Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year!

As the clock ticks over into 2021, I’d like to wish you a very healthy and Happy New Year!

Beautiful cup with handmade gingerbread cookies covered with glaze close up on a cozy blurred background with lights.

After the longest year on record, we finally made it through to the start of 2021!

The start of a New Year is usually full of hope and excitement. It always reminds me of that first day of term feeling, heading off with a new pencil case and a fresh new exercise book to write in.

This year feels slightly different.

We’re all feeling battered and bruised after the events of 2020. You might be missing friends and loved ones who you haven’t seen for months, or grieving those who have sadly died. And everyone has their own worries about the future as well.

But I hope that we can still have hope for the future, and that feeling of a fresh new start.

Normally I’d be sharing some of my plans for the coming year in this post. However, this time I’m not really sure what the next 12 months will hold.

I’m hoping that there will be some travel, but it may be closer to home than in recent years. I’m sure that there will be some good food and drink, ideas for the home and garden, and some fabulous giveaways as well.

But above all, I wish you good health throughout 2021, and a very Happy New Year!

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