Closed: Win a Christmas Countdown Calendar

The winner of this Christmas 2023 giveaway is Simon M. from Swindon, Wiltshire. Congratulations, Simon!

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With Christmas just a few weeks away, you could make December a month to remember if you win this gorgeous Yankee Candle countdown calendar. Will you give it to someone else as a luxurious special treat or keep it and turn your own home into a fragrant Christmas wonderland?

I absolutely love Christmas so I’ll be posting plenty of festive content in the weeks running up to Christmas. This is my first Christmas 2023 giveaway one lucky winner will receive a gorgeous Yankee Candle Advent Wreath.

It’s basically like an Advent calendar but with scented tealights behind each door, which makes it the ideal way to scent your home in the run-up to Christmas!

Can’t wait to see if you’re a winner?
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What’s in the Calendar?

Are you ready for this? Close your eyes now if you don’t want to spoil the surprise…

  • Letters To Santa Tea Light Candles x 3
  • Silver Sage & Pine Tea Light Candles x 3
  • Twinkling Lights Tea Light Candles x 3
  • Soft Wool & Amber Tea Light Candles x 3
  • Christmas Eve Tea Light Candles x 3
  • Pink Cherry Vanilla Tea Light Candles x 3
  • Christmas Cookie Tea Light Candles x 3
  • Amber & Sandalwood Tea Light Candles x 3
  • A Constellation silver plated Glass Tea Light Holder x 1

It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind in the weeks before Christmas!

And I’ve got one of these fabulous calendars
to give away to a lucky reader!

For your chance to win this fabulous prize, you just need to log into the Rafflecopter below and answer the really easy question. There are also some bonus social media entries you can use to boost your chances of being the lucky winner.

The giveaway will close at 11.59PM on Friday, 3rd November 2023 and is open to UK entrants aged 18+ only.

So to be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, you simply need to answer the following question:

What is your favourite thing about December?

Good luck!

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476 thoughts on “Closed: Win a Christmas Countdown Calendar

  1. Isabel says:

    I love the run up to Christmas as everything gets more and more festive and silly. Wrapping everyone’s presents up, doing the big food shop, planning the TV schedule!

  2. Lisa Day says:

    Spending that valuable time doing lovely Christmas activities with the family and creating those memories that last a lifetime.

  3. Pamela Hamby says:

    the glitz and sparkle, the christmas carols, wrapping presents, choosing christmas food and spending quality time with my family

  4. Susan B says:

    I like the mark the shortest day of the year in December then enjoy the slightly longer days until the appearance of the first Spring flowers.

  5. Siobhan N says:

    I love the christmas music, particularly the songs I remember being in the charts when I was young!

  6. Fiona Martin says:

    I love doing all the festive things with the kids – seeing the lights around town, Xmas shopping, making gingerbread shapes, Xmas movie nights with hot chocolate!

  7. Angie McDonald says:

    I love the nostalgia and the run up to Christmas – from family traditions, to waring. favourite jumper and drinking hot chocolate

  8. Caroline Tinsley says:

    I love Christmas lights. There are some nice streets around me with pretty Victorian houses and I love going for an evening stroll to see all the windows lit up with Christmas trees.

  9. Lindsey Stuart says:

    The build up to Christmas is my favourite thing about December, I love seeing all the decorations.

  10. Jackie Dawson says:

    My favourite thing about December is getting the house Christmas ready while enjoying Christmas movies.

  11. CWhitlow says:

    The build up to Christmas- dark cosy evenings in front of the fire at out local pub with all of our friends and family.

  12. Claire Lawrenson says:

    I love the anticipation of Christmas & I try to put a lot of thought into the things I buy for family and friends, so I can’t wait to see their faces or hear their comments when they open my gifts.

  13. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    I love it when Christmas Eve arrives, all the shopping is done and I can relax with the family and this year I am not the one cooking Christmas dinner

  14. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I am obsessed with Christmas so love December, love the colder weather, getting cosy and having time off work

  15. Hayley Jane Wakenshaw says:

    I love how cosy it can be in December when it’s cold outside and you’re snuggled up with family and friends indoors with warm lights and a warm hearth.

