may have seen that I spent Sunday afternoon with a group of bloggers at the Champneys Springs resort in Leicestershire. We were invited by TENA to take a look at the lights by TENA range, and to talk about the new #noonetoldme campaign. I’d been a little nervous about going, convinced that everyone would be much fitter than I am. I needn’t have worried, everyone was really lovely and I soon got chatting with this fab group of women.

I spent an afternoon as a guest of lights by TENA at Champneys Springs. We talked about light bladder weakness, and then did a pretty tough circuits class #ad

As well as learning about lights by TENA, we also had the chance to do a tough circuits class that left me aching for two days. I know I wasn’t the only one who was suffering the day after the event!

After that we went outside and did a yoga class in the beautiful grounds of the Champneys spa.

The beautiful grounds at the Champneys Springs spa in Leicestershire was the venue for a relaxing yoga class #adIt’s about 2 years since I did any yoga and my flexibility isn’t what it was. But the class really reminded me how much I love yoga. I must get back into that habit again soon!

My afternoon was completed with a blissful back, shoulder and neck massage. It was certainly one of the nicest blogger events I’ve been to so far!

So what’s the #noonetoldme campaign?

The campaign aims to get us all talking about those things no one told us about getting older. You know, things like mid-life skin breakouts, thinning hair and light bladder weakness. They can come as a bit of a shock when they happen to you, but they’re all a normal part of life really.

Light bladder weakness is the name for those little leaks that you might notice occasionally when you sneeze or cough. Now, it’s one of those subjects that is still a bit hush-hush. But did you know that as many as 1 in 3 women will experience light bladder weakness at some point in their lives? It’s 2016, shouldn’t we be talking about it more openly by now?

Who is affected by light bladder weakness?

The simple answer is that it can affect any of us. Age can be a factor, so those of us who are over forty might have the odd oooops! moment. Pregnancy can also cause light bladder weakness, because the bladder is under so much more pressure from the uterus. It certainly happened to me when I was in my third trimester with Lyle. He seemed to love playing football with my bladder on a daily basis!

Exercise is another culprit, and a particularly vigorous exercise class (like that circuits class!) can put pressure on your bladder. But sometimes it’s something as simple as a sneeze, a coughing fit, or just when something really makes us laugh!

And no-one wants to let something like light bladder weakness get in the way of a good laugh, do they?

The lights by TENA range is specially designed for light bladder weakness #ad

Why use lights by TENA – won’t a panty liner do?

Women sometimes don’t associate their oooops moments with ‘proper’ incontinence. And often that means they choose to use regular panty liners to protect their underwear. But sanpro products aren’t meant to handle leaks of urine. The absorbent layer in a panty liner is designed to cope with menstrual flow, which is thicker and slower than urine. The slower absorption means that there is more chance of the urine coming in contact with the air, and that’s when odours can start to develop.

The lights by TENA range has been specially designed to cope with light bladder weakness. The pads are ever so slim and light, and they are also shaped to be wider at the front. Combine that with an absorbent layer that absorbs urine twice as fast as a panty liner, and you can see why they’re much more effective for light bladder weakness. You can get a free sample of lights by TENA at www.lightsbytena.co.uk

Is Light Bladder Weakness permanent?

There’s something very simple you can do which will help to prevent or improve light bladder weakness. Yes, it’s those pesky pelvic floor exercises that we all know we should be doing! Strengthening your pelvic floor by doing Kegels regularly can reduce little leaks and even help improve your sex life. Whether or not you’ve had children, and whether or not you experience light bladder weakness, these exercises are really important.

And if like me, you forget to do them regularly, you’ll be pleased to hear that TENA have developed a free app to help.

My Pelvic Floor Fitness (My PFF) explains the exercises, sends you reminders to do them regularly, and allows you to track your progress. It’s available for iPhone or Android, and you can find out more information about the app here. So no more excuses!

I’d like to thank lights by TENA and Champneys Springs for a fab afternoon. I learned a lot, and laughed even more. And if I ached for a few days afterwards, well it was worth it!

Light bladder weakness is one of women's health issues that people still don't really talk about. But 1 in 3 women experience it at some point in their lifetime. It's time to lift that taboo and start talking about those oooops moments. #ad


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