The Best Gifts for Gin Lovers 2022

If you’re looking for gift gin-spiration then here is the perfect selection of gift ideas to choose from!

Two glasses of pink peppermint martini cocktail with Xmas decorations and candy cane sweets on a white marble kitchen table

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The current passion for gin shows no sign of slowing down and there are new flavours and varieties coming onto the market all time. The beauty of this drink is that the range of different botanicals means that there’s a gin to suit everyone, from spicy to floral to juniper heavy.

And if you’re looking for gin-themed gift ideas for gin lovers, there’s a huge range of choice out there. In fact, there’s almost too much to choose from!

So here are 25 fabulous suggestions to give you some inspiration, if you’re buying a gift for a gin fan.

Low Cost Gifts for Gin Lovers

If you’re looking for a smaller present or a Secret Santa gift, then there are plenty of gin-themed options to choose from.

Choose from gin-scented goodies, gin-themed home accessories and a range of gin miniatures in this selection of low cost gifts.

A Christmas tree bauble featuring a bottle of gin and the words Gin-gle bells

Personalised Gin Bauble

This quirky Gin-gle Bells bauble is the ideal Christmas decoration for gin lovers. It’s made of bone china, and has a cute gin-themed design.

This quirky Gin-gle Bells bauble is the ideal Christmas decoration for gin lovers. It’s made of bone china, and has a cute gin-themed design.

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A poster with 100 scratch-off panels concealing a different gin behind each.

100 Gins Scratch Off Poster

This 100 Gins Scratch Off Poster makes the ideal gift for a gin fan. It rounds up 100 delicious gins from around the world and they can scratch each one off as they sample it.

It’s a great source of gin-spiration allowing them to tick off their favourites and discover some new favourites.

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A packet of 10 Gin-and-Tonic scented bath bombs

Gin & Tonic Bath Bombs

Or how about treating your gin-loving friend to a relaxing gin-scented bath?

This pack contains 10 bath bombs that combine the fresh, fruity aromas of lemon and juniper. It’s the perfect way to relax and leaves your skin smelling delicious!

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Pink Gin Collection

And if you’re buying a gift for someone who likes pink gin, then this pretty gift set is perfect.

The pretty gift box contains 5cl each of Whitley Neil Raspberry Gin, Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla, Gordons Pink Gin and Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin.

Add a bottle of their favourite tonic, and you’ve got the ideal gift!

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A Zym Gin gift set featuring five stackable miniature bottles of gin

Zymurgorium Gin Experience Pack

Or how about this stack of gin liqueurs, crafted by the clever gin alchemists at Zymurgorium?

It contains four 40ml miniatures presented in an elegant ‘tower’ style stack of bottles. They’re ideal to sample as a sipping gin, with tonic or other mixers or in a cocktail.

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Gins for Gin Lovers

The simplest present for gin lovers is probably a new bottle of gin. Most large supermarkets have a decent range of gins available, and if they have a favourite brand that they love, then the easiest route is to pick up a bottle of that.

But there are so many small and artisanal distilleries around, and so many new flavours on the market. You’re sure to get extra brownie points if you manage to pick out a gin that they haven’t tried before.

Here are a few to consider:

Mermaid Gin

This beautiful bottle of small batch Mermaid gin was distilled on the Isle of Wight using locally sourced botanicals including Boadicea Hops, Elderflower and Rock Samphire. It has a smooth Gin with hints of citrus and peppery spices.

Mermaid gin is best served over ice, with a splash of tonic and a slice of lemon, grapefruit or cucumber.

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Ludlow No1 Dry Gin

This gin hails from our home county of Shropshire and has juniper, coriander, angelica and orris at its heart.

It also has subtle notes of lemon and orange peel, cardamom and hand-picked gorse flowers, which evoke the gentle scents of the Shropshire Hills.

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You could try and find a gin that’s distilled near where you or your gin-loving friend live.

Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin

And what could be better to sip after Christmas dinner than a chilled glass of Christmas Pudding gin?

Sacred Spirits distil this gin in their Highgate microdistillery using Christmas puddings that are made to an old family recipe, and only small batches are produced each year.

