Help! I have Washing Machine Envy

I never thought that this would happen, but a video review of the Hotpoint RPD10657JX has left me with washing machine envy (collaborative post)I never thought that this would happen, but a video review for the Hotpoint RPD10657JX has left me with serious washing machine envy!Disclosure: This is a collaborative post and I have been compensated for my time in writing it. But the opinions in this post are my own and unbiased – I really do want this washing machine!

Laundry isn’t the most exciting of tasks, and I’m in favour of anything that can make the job a bit easier. When I watched this video review of the Hotpoint RPD10657JX, I developed a serious case of washing machine envy.

Unlike my (rather basic) washing machine, the Hotpoint RPD10657JX has a direct injection system which mixes the detergent with water before it goes into the drum. This makes your washing detergent more effective, especially at lower temperatures.

It also has a rather nifty electronic panel which lets you choose from a range of tailored washing programmes, which cover everything from shirts to bedding and towels. There is even a ‘Baby’ programme – no, that’s not for cleaning your children! This programme ensures that your laundry is free from washing detergent residue, so it would be ever so useful for anybody who has sensitive skin. I reckon that anyone with dust mite allergies or asthma will be interested in the Duvet programme as well.

And if you’ve ever had the delightful experience of a smelly washing machine, you’ll probably understand why I’m impressed by the anti-microbial door seal and self-cleaning programme. The Hotpoint RPD10657JX also has a 10kg drum and is A+++ rated for energy usage. All of which I reckon is pretty impressive.

But enough from me – just take a look at this YouTube to see how good the Hotpoint RPD10657JX is:

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? The Hotpoint RPD10657JX is available from many electrical retailers online and on the High Street. And I want one!

I never thought that this would happen, but a video review of the Hotpoint RPD10657JX has left me with washing machine envy (collaborative post)


  1. I remember this feeling well. I love my new washing machine and the electronic screen is something that makes the house wife in me sqeeeeee a little bit with glee

  2. I never thought I would read a post about washing machine envy lol 🙂 It does sound like it has some good features though so I can understand the envy! Definitely one for your wish list

  3. This looks like an awesome machine! I like the idea of the self cleaning wash. I hate opening the machine and getting hit in the face with that damp wet smell.

  4. Ooooh this is a lovely washing machine. It’s funny how our excitement shifts to things like this when we get older isn’t it. Before I had Freddie I would have never dreamed of getting excited over a washing machine or fridge etc! Lol x

  5. What a fab looking washing machine we live in a rented place which already had its own washing machine. I definitely want a hotpoint one when we get one ourselves one day though.

  6. I have to admit I was so excited when my new Hotpoint washer came a few weeks ago its huge and amazing which is great when you have 6 kids and its used at least twice a day

  7. haha the title of this one did make me laugh 🙂 Hope you manage to get your hands on this washing machine soon and that all your washing machine dreams come true! xD

    • Ah, I have my own system for socks. Ollie has plain grey socks, Lyle has plain black socks, so they are easy to match up 😉 Mark has patterned socks but he can match his own, LOL!!

  8. I was tempted to stand in front of my current washing machine and play that video so the machine would know that I have a replacement in mind should it continue to misbehave. I was threatening it with “recycling centre” the other day and it retaliated by not pumping out any water. Maybe this machine is in my future.

  9. I’m in a rental so I’m stuck with the washing machine that’s here, it’s ancient and likes to spring mysterious leaks now and then. As soon as I’m able to, I’ll be buying an all singing, all dancing machine like this one with bells on. The washing machine envy is spreading!! x

  10. Now I have washing machine envy too! It looks amazing and when I recently bought a new one I remember looking wistfully at ones similar to this thinking how amazing they look and bought a cheaper one! Have you seen the one that you fill up with detergent then it automatically doses it into your wash depending on what cycle you have chosen, now that did give me serious washing machine envy!

  11. I’v got to admit, I have to have a good washing machine in my life. This sounds awesome and could take on our families piles!


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