  16. lucie fish says:

    I love everything about Christmas! The lights, the tree, watching the children getting more excited as the month goes on! I’m just a big kids myself when it comes to Christmas!

  17. Tracy Baines says:

    For a start it’s my partner Carl’s birthday but also I have usually done my shopping so can relax and enjoy the festive run up

  18. Georgette says:

    I love taking my girls to the local garden centre and letting each choose a new Christmas tree ornament

  19. Mary Campbell says:

    Watching the Nativity, going to Watch Night Service and attending the pantomime. So many wonderful events all contribute to this magical time of the year, and I love them all!

  20. Tracy Newton says:

    My family celebrate lots of birthdays in December. With the addition of Christmas, the whole of December is one big celebration.

  21. coldi says:

    I love the run up to christmas! The excitement of getting the house decorated and going christmas shopping with all the pretty lights! It’s my favourite time of the year!

  22. Rachelle Barrett says:

    Love spending lots of time with my family, Xmas is my favourite time of the year, its the best and most exciting

  23. chris reid says:

    We usually go into London and see all the Christmas lights and we love the way the windows are so amazing.

  24. Carol Gates says:

    Crisp winter days with clear blue skies, and wrapping up toasty at home – under a blanket, candles lit, hot chocolate in hand

  25. Nicola Andrijauskas says:

    I love the build up to Christmas, the shopping, decorating the house and all the Christmas TV!

  26. Mark Fridlington says:

    My favourite thing about December is Christmas – from the 1st December when the decorations go up, to the very end of the month.

  27. Wendy Lam-Vechi says:

    Being able to snuggle into a blanket with the kids and watch movies all day and not feel so bad about it.

  28. Simon Aylward says:

    Playing board games with my kids on Christmas evening with Christmas music in the background and the fire lit.

  29. Audrie Naylor says:

    I just love all the sounds and smells, the fir trees, christmas cake, mince pies, the church bells ringing, choirs singing, just wonderful

  30. Christine Lockley says:

    The run up to Christmas – buying gifts, writing cards, watching Christmas movies, listening to cheesy Christmas music – basically the whole Christmas spirit

  31. Caroline cummins says:

    Well of course it’s Christmas but more than that it’s peoples “good will to men” people are simply just nicer to eachother near Christmas!

  32. Carly says:

    I love getting to spend more time with my family around Christmas. We have a lot of our own family traditions, which makes them feel extra special.

  33. Emma Jones says:

    One of my favourite things to do in December is to drive/walk around with my daughter (6) looking for amazing Christmas decorations!

  34. Lisa Davies says:

    My favourite thing about December is shopping for Christmas gifts for my family, friends and pets.

  35. Jo Jones says:

    I love all the family getting together in December to enjoy quality time and catching up on all their news

  36. Hazel knight says:

    I love the countdown to Christmas Day and the day itself, the Christmas music, cosy nights in, and lots of family time.

  37. hayley berry says:

    Along with the festive feel of glitter, lights and no guilt of eating!! it’s also my daughter and sons birthdays so plenty to celebrate

  38. Heather Cain says:

    My favourite thing about christmas
    is the christmas tree itself
    I love to decorate
    with lots of things to eat
    And sitting on top is an Elf

    Lots of twinkly lights
    to make the tree look pretty
    with fairies and things
    a canary that sings
    and all sorts of nitty gritty

    Tinsel and baubels
    and pictures of kids
    with happy faces
    airs and gracies
    and gifts of a lot of quids

  39. Hayley Jane Wakenshaw says:

    I love how cosy it can be when it’s cold outside and you’re snuggled up with family and friends indoors with warm lights and a warm hearth.

  40. Patricia Avery says:

    I love sharing all the magic and excitement with the grandchildren and then by contrast enjoying the peace and quiet that follows as hubby and I relax, share a glass or two and count our many blessings

  41. Mary Baldwin says:

    Everything from making lists to plans, but particularly meeting up with friends and family to celebrate the Christmas season.

  42. Irene Jackson says:

    I love the Christmas lights on the houses , really cheers up the the afternoons and evenings when it gets dark so early.

  43. Liz says:

    The best thing about the countdown to Christmas is the festive atmosphere! It is always so lovely to see decorations being put up all around and strangers sharing their excitement for the season.

