The Best Gifts for Book Lovers 2023

In this gift guide, you’ll find 25 fabulous ideas for gifts for book lovers. They’re perfect for the bookworm in your life!

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It’s easy to choose gifts for book lovers, right? You just need to buy them some new books! Well, yes, most bookworms will be happy to receive new reading material. But there are plenty of more imaginative options that you could go for.

Any bookworm would be happy to unwrap one of these gifts, but if you’re really struggling to choose, an Amazon Gift e-voucher or gift card will always go down well. There’s a wide range of card designs to choose from, and you can pick the amount that you want to put on the card.

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Or why not see if a local book shop sells gift vouchers or buy National Book Tokens, they can support their local book shop – prices range from £5 up to £250.

But whatever your budget, here are some fabulous festive gift ideas for the book lover in your life – click on the links to see more details of each gift.

Low Cost Gifts for Book Lovers

If you’re looking for a small gift, a stocking filler or perhaps a Secret Santa gift, this selection is for you. Most of these gift ideas cost less than £25, and some even come in at less than £10!

Why not pick up a Reading Journal to help your loved one keep track of their reading list? With plenty of choice online, you’re sure to find one to appeal to their tastes.

Moleskine products are always great quality, and this Moleskine Book Journal would make a lovely gift for a book lover.

This next gift is not strictly one for book readers, but for someone with a hankering to write one.

They say that everyone has a book in them. This gift is ideal if you’re buying for someone who wants to finally write their story down.

The Ready Set Novel journal will help them with the planning process, so that next year could be the year that they write their first novel.

And this scratch off poster is a fun gift for a keen reader, featuring 100 must-read books.

As they tick each one off their To Be Read list, they can scratch off the panel to reveal an image related to the story.

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Or why not buy them something a bit left-field, but still slightly book related like this cocktail kit.

It includes 15 literary-inspired cocktail recipes together with tips on how to mix the perfect drink. There’s also a stainless steel bartender’s jigger and 4 cocktail stirrers.

And the name of the gift set? ‘Tequila Mockingbird’…groan!

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This Book Lover mug would make a lovely gift for any reading aficionado. It’s just right for anyone who ‘would rather stay inside and read than go outside and play’

And you could also make up a gift set with some Hot Chocolate Bombes.

They simply have to pour hot milk over the bombe to melt the chocolate and release the marshmallows inside, creating a really luxurious mug of hot chocolate. Just right for when they’re snuggling up with their favourite read!

Home Gifts for Book Lovers

Remember reading under the covers by torchlight as a child? This next idea brings that right up to date!

This Clip on reading light has three different lighting modes – warm, cool and mixed, so you can find the best one to suit your environment.

The flicker-free light ensures that you won’t get eye strain while you’re reading late into the evening.

And you can either clip the light onto your book or onto nearby furniture like your night stand or headboard.

Or they may prefer this LED reading light that sits around their neck so the light is directed and doesn’t disturb anyone else in the room. It has three light colours and six brightness levels, and will last for 80+ hours off a single charge.

It’s ideal for knitting, crochet and crafting as well as reading a book or e-book in bed at night.

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But if you’re buying a gift for a bookworm who loves to read in the bath, this next gift is literally made for them.

It’s a luxurious bath caddy made from bamboo, which is perfect for holding your Kindle, book or phone, a candle, even a glass of wine!

And it’s extendable so it will fit over most baths, just right for a relaxing soak in the evening.

And this reading pillow means that they can move onto the sofa, bed or floor and continue reading in comfort.

It has a soft velour cover and is stuffed with shredded memory foam to allow them to find their ideal comfy reading position.

They can even open the pillow up to remove or add in stuffing to get it just right.

Combine it with this bamboo bed tray for the ideal relaxing gift for a book lover.

With the cushion behind their back, and the tray holding their novel, snacks and drink, they’ll be able to spend a duvet day lost in their book!

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Gifts Inspired by Favourite Books

Most book lovers can pick out their favourite book. So if you’re searching for a special present, why not use that as inspiration?

You might have to do some detective work, but they’ll be over the moon with an unusual binding or edition of their favourite book.

For example, if they love Jane Austen’s books, why not buy them this leather bound set of seven novels. It includes Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and of course Pride and Prejudice.

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You could pick out a poster featuring the cover artwork from one of their favourite books.

This poster features the cover design for the first edition of Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale.

You’ll find all sorts of other fab book-related posters to buy at The Literary Gift Company, and they can also be bought with a poster hanging kit.

Or how about a mug that features their favourite read?

There are plenty of mugs around inspired by both classic and modern books, like this V&A mug which features one of Tenniel’s famous illustrations from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Others in this range include the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit.

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Or you could get them something like this Art Deco style bag, inspired by the classic Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald.

Kindle and Kindle Accessories

Book lovers tend to have pretty strong opinions on whether they like e-readers or real books. And if your book lover is in favour of e-readers then a Kindle is a great idea for a gift.

Depending on budget, there are a few options that you can choose from.

You could go for the basic Kindle, which now has an adjustable front light for comfortable reading in any light.

The battery will last for weeks, depending on how much of a bookworm they are. And you can also buy certified refurbished Kindles on Amazon, which is a great way to save a little on the cost of a new gadget.

And if you’re buying a gift for an Amazon Prime member, they get free unlimited access to thousands of titles.

Or if budget allows, you could pick the bestselling Kindle Paperwhite.

It is available in black or white, and you can choose from 8GB or a generous 32GB.

And as well as the long lasting battery and built-in adjustable light, the Kindle Paperwhite can also be paired with Bluetooth headphones to allow them to listen to Audible books as well.

And if you buy someone a Kindle, or if they already own one, then a new Kindle cover like this one from MoKo is another good idea for a gift.

Kindle covers come in a wide range of colours and patterns, so it’s easy to pick one to suit your loved one’s taste.

But be sure to get the right one to fit the model of Kindle that they have, or keep the receipt if you’re not sure which one to get!

Other Book Related Gifts

Here are a few more ideas for gifts for book lovers, in case you’re still in need of more gift inspiration!

This lovely crescent moon bookmark lets them mark their place with style. It’s made from delicately etched brass and features finely detailed celestial stars alongside the text

It will make sure that they never lose their page!

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Or why not send them your love throughout the year with a book club.

The Beautiful Book Club will send a beautifully gift wrapped book through their letter box every month, together with a hand written gift card, book plate and book mark.

You can choose from various genres including Classic Fiction, Science Fiction and Romance. The subscription is available in 3 and 6 month options.

Or why not combine two loves with the Bookishly Coffee and Book Club subscription gift.

As you might have guessed, this monthly subscription delivers a vintage book and some delicious ground coffee. The coffee is medium ground so it’s ready to use in a French press and they’ll receive a different 75g bag every month.

And if you’re buying for someone who loves tea more than coffee, you can choose the Bookishly Tea and Book Club instead!

And our final suggestion is a useful gift that’s sure to raise a smile!

This ‘I Bloody Love Books’ canvas book bag is perfect for toting your books around or going shopping. It makes a lovely gift for book lovers or them to take to book club.

What could be a better gift for a book lover?

That’s my selection of Gifts for Book Lovers 2023. If you’re a book lover, what’s on your wish list?

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