Fitness Friday: 5 Ways to Drink more Water

Take a look at this week's Fitness Friday for hints on how to drink more waterTime for another Fitness Friday, my fortnightly look at all things health and fitness. This week I’m focussing on ways to make drinking water less boring!

Easy Exercise

So far I’m still managing to stick to my 2016 fitness goal, despite not having a specific fitness goal. One of the fab things about having a dog in the family is that I have absolutely no excuse not to exercise. Even when the weather is cold or rainy, Charlie gets me out in the fresh air two or three times every day.

This week I decided to work out how far we walk each day. I used Mapometer, which is a really useful online tool for tracking the length of your walk, run or bike ride. After mapping out the route which we usually take, I was quite surprised to find out that Charlie and I are walking around 1.5 miles every time we head out. So that’s between 3 and 4.5 miles per day – not a bad amount of exercise really!

Sport Relief

If you got a new Fitbit for Christmas, or if you’re already in the habit of keeping note of your activity using one of these trackers, then this might interest you. You can help raise money for Sport Relief by tracking your steps. Fitbit are aiming to raise a total of £500,000 for the charity, and you can get involved in two different ways.

If you already have a Fitbit then you can register to track your steps and they will donate £50,000 for every billion steps. Or if you don’t have one yet, you can buy a new Fitbit from their online store and they will donate £25 for each device sold.

5 Ways to Drink more Water

The Infruition bottle makes drinking water much more flavoursome!Most people know that it’s really important to make sure that you drink enough water each day. The list of benefits goes on and on: dehydration can lead to your skin looking dry and dull, it can affect your mental sharpness, and reduces physical performance. It can even affect your weight, as the first stages of dehydration are often confused with hunger.

But let’s face it, drinking the recommended 2 litres+ of water each day can feel like a bit of a boring task. So I’ve come up with a few ways that you can make sure you are getting enough fluid.

1 – Mix it Up
Remember that you don’t just need to drink plain water. Other drinks such as tea, coffee and even soft drinks do count although you need to bear in mind the diuretic effect of caffeine and the amount of sugar in some drinks. So feel free to count your morning cuppa, or add a splash of fruit juice to your glass of water. But no, that glass of Pinot Grigio doesn’t count…

2 – Filter it
If you don’t like the taste of your local tap water, you don’t need to resort to expensive bottled water. You can use a filter jug to remove limescale, chlorine and metals from your tap water. Or alternatively use a filter bottle like the Bobble bottle* – it’s BPA free, and filters the water as you drink. Mine was a gift from Upbeat Drinks, and it’s the perfect bottle for taking to the gym with me.
(*- affiliate link)

3 – There’s an App for that
Yep, there are even apps to remind you to drink more water. When I had an iPhone, I used to use Waterlogged to keep track of how much I was drinking each day. I got out of the habit when I switched over to Android, but now I’ve downloaded a few different apps to try out. So far my favourite Android app is Aqualert, but I’m going to keep testing a few of them and I’ll let you know how I get on.

4 – Go Hi-Tech
I first came across this gadget a few years ago when Lyle was starting to take tennis pretty seriously. Hydracoach* is a nifty water bottle which actually keeps track of how much you are drinking. It’s really useful if you’re doing a long session in the gym and keep on refilling your bottle from the fountain. And yes, it’s BPA free as well.

5 – Add some Flavour
The latest water bottle that I’ve tried out is the Infruition bottle*, which allows you to infuse your water with fruit flavour. Yes, you could just chop up some fruit and pop it in a normal sports bottle, but then it gets in the way and clogs up the drinking spout. The Infruition bottle is BPA free, it comes in a range of bright colours, and I’m really enjoying using it so far.

Over the next four weeks, I’m going to be challenging myself to try and increase my water intake. I’ll be using the Infruition and Bobble bottles to make the water more inviting, and I’ll be trying out a range of apps to keep track of my water intake.

Check back on 26th February  to find out how I’ve got on, and come back in two weeks time for the next Fitness Friday. I’ll be looking at some citrussy essentials to throw in your gym bag.

This week's Fitness Friday includes info about Sport Relief and tips on how to make drinking water more interesting


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