Giveaway: Soap & Glory ‘The Square Necessities’

You could start the year with some glorious pampering if you win our first giveaway of 2021!

You could win this Square Necessities gift set from Soap and Glory in our first giveaway of 2021

It’s the start of a brand new year and to celebrate, we’re giving away this fabulous ‘Square Necessities’ gift set by Soap & Glory.

This gift set is the perfect way to pamper yourself in the long dark evenings of winter – and goodness knows, we all deserve a bit of pampering right now!

The gorgeous decorated tin contains a plethora of skincare and beauty goodies, from buffers and butters to hand cream and mascara. So when the sun finally returns in Springtime you’ll be buffed, moisturised and ready to go.

If you win this fabulous gift set, this is what you’ll be unpacking when you receive your prize:

CLEAN A-COLADA™ Hydrating Body Wash 500ml
DROP IN THE LOTION™ Lightweight Body Lotion 500ml
CLEAN ON ME™ Creamy Moisture Shower Gel 500ml
THE SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE™ Smoothing Body Scrub 200ml
THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ Body Moisturizer 300ml
HAND FOOD™ Non-Greasy Hydrating Hand Cream 50ml
YOUR BEST SHOT™ Coffee & Oat Scrub 180g
FACE SOAP AND CLARITY™ 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash 350ml
BRIGHT + BEAUTIFUL™ Radiance-Boosting Mask 29g
THE FAB PORE™ Pore-refining Mask 29g
THE RUSHOWER™ Scent-sational Dry Shampoo 200ml

And all of these are presented in a decorative tin. It’s a fabulous gift set which is now sold out online, and would make a lovely treat for yourself or for someone special.

And one lucky reader will win this fantastic beauty gift set

For your chance to win this fabulous gift, you simply need to log into the Rafflecopter below and answer the easy question. 

There are also some bonus social media entries that you can use to boost your chances of winning.

The giveaway will close at 11.59PM on Sunday 31st January 2021 and is open to UK entrants aged 18+ only.

And the question you need to answer to be in with a chance of winning this prize is:

What is your favourite way to pamper yourself?

Good luck!

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281 thoughts on “Giveaway: Soap & Glory ‘The Square Necessities’

  1. Donna Loxton says:

    I like to pamper myself by dedicating an hour or two a week just for myself. In that time I like to use some nice beauty products which help me to relax. It can really make a difference to your week.

  2. Caroline Tinsley says:

    I moisturise obsessively! I just can’t feel comfortable if any bit of my skin is dry so I always have different face, body and hand creams around to slap on when I feel the need!

  3. Marylyn Hammersley says:

    The older I get the more I need my moisturiser,it is a necessity rather than a pamper treat, but always has to come first. My foot spa is my pamper treat, so relaxing.

  4. Hannah Lord says:

    I love soap and glory products! With 5 children, locking myself in the bathroom for a peaceful bath is luxury. Some great music and a cheeky glass of wine is pure bliss!

  5. Ruth Harwood says:

    I like to pamper myself with an early night in bed with a good book and the cat on my lap, which is a rare and appreciated honour!

  6. Globetrotter says:

    I pamper myself with a face pack, scrummy shower gel, hair conditioning treatment – then wrap up in a snuggly bathrobe with a glass of wine and a chick flick.

  7. Diane Carey says:

    A bubble bath followed by some skincare products on my face. In the summer I love to do a pedicure to keep my feet in good condition as I do quite a lot of walking

  8. Susan B says:

    A long, hot bath with a nice bath bomb, a glass of Merlot and a fragrant candle flickering. If Willie Nelson were to join me (singing not bathing), that would be even better …

    • Nicki Evans says:

      A relaxing bath followed by reading a book under a cosy blanket on the sofa with a glass of wine and some nice chocolates

  9. Denise Coy says:

    I like a hot bubble bath and a facemask followed by top to toe moisturise. Then fresh PJ’s and snuggle on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good film.

  10. Kay says:

    I like to pamper myself by taking a very long bubble bath. Lying there with a book, having a soak, music in the background. Then I like to use my favourite skincare products to complete the experience. Lovely!

  11. Louise Laing says:

    I love relaxing in a warm bath with candles lit, and doing my skincare routine with a face mask. Always makes me feel relaxed!

  12. Sherren Thorpe says:

    I have showers daily as they are so quick. At the weekend it is a luxury to have complete relaxation in the bubbliest bath.

  13. Melissa Lee says:

    Lately I’ve been finding myself getting more into skincare and it’s been really relaxing! I make sure to spend some time each evening trying to pamper my skin.