  44. Carla says:

    My favourite thing about December is the build up to Christmas and spending time with family and friends.

  45. Ruth Davies says:

    My favourite thing about december is the build up to the big day and spending time with my family

  46. lorraine dunne says:

    There’s so many things I love about Christmas getting the tree decorated the food watching Christmas films

  47. Jeanette Davenport says:

    I love seeing my grandchildren’s faces light up when they open their presents, and it’s my grandson’s Birthday on Boxing Day

  48. Hekna says:

    I love the atmosphere of December – early evenings, twinkly lights, the scent of Christmas spices. Generally very cosy and happy.

  49. Donna W says:

    I love the festive season, Cosy nights in, decorating the house for Christmas, spending quality time with family and lots of delicious food and drink.

  50. Jodi parsons says:

    Oh I love Christmas shopping for my loved ones, finding them that perfect gift, Christmas light switch ons, Christmas markets, I love it all!

  51. Pauline Burroughs says:

    The count down to Christmas. I love seeing all the decorations and listening to Christmas songs

  52. emma wolski says:

    I love that in December everyone makes an effort to see friends and family and we all enjoy the festive run up to christmas

  53. Helen Sales says:

    I just love everything about it, starting with the christmas tv adverts, the wrapping of the presents and even cooking the christmas day meal!!

  54. Catherine Owens says:

    December is just the best with two young kids excited about Christmas. We do as many Christmas activities as we can!

  55. Carol Frosdick says:

    All the natural things i.e: Holly, Mistletoe, Pinecones, Christmas tree with a Fairy Lights.
    Nuts, Oranges Tangerines etc and of course Family
    gatherings and if we are really lucky Frosty and Snowy
    days – sheer bliss.

  56. Carol Cliffe says:

    I love all the Christmas preparations, especially putting our tree up on 1st December and admiring it all month!

  57. Gee says:

    Everything Christmas related. I love the atmosphere and excitement for Christmas.. Oh and it’s also my birth month!

  58. Deborah Preston says:

    It’s the start of the festive season- writing cards, buying presents and planning Christmas lunch for 15 of us!

  59. Mrs Jannine Caddick says:

    Good food, good times with my family, and cozy nights watching my fave Christmas films, perfect!

  60. Kat Clarke says:

    I love everything about Christmas! Buying and wrapping presents, putting up decorations etc. But what beats it all is having 2 lovely children and going to all the Christmas events to make family memories

  61. Olivia W says:

    My favourite thing about December is decorating the house with Christmas decorations and watching Christmas movies

  62. Rachael says:

    I love seeing my children’s reaction to Christmas most, their faces when they see Father Christmas, snow or open presents is my favourite thing.

  63. Angela Kelly says:

    Well…It’s my birthday and Christmas so there is a lot going on in December. But my absolute favourite thing is the time off work!

  64. Anthea Holloway says:

    I love walking around our neighbourhood in December and seeing all the wonderful Christmas lights and displays everyone puts up.

  65. Alana Nash says:

    Seeing all the Christmas lights in the dark, seeing all the excitement on the faces of children, the smells of Christmas spices.

  66. Nicky Benton says:

    We have birthdays in December so for years its been stress but now he’s 19 I can relax and enjoy again

  67. Charlotte McHugh says:

    I just love the whole run up to Christmas, the baking, watching movies, nights out – all of it.

  68. Charlotte McHugh says:

    I enjoy getting organised early for Christmas so that I can enjoy December. TV is always good, movie nights in and time with family.

  69. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    I love the build up to Christmas, the lights, music, smell of cinnamon, decorations and happy faces :)

  70. Kate Jones says:

    It used to be all parties and nights out and celebrating with friends, but since having kids it’s all about their enjoyment and experiences and i love it!! I also now decorate on the 1st December, so it lasts a whole month!!

  71. Leah Tonna says:

    My favourite thing about December is the lead up to Christmas meeting family and friends, and stepping a little closer to spring after the shortest day.

  72. DawnLouise says:

    Seeing the children’s faces, feeling their joy and excitement. All the extra family time together, the big dinner where we are all together with no other commitments. The quality time playing new games and toys together.

