Exploring the Unspoilt Beauty of Gozo

With beautiful scenery, excellent weather and delicious food, there’s a lot to love about a villa holiday on Gozo 

With beautiful scenery, excellent weather and delicious food, there's a lot to love about a villa holiday on Gozo #sponsored

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If you’re looking for a European holiday that’s a little out of the ordinary, then Gozo could be the destination you’re after. Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago, and sits in the Mediterranean Sea around 100km south of Sicily. The weather is excellent for much of the year, with temperatures ranging from 22C in April up to a maximum of 31C in August. And if you’re thinking of booking an Autumn getaway, then Gozo will be very comfortable at 24C in October.

How to Get to Gozo

Flights to Malta’s Luqa airport go direct from several UK cities, including London, Birmingham, Belfast and Edinburgh.

Once you are in Malta, you then need to take a short ferry crossing to Gozo. These ferries run around every 30-45 minutes during the day, and fares start from around 5€ for foot passengers. There’s more information on the Gozo Channel website.

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Looking for a destination for your next holiday? Find out why Gozo could be the perfect place to visit #sponsored #JamesVillas #Gozo #Malta

A Relaxing Island Destination

Gozo may not have the bright lights and busy nightlife of some other Mediterranean islands. But a villa holiday in Gozo is ideal if you’re looking for a laid back getaway. The pace of life on Gozo is slow, and you may feel tempted to spend much of your holiday relaxing in your villa.

But it’s worth paying a visit to Gozo’s capital city of Victoria, which has many attractions to check out. You could spend time looking around the shops, bars and restaurants, visit the opera or enjoy a firework display at fiesta time.

The stunning Gozo landscape is packed with lush vegetation, hills and cliffs. This makes the island a perfect destination for cycling, rambling and rock climbing. If you’re after something less high-octane, you can also enjoy more relaxed pastimes like tennis and horse riding.

And of course Gozo is a great place to go swimming or diving. Until recently Gozo was home to the world-famous ‘Azure Window’, as seen seen in the photo below. This natural wonder was unfortunately destroyed by a storm, but the Gozo coastline is still packed with arches, caves and caverns.

With beautiful scenery, excellent weather and delicious food, there's a lot to love about a villa holiday on Gozo #sponsoredDelicious Food

If good food is your top priority when you’re choosing where to go on holiday, then Gozo won’t disappoint. The leisurely pace of life on Gozo places great value on the local farming and fishing industries. This means that you’ll be able to choose from wonderful local produce, freshly caught seafood and just-baked bread when you’re visiting Gozo.

The local wines are also worth checking out, and they go very well with the traditional Gozo snack of ‘Pastizzi’. This is a flaky pastry parcel filled with ricotta cheese and peas.

With beautiful scenery, excellent weather and delicious food, there's a lot to love about a villa holiday on Gozo #sponsored

Plenty to See and Do

There’s plenty to see while you’re visiting Gozo. The citadel in the main city of Victoria was originally used to protect inhabitants from the risk of invaders. It’s now home to the 17th Century cathedral as well as a number of fascinating museums.

The Ggantija temples are a definite must-see for your holiday on Gozo. These amazing stone structures are believed to be even older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids.

But if history isn’t your thing, then there’s still lots to see on Gozo. You could visit the tiny island of Comino, and relax in the crystal clear waters of the blue lagoon. Or pay a visit to the secluded Inland Sea at Dwejra in the south-west of the island of Gozo

Whether you’re looking for good food, an active holiday or just a tranquil haven for relaxation, Gozo has a lot to offer. Click here to find out more about villa holidays in Gozo.

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