Five Simple Interior Decor Tips for Renters

Living in rented property doesn’t have to mean boring decor – these tips will help to brighten up your rented home

A modern living room with white walls and floor, bright blue curtains, chairs and rug. A large potted plant stands in the corner of the room

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When you are living in a rented house or flat, it’s likely that there will be some restrictions on the ways you can decorate it and put your own stamp on the property.

But don’t admit defeat: making a rental, or any property for that matter, feel like your home is really important.

There are plenty of things you can do in a rented property to individualise it, without breaking your landlord’s rules.

So here are some handy hacks for transforming and disguising those parts of your rental that you don’t love, or maybe just need a little pizzazz!

Light it up

Nothing says home quite like feeling cosy, cocooned and safe, and don’t underestimate the importance of lighting.

Creating the right lighting is fundamental when creating that homely atmosphere, but rentals can quite often be poorly lit. One ceiling light doesn’t really create the cosy vibe that you are going to want to wake up to and come home to.

To really have fun with lighting, create a statement with a big floor lamp and a few quirky table lamps to inject your personal style into a room. And for that cosy evening glow, incorporate a few lower wattage bulbs in your lounge and bedroom lamps, using warm coloured bulbs rather than cool.

Everything’s all white

If your walls aren’t already white, it’s worth asking your landlord if they’d allow you to paint them white. Most landlords should be okay with this – after all, how much more neutral can you get than white? If anything, you could be doing your landlord a favour by freshening up the property.

Whether you’re a fan of neutrals or not, white is the perfect blank canvas for you to work with. Whatever your personal interior style, it’ll go with pretty much anything.

Plus, white is perfect for giving a property that clean, fresh and airy feel – and who doesn’t want that?

Invest in soft furnishings

Curtains, rugs, cushions and throws should never be underestimated when it comes to decor.

Chances are that the flooring in your rental might not be something that you would pick for yourself. Landlords often opt for darker colours to hide any marks and stains, plus it’s likely that it won’t be the highest quality.

But this is a great excuse to invest in a few rugs. Rugs are one of the best ways to make a house feel like a home and to put your own stylish twist on a room.

Opt for colourful patterns to elevate and brighten up your space, or choose plush, luxurious textures to add elegance and warmth.

Similarly, look at swapping out any flimsy curtains too. Not only is this another opportunity to add your own touch, but better quality, heavier fabrics will also keep in more heat, so you won’t be worrying so much about those heating bills when winter comes.

Go green

Plants have always been a big part of interiors but they have really had their moment again over the last few years. It’s a super easy and affordable way of updating a space and giving it an on-trend feel.

Aside from looking great, there are endless benefits of incorporating house plants into your property. They quite literally breathe air into any room.

Whether you opt for low maintenance plants or not, caring for them each day and week can be a really therapeutic part of your routine. Experiment with different colours and textures, combining structured succulents with hanging plants, and have fun with quirky vases and pots.

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Store and display

One of the most common issues with renting is not being able to mount things on walls.

Although most, if not all landlords will have some sort of landlord insurance in place, such as the cover available from CIA, they will often be against tenants nailing anything into the walls because of the marks they leave behind.

A great hack for still being able to display your photos and prints is to invest in a freestanding bookcase.

Freestanding bookcases can serve a few different uses and they work particularly well in living rooms. Firstly, it’s a great way to cover bare wall space and add a little height, dimension and balance to a room.

It also provides a little extra storage – somewhere to display books, prints, plants and all those little sentimental nick-nacks.

Feeling comfortable and at home in a space that reflects you will forever be important. And renting shouldn’t be seen as just a stepping stone between moving out and owning your own home.

These tips will help you make the most of every property you live in!