  73. Zoey says:

    Love the build up to Christmas, watching Christmas movies, shopping for gifts. We now have 13m old son so will be building the magic of Christmas for him

  74. Julie Thomas says:

    My grandson arrived in December three years ago so this is a special month of celebrations for us

  75. Marion Iris Tanner says:

    As i have got older i have found i prefer a more subtle decoration for Christmas and put up the tat for my little Grandson visits, last year i had lots of candles and tea lights ,it was so lovely,it gave that cosy feeling which makes you feel all happy and grateful and a bit Polyanna. This would be great as the feeling would increase over the days of the calendar,with thge bonus of lots of lovely fragrances. You see cheaper ones but i dont expect the fragrance and quality would be good.

  76. Rebecca Townsend says:

    Getting to spend quality time with the family, watching school nativity plays, decorating the tree, singing carols and eating lots of yummy foods!

  77. Ali Fanstone says:

    spending time with my grandchildren, buying lots of little stocking fillers for them and thinking up tricks for that naughty little elf.

  78. Tracey Tolchard says:

    The best thing about xmas is being able to watch xmas films snuggled up on the sofa with my now adult daughter…..perfect mum daughter time……

  79. Samantha Atherton says:

    I love how magical the whole month is, All the little traditions and family time that make it special.

  80. Anna Wood says:

    I love absolutely everything about December! It’s my birthday, the cosy dark evening, the excitement of the run up to Christmas, spending time with family. My favourite thing is the sparkle, fairy lights everywhere, glittery decorations, and fires. It’s just so bare when it all goes!

  81. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    I love cosy evenings in front of the fire watching Christmas films with the Christmas tree lit up

  82. fiona drinkell says:

    I love the run up to Christmas, decorating the living room, having some treats we wouldn’t normally have, a special family time,

  83. Sharon Arnott says:

    Getting to see family and friends that you don’t get to see often throughout the rest of the year

  84. Anne Plumb says:

    Has to be Christmas – just love it – all the decorations and generally people are kinder to each other

  85. Natalie jones says:

    My favourite thing about christmas is spending time with my hubby and 2 children, just being together and not having to worry about work/school

  86. Alison Wilkie says:

    Love the feel of excitement and happiness in people as they do Christmas shopping for their families

  87. JH says:

    I love the build up starting on the 1st December with my first list of my list of lists. It may sound confusing but I have a system and it works

  88. Sylvia Paul says:

    I love the build up to Christmas. Hunting out the perfect presents, decorating the house, watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs

  89. Melanie Forster says:

    I love how excited my granddaughter gets from 1st December onwards by the 25 she’s practically bursting

  90. Helen Craigs says:

    I love the countdown to Christmas with my grandchildren, opening their advent calendars each day and getting more and more excited

  91. Robyn Clarke says:

    Its a month of celebrations and seeing family. Its my husband and daughters birthdays as well as our wedding anniversary.

  92. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I love everything about the run up to Christmas. I’m disabled, so tend to get as much shopping as I can done before December. I enjoy catching up with friends and family, wrapping presents, making and checking lists so that I don’t forget anything and, as a Christian, I love the church services and all the Christmas carols, songs and children’s nativities that take place.

  93. Victoria Bazley says:

    I love that it’s cold but the fun bit is making yourself all toasty in jumpers and blankets and there’s an air of fun all around.

  94. Jennifer Thompson says:

    I love being able to get all the Christmas candles out and making the house smell festive and Christmassy. It’s lovely coming in from work and filling the house with scents like cinnamon and Christmas Cookie, and curling up on the sofa watching a movie with the family.

  95. Emma louise says:

    Festive movies.
    Cosy movie night with blankets, hot chocolate and nibbles with the kids.
    Nothing better on a rainy evening x

  96. Sarah A says:

    I love when everyone, young and old, comes around the table for Christmas dinner and we pull the Christmas crackers. Everyone wears the silly paper hats and tells their joke. Everyone is smiling and happy.

  97. Theresa M says:

    Spending time with friends and family enjoying Christmas traditions old like roasted chestnuts and new like cheesy family Christmas movies :0)

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