20 Gorgeous Gifts for Gardeners 2022

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a gardener, this selection of green-fingered gifts will help to give you inspiration!

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Gardening is a perennially popular hobby, but recently it has become more popular than ever. We’ve all been spending more time at home than usual over the last couple of years, and our back gardens, patios and balconies have become a haven for relaxation.

With allotments still in short supply, more people have started growing their own veg at home. It might be in a full vegetable patch or could be just a few herbs in pots. And 2022 looks like it could be another bumper gardening year.

So when you’re shopping for gifts this year, you may well be looking for something with a gardening theme. There are plenty of options to choose from, so this gift guide includes some of our favourite gifts for gardeners.

And if all else fails, an Amazon gift card, e-gift voucher or vouchers for their local garden centre are sure to be a popular choice!

Gardening Tools

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a beginner gardener or someone a bit more experienced, some high quality garden tools are bound to be appreciated.

Personalised copper gardening trowel and fork set

Gardeners have used copper tools for years as it is lightweight and helps to prevent infection in plants. So this set of copper-plated carbon steel tools is sure to be a popular choice.

The set includes a trowel and fork which both have solid ash handles that are curved so they’re comfortable to use. The trowel has centimetre and inch markings to make planting easy and the tools have leather hanging straps for easy storage.

Each tools can be personalised with up to 20 characters, making them an ideal gift for any gardener.

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Personalised copper garden secateurs on a wooden table top with cut flowers alongside

And these personalised copper secateurs are another thoughtful gardening gift.

They have copper plated carbon steel and ash handles that feel great in the hand when you’re pruning or tidying in the garden.

The handles can be personalised with a special message or just the name of the lucky recipient.

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A set of five slate plant markers with pictures of wellies and vegetables on them

These Welly Boot plant labels are made from natural slate so they will last for many years. They make a fun and thoughtful gift for someone who is a new gardener or to inspire someone to take up the hobby.

You can personalise them with a name up to 9 characters and can even add some seed packets to start them off.

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A brightly coloured children's gardening set including plants pots, tools, gloves and flower seeds

And this flower pot set is ideal for inspiring kids to get busy in the garden.

It includes tools, pots, gardening gloves and flower seeds so that they can grow some gorgeous colourful nasturtiums. There’s also a little notebook for them to keep track of their progress or sketch the results.

It’s a great gift that will help children to learn more about the plants and wildlife around them.

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Accessories for Gardeners

These accessories will make life easier for your gardening friend, by keeping their clothes clean and their hands protected!

Close up of a denim gardening apron personalised with the name Granny

This personalised gardening apron is ideal for a keen gardener. It’s made from a strong denim and has four pockets at the front to keep tools close at hand.

It’s available in two colours, and you can personalise the apron with a name in a variety of colour choices.

It would make a perfect personalised birthday gift for a keen gardener.

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Close up of a blue waxed cotton gardening apron with brown leather trim

Or you could choose this waxed cotton apron, which is incredibly practical as well as looking great.

The Scottish waxed cotton apron comes in a choice of colours and has an Italian leather trim and straps. It features deep pockets, long ties and adjustable neck straps and can be personalised with initials.

Available in two sizes, it’s an ideal gift for a keen gardener as well as cooks, crafters or artists.

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Personalised gardening gloves

These gorgeous gardening gloves are made from high quality leather. They are thick and tough enough to protect your hands from thorns and prickles, but soft and comfortable to wear.

And because you can personalise them with up to 14 letters, there’ll be no doubt whose gloves they are!

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A gift set containing gardener's hand care products

And this Gardener’s Hand Therapy gift set is a thoughtful gift to take good care of hard-working gardening hands .

Inside they’ll find a protective Barrier Cream, soothing Hand Wash, nourishing Hand Cream and a triple-milled luxury exfoliating soap. All of the products have a unisex fragrance making them an ideal gift for any gardener.

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Gifts for vegetable gardeners

While we’ve all been spending more time at home, growing your own fruit and vegetables has become much more popular.

So this next selection is perfect if you’re looking for gift ideas for gardeners who love to grow veggies.

A light wood garden seed box personalised with the words 'Granny's seed box

This gorgeous handmade seed box would be perfect for any keen veg gardener. It’s als perfect for anyone who loves growing flowers from seed.

It’s the ideal way to keep seeds organised, with four wooden dividers for Veg, Herbs and Flowers. There’s also a blank divider for the recipient to personalise themselves.

And you can personalise the box with a name on the front and a short message on the reverse.

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A traditional wooden garden trug

And this Lidney Sussex trug is perfect for collecting up the fruits of their labour. It’s handmade from birch plywood, and is perfect for harvesting fruit and vegetables or collecting in flowers from the garden.