It’s perfect for sipping neat over ice or mixing with tonic water or ginger ale.

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Sakurao Limited Edition Gin

Or if you’re looking for a very special gin as a Christmas present, how about this limited edition gin from the Sakurao Distillery in Japan.

They opened their Hiroshima distillery in 2018, and while they wait to produce their first whisky, they have created this gin. It is made with 17 botanicals from the local area, including Japanese juniper berries, oyster shells and wasabi.

And the bottle comes in a beautiful presentation box that would be lovely to open on any special occasion.

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Tonic Waters

And why not pair one of the gins above with a selection of tonic waters for the perfect G&T-inspired gift.

Look out for brands such as Fentimans, Fever-Tree or these Double Dutch tonics to make sure you pick a tonic water that will complement the gin. You could go for one of the many flavoured options on the market or a classic Indian Tonic Water.

Gin Gift Sets

Because gin has been so popular over the last few years, you’ll find that there are plenty of gift sets available online and on the High Street.

These can be a great gift idea if you’re not sure what type of gin to buy, as they often include a selection of gins to sample.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your present shopping:

A gin and chocolate lover's hamper containing miniature bottles of gin and chocolate snacks

Gin and Chocolate Lovers Letter Box Hamper

If you’re buying for someone who loves both gin and chocolate, they’re sure to be delighted with this letterbox hamper.

It contains a selection of chocolate goodies together with two miniature bottles of Plymouth Gin.

And because the hamper will fit through the recipient’s letterbox, you don’t need to worry about whether they’ll be in to sign for their parcel.

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A Gin lover's hamper containing two bottles of gin, a candle and some chocolate

Personalised ‘Gin Lovers’ Letterbox Gift

Or you could buy them this lovely Gin Lovers gift, which you can personalise with your own message inside the gift card.

The gift set contains two double servings of gin from Devon, Gin and Tonic flavoured chocolate, citrus scented plant-wax tealights and a cute little tin of gin botanicals. Any gin lover would adore this gift!

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A Pink Gin gift set containing pink gin, Rhubarb Gin flavoured chocolate and a pink gin lip balm

Pink Gin Letterbox Gift

Or for someone who likes pink gin, how about this gorgeous pink gin gift set?

Inside, you’ll find a miniature bottle of Pink Gin, a delicious bar of Rhubarb Gin & Tonic flavoured milk chocolate and a Pink Gin Lip Balms that’s flavoured with rhubarb and juniper.

You can have the gift set wrapped and delivered directly to the lucky recipient, and of course, it’ll fit easily through their letterbox.

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Sandy Leaf Farm Ultimate Gin Makers Kit

This next gift is perfect for someone who fancies having a go at making their own gin. It follows the infusion method of making gin, and includes enough supplies to create 10 full sized bottles of home-made gin.

It contains everything from juniper berries and botanicals to kraft paper bottle tags and testing pipettes. They’ll just need to add 700ml of inexpensive vodka for each batch, and you could always provide one of those to get them started.

Full instructions are included, plus support from Sandy Leaf Farm.

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A red and black box containing jars of botanicals for flavouring gin

Gin and Tonic Botanicals Box

Or if they’re not quite ready to make their own gin, perhaps they’d like to customise their glass of gin and tonic.

This beautiful box contains a selection of high quality botanicals that they can use to add flavour and aroma to their gin. It includes vanilla pods, pink pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, juniper berries, Jamaican pepper and star anise, and they can combine the botanicals to create their own perfect G&T.

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Gin Tours, Classes and Experiences

Are you buying for a gin lover who already has a jam-packed gin collection? Or maybe for someone who is interested in taking a look behind the scenes, or even creating their own gin?

Lakes Distillery

Lakes Distillery create their gin, whisky and vodka with crystal clear Cumbrian water, and you can book onto their Distillery tour for a glimpse behind the scenes of their working distillery.

You’ll explore the magnificent stillroom, discover the warehouse where the sleeping casks lie, and finish off your tour in the tasting room where you’ll have the opportunity to sample three of the Lakes Distillery spirits.

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There are plenty of distilleries who offer tours, classes and experiences, so you’re sure to be able to find something that’s close to you. You could also look out for online gin tasting experiences held over Zoom.