  14. Magdalena Kobrzynska says:

    Massage takes me into a new world where there is no tension. It gives me more strength to fight with more positive energy

  15. Lynne Durkin says:

    Love to have a soak in the bath but then get straight into the shower to wash my hair. Always like to have a good hour afterwards to sit and relax. Doesn’t happen very often

  16. Karen Oultram says:

    Bubbles in bubbles with my favourite Chill Out Music blasting through my speaker, candles flickering and definitely no kids in the house!!

  17. Mary Baldwin says:

    To be honest within lockdown I’ve forgotten about self-care. I do love a long, hot bath and then loads of moisturiser while my skin is so damp. Then it’s fab to just to to bed with a book and read it till I fall asleep.

  18. Sue Crosswaite says:

    I like to set the scene with gentle music and scented candles, then enjoy a face mask and a manicure and pedicure.

  19. Lorna-Jane Holland says:

    Sunday mornings are my self-care time. I take a bath, do a face mask, moisturise my body and do my nails. It’s perfect!

  20. Linda Curtis says:

    This would be fabulous to win
    I love a long hot bubble bath
    Followed by using my door spa and for 20 minutes
    Then it’s into bed no tv or noise and a good bookm

  21. Tracy Baines says:

    I don’t often get a chance but a long hot shower, into the pyjamas and a nice cup of tea with a good TV show to watch

  22. Fiona Johnstone says:

    Definitely a bath with some bath oil, candles on the side and music playing. Oh and a large glass of chilled wine.

  23. Sue Galway says:

    Long, hot soak in the bath with candles, glass of wine and a good book. Followed by jumping straight into freshly laundered sheets which smell of the outdoors

  24. Chrissy says:

    My favourite way to pamper myself is taking a cuppa and a book back to bed. It’s the best way to start the day. Nice and relaxed.

  25. Carolyn Corrin says:

    I would love to say a relaxing soak in the bath, but due to my disability I can only have showers now.
    A nice hot shower, then start with a hair pamper of oil to tame it, then a nice face mask, moisturise all over then finally a manicure. Utter bliss and I feel great again

  26. Laura Norcop says:

    I know its cliche but it really is a hot bath. With 2 under 3s time to myself is pretty rare so when my partner finishes work and can tag in I love to go for a soak in peace

  27. Jodi Hill says:

    Definitely a hot bubble bath with a good book & a glass of Shiraz, I genuinely can’t get in the bathroom quick enough when the other half walks in from work! Haha!

  28. SARA owen says:

    I love this set I love the body scrub. Nothing better than coming home from work, having a nice bubble bath with the body scrub then coming out and caking the moisturiser on with the facemask and a good netflix series

  29. Kellie Steed says:

    I’m such a fan of Soap and Glory stuff that I’ve been getting various items from the range every Christmas as gifts from my family for the past 10 years of so. After Christmas, I love to open all the new packs and have a proper pamper sesh!

  30. Katy Peterson says:

    Bedding washing day is the best for this – I wash and change all my bedding then take a long run, a hot shower, and curl up in my fresh bedding with a cup of tea and a book.

  31. Sarah Birkett says:

    an hours peace and quiet with a cup of tea and a cat. Also a good hot shower with a bit of a body scrub, then a lie down with some really good hand cream

  32. Christine Williams says:

    A super hot bath with a luxurious bath oil (thought the serenity is soon lost once I get out and see the oily mess left behind that needs to cleaned)

  33. J f Matcham says:

    i like the normal things like a bath and a facepack but for me walking in the forest or sitting watching the birds is the best way to pamer as i love nature and it lifts my spirts no end

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Moisturising with a cream that has genuinely beneficial ingredients and free from harmful additions (be it for the skin or environmental)

  35. Emma Craven says:

    I love a loooonng soak in a bath full of Epsom salts and extra essential oils….plus light some tea lights around the bath! Yum. Lovely prize

  36. Laura says:

    My favourite way to pamper myself is to have a bath in the evening when all my children are in bed and spend as long as I want in there reading a book

  37. Denise Cop says:

    A leisurely shower, then curling up with a Soap & Glory Bright + Beautiful Radiance – Boosting Mask Vitamin C face mask, a cheeky glass of wine and a good book, absolute perfection!

  38. Jo Jones says:

    A luxurious, full, warm bath along with what I call a 5,000 mile service, (de fuzz, mai, pedi, and pampering with girlie products.) Bliss!!

  39. Megan Kinsey says:

    I love pampering myself by having a bubble bath with bath salts in it too, a nice relaxing playlist on Spotify in the background and my favourite magazine! Followed by a face mask once I’m out too and lots of moisturising.

  40. JANET EMPSON says:

    due to walking every day get very hard skin on my heels so love to use my foot spa and soak my feet and use the scholl grater and battery powers one too then lots of lush cream

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