Get ready now for Christmas 2023!

Yes, we know that Christmas has only just finished. But there’s no time like the present to start making plans for Christmas 2023!

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It might not seem that long since Christmas, and you’ve probably not long packed away the tinsel.

But planning is the key to any great event, and Christmas is no exception to the rule. So here are five simple things that you can do right now to help make next Christmas even better.

Start your Christmas planning notes

Making notes as you go through the year is the best way to get organised for Christmas.

Whenever you find a website for gift shopping, see a delicious recipe that you simply must try or find a great idea for a festive day out, add the details to your Christmas planner. Then when it’s time to really start the preparations, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

You might like to use a brand new notebook, start a spreadsheet with a tab for each section, or keep notes in an app on your phone. An A4 ring binder with plastic pockets is also great for keeping notes and lists handy, as well as saving those recipes you’ve clipped from your magazines.

The most important thing is to pick the method that works best for you!

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Take stock of last Christmas

You can always learn from experience, so whether last Christmas was your 1st or 21st time of hosting, now is the time to make a note of what worked and also what didn’t.

Because whatever you might think now, by the time next festive season rolls around, you won’t remember all the details!

So get a cuppa and a slice of something delicious, grab your laptop or a notepad and paper and jot down what worked for you. Maybe you tried a new stuffing recipe that everybody loved, or you tried a decadent dessert that you’d love to make for yourself next year.

But it’s also important to note what went wrong, because that’s how you avoid making the same mistakes next year. For example, did you leave it too late to post your cards? If so, make a note to check the postage dates next time.

Add all of these notes to your planning notebook and set a reminder on your phone to review them in September.

These notes will be a lifesaver when you start planning the next round of Christmas festivities.

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Check your decorations

By now your decorations should all be down, so it’s the perfect time to check if any of them need replacing.

Is your tree topper starting to look a little jaded? Or maybe you saw a great idea for decoration that you’d like to replicate at home next year.

Add the details to your notes so that you can look out for the perfect decorations next Christmas.

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Start saving money for Christmas 2023

The best way to make sure that you don’t overspend at Christmas is to start saving for it now. With household bills and the cost of living going every

Using a Christmas savings company might make it easier for you, or you could add a little to a supermarket savings card like the Asda Christmas card each time you do a grocery shop. Or you could just put some aside in a separate savings account or even a piggy bank!

The main thing is to start adding a little to your Christmas savings pot now. It will help you to know exactly what your budget it when you start planning seriously later on in the year, and will take the pressure off your Christmas preparations.

Plan ahead for Christmas travel

If your family are spread around the country, or even the world, then now is the time to start planning Christmas travel.

Decide now who will be hosting Christmas 2023 so that you can book trains, flights or hotels early and get the best possible pricing.

Plan some home made pressies

If you’d like to make your own home made gifts next Christmas, now is the time to start getting organised. You might already be a keen stitcher or knitter but if you’re a beginner, you may need a little practice first.

Whether you want to cross stitch Christmas cards, sew Christmas stockings or knit adorable baby sweaters, it’s not too early to start working on your crafts.

Gather your materials, choose your patterns and you can work on them at your leisure over the coming months.

Collect jars for home made goodies

Likewise, if you’d like to give some home made jams, chutneys or pickles, it’s a great idea to start collecting jars for them now.

This way, instead of using standard jars, you can present your goodies in jars that are a variety of shapes and sizes. Then you can just buy new lids to go on top.

It’ll cut the cost of your home made gifts and also make them look quirky and cute.

These simple steps will help you to plan the best Christmas possible in 2023. What are your top tips for Christmas planning?

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  1. Alex says:

    Good tips
    Our Christmas entails a lot of travel to be with our extended family each year. So a lot of financial planning and organising for us. We have to utilise various lists: International travel list, road trip list, expenses lists, etc

    • Sally Akins says:

      Thanks Alex – that’s a really good tip, I’ll definitely add that to the planning list!

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