Gin Club subscription

And if travelling to a distillery isn’t an option, then how about a Gin Subscription box to bring the gin to them. 

There are plenty of options on the market, ranging from the Little Gin Box which sends out two gin miniatures per month to the Think Gin Club which sends out a full sized bottle of gin plus mixers and snacks each month.  They’re a great way to try out something new.

Gin Accessories

If you’re buying for someone who already has enough gin (is that possible?), why not get them some accessories instead. You could buy them some gorgeous glasses to enjoy their drink in, or a fabulous cocktail set for mixing up something special.

Dartington Crystal Gintuition Gin Glass Set

This Dartington Crystal Gintuition Set of three crystal glasses is perfect for a G&T or gin cocktail. 

The set includes classic high-ball and martini glasses together with a copa glass. And the set comes with an expert guide to each glass with mixing tips and gin cocktail recipes.

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Dartington Crystal Bar Excellence Gin & Tonic Glass

Or you could go old school with crystal high ball glasses from Dartington Crystal.

They’re handmade in Devon from 24% lead crystal, and would make a perfect gift for any gin lover.

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Savisto Premium Cocktail Set

If you give your gin-loving friend a Savisto Cocktail Set, they can practice mixing up some gin-based cocktails. 

It includes a cocktail shaker and glass, a wooden muddler, a twisted bar spoon, a strainer, and two bar measures. There’s also a book of 500 gin cocktail recipes – perfect for their next party.

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Books for Gin Lovers

Why not pick up a lovely gin book as a present for the gin fan in your life?

These books are packed full of history, interesting facts and, of course, delicious cocktails!

Sipsmith: Sip: 100 gin cocktails with only three ingredients

Cocktails don’t have to be complicated!

This book features 100 gin-based cocktails, each using just three ingredients. You’ll also find expert mixing tips along with the history of the drink.

The cocktails in this book include classics like the Negroni and Martini, as well as summer sipping like the Gin Basil Smash and Watermelon Martini. There are winter warmers like the Hot Gin Twist, and new takes such as the Gin Espresso Martini

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The Real Gin Book

This book is sub-titled ‘A Collection of Classic and Modern Gin Recipes For Every Occasion’, and it is packed full of recipes.

It has plenty of information on the history and production of gin, as well as the various types that are available.

And then it has a host of recipes from simple to complex, with something to suit every occasion. There are also tips and hints on how to make the drinks, so it’s suitable for anyone from beginner to expert.

This book would be make a fantastic gift for anyone who wants to move beyond the simple G&T.

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Gin: The Manual

This book covers 120 gins which have been tested and scored four ways – with tonic, with lemonade, in a negroni and in a martini. Each gin is also categorised according to its core properties, allowing you to understand the best way to drink it.

The manual also covers how gin is made, what a botanical is and how they impact the flavour of gin.

You’ll also learn the difference between Dutch, London, Scottish, Spanish and American gins and the best way to drink them.

This book is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn more about their favourite drink.

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Fever-Tree: The Art of Mixing

This book from the people behind the Fever-Tree brand of mixers was created by leading bartenders around the world.

Rather than starting with the spirits, it focuses on key mixers – including tonic, lemonade, ginger ale, ginger beer and cola. Leading bartenders have created 125 classic and contemporary cocktail recipes to make the most of the botanical partnerships.

The book also explores the origins of key ingredients, including quinine, lemons and elderflower, and the impact that different herbs have on taste.

This guide allows you to understand your favourite drink more fully, and use your knowledge to create the most delicious cocktails.

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Gin: Shake, Muddle, Stir

In GIN, Dan Jones introduces you to the best gin makers and some of the most exciting mixes that can be made with the spirit.

It feature all the staples like the Gin Fizz, Martini and Gimlet, as well as current favourites such as the Pink Lady, Negroni and Rhubarb Sparkler.

The book contains oer 60 drinks ranging from easy three-ingredient-recipes, to punches, apertifs, martinis and more. You’ll also discover syrup recipes to elevate your cocktail making skills to new levels.

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That’s my pick of Gifts for Gin Lovers – which one has caught your eye?