Hello February!

Chocolate, gin, books and beauty - I've planned all sorts of fun for February 2017! Find out what's coming up this month here on SallyAkins.com. Chocolate, gin, books and beauty – I’ve planned all sorts of fun for February! Find out what’s coming up this month here on SallyAkins.com. When I was picking an image for this post, I couldn’t resist choosing a photo of gorgeous red roses. After all if you can’t use  photo like this in February, when can you? Ironically though, I haven’t lined up masses of Valentine-themed content for February. That’s not really my kind of thing. But I do have lots of plans for the month ahead which I hope you’re going to enjoy. Yet again I’m left wondering where a whole month has gone. January kind of got away from me, it often seems to do that. I begin the year with a whole host of plans, then suddenly it’s tax return deadline day. So I’ve carried a few of those plans over to February and added in a lot more fun as well. I’m starting the month off with posts about some events I attended at the end of January. After my afternoon of relaxation at Fishmore Hall, I was also invited for more pampering at Rush Hair in Birmingham. And then I spent an amazing afternoon at a perfumery masterclass in London as the guest of lights by TENA. We all got to mix our very own signature perfume, it was such a fantastic experience! As you know, I’ve set myself a goal of reading 45 books this year. I’ve made a good start and have already managed to tick seven books off that total. You can find out my thoughts in my January Reading List round-up. I’ll be reviewing JP Delaney’s amazing thriller ‘The Girl Before’ on Friday, CJ Lyon’s new novel Open Grave, and I have a couple of other books reviews lined up for later in the month. I’ll also be posting a few beauty reviews during February, including a new skincare range that you’ll be able to pick up with your weekly groceries. And while the cold weather continues to play havoc with our skin and hair, I’ll be picking out some of my favourite moisturising goodies. I’m also giving away a gorgeous Soap & Glory gift set later in February. On top of all that, I’ll be posting a sports nutrition review, a home interiors review, my current five favourite gins, and much more fun besides. And of course, every week starts off on a bright and positive note with Motivation Monday. I can’t believe I’ve posted over 100 of these pictures now!

February is going to be fabulous here on SallyAkins.com. It all kicks off later today with my January Reading list round-up!

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