Combine it with some of the tools featured above for a perfect gardening gift!

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An Indian Chef's Garden gift set including seeds and dried spices

Or how about something a little bit different for the keen vegetable gardener?

This kit has everything they’ll need to grow their own Indian Chef’s garden. It contains seeds for coriander and cumin plants, together with curry leaves, green cardamom pods and dried Kashmiri chillies. So they can get busy in the kitchen while they’re waiting for the seeds to grow.

The seeds and ingredients arrive in a beautiful gift box, together with recipes and full growing instructions.

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Gardening Books

Things tend to go quiet on the gardening front over winter, so a beautiful gardening book is a great gift idea for keen gardeners. They can get inspiration for the gardening year ahead, or just dream of what their garden will look like one day.

Monty Don is, of course, the lead presenter of BBC’s Gardener’s World. And in Down to Earth, he leads you month by month through the gardening jobs that he does throughout the year. He also shares his thoughts on nature, the changing seasons, colour and design and more.

It’s a beautiful book, full of pictures of Monty’s own garden at Longmeadow, and you can almost hear his relaxing voice as you read it. Actually, it’s also available as an audiobook narrated by Monty himself!

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Anyone who already owns this book will probably also enjoy Monty Don’s latest book, My Garden World.

Gardeners who prefer the radio will know James Wong from Gardener’s Question Time. He has also hosted a number of TV shows and writes gardening columns.

Grow for Flavour is perfect for anyone who has ever found the flavour of their home-grown produce disappointing. It has information on varieties to grow, tips and tricks to improve the quality of your harvest, and even a selection of recipes.

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Beth Chatto was one of the most influential British gardeners of the last 100 years. She wrote a number of important books such as The Dry Garden and The Gravel Garden. She was also the inspiration behind the `right plant, right place’ ethos that underpins modern gardening.

This biography was authorised by Beth some years before her death in 2018. It includes extracts from her diaries and notebooks together with photographs from her personal archives.

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‘Grow your own’ usually means fruit and veg, so you might not have thought of growing cut flowers at home. But it can be a very economical and rewarding use of your garden.

The Cut Flower Patch tells you the varieties and timings to fill your home with gorgeous floral displays all year. There’s also information on deadheading, feeding and pest control, plus guidance on creating a cutting patch in your garden or allotment.

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Garden Gifts for Nature Lovers

As well as being beautiful to look at and a place to relax in, a garden is also home to many varieties of local wildlife. So we’ve picked out some gifts for gardeners who wants to give nature a bit of a helping hand.

A winter bird food gift set

This gift set is perfect for bird-loving gardeners. It features a hanging suet bird feeder which you can refill with suet or fat balls, and is made entirely from recycled materials.

The set also contains an assortment of bird feed and flowering seeds for plants that particularly appeal to birds.

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Close up of a wooden bee hotel

And this cute handmade Mini Bee Hotel is an ideal gift for a nature-loving gardener!

It comes in a range of colours, and will attract non-aggressive solitary bees and insects like the mason bee.

You’ll be able to watch them as they build their nests in the hotel. Just hang it in a sheltered spot and the guests will soon start arriving.

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Sow & Co Save the Bees gift set including seeds, markers, coir disks

You could even combine the bee hotel with Eco Grow’s Save the Bees grow kit. Bees play a vital role in pollination, so gardeners are sure to want to attract them to their garden.

The kit contains 5 packets of wildflower seed mix together with the equipment they’ll need to grow beautiful wildflowers that bees will love.

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A brightly coloured children's ladybird gardening giftset including plants pots, tools, flower seeds and a ladybird hotel

And younger gardeners will love this Ladybird gardening set which includes everything they’ll need to grow wildlife friendly flowers. The set contains seeds, tools, planters and a notebook to record what they see.

There’s even a ladybird house to allow kids to get up close to these pretty little insects.

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Other Gardening Gifts

And if you’re still stuck for gift ideas for the gardener in your life, here are a couple more ideas.

A garden themed mug would make a lovely gift for a gardener. This Emma Bridgewater potting shed mug is perfect for anyone who loves to spend time pottering around in their shed.

It’s a 300m capacity mug and is made from earthenware so it’s dishwasher safe. This design is one of the Setting up Home series and there’s also a gorgeous greenhouse design.

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And finally, what could be better with a cup of tea than some delicious biscuits?

You could buy any of their favourite biscuits, of course, but these Gardener’s Biscuits from the Honeywell Biscuit Co are very pretty. They’re handmade, vanilla flavoured and arrive in a lovely gift box. Perfect when your garden-loving friend sits down to take a break from their hard work!

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Choose your favourite gardening gift from this selection and you’re sure to put a smile on any keen gardener’s face!