How to Create a Garden Getaway this Spring

Now that the weather is getting warmer, these tips will help you turn your garden into a relaxing private getaway

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A woman planting a pink rose bush into a summer garden

As we turn the corner into spring and move out of lockdown, many of us are looking forward to the feeling of freedom. And while travel is still likely to be limited to the UK in the near future, our gardens will still play an important part in leisure time in 2021. 

There’s no substitute for travel, but with a few tweaks you can easily renew your gardens and make it feel like a more exciting place to visit.

Adding a garden design that brings together plants, materials and garden features to build a cohesive theme can help to create a feeling of being somewhere else altogether. 

So here are a few simple tips to help you create a garden getaway while you’re still at home:

Choose your Design

The design of your garden can really make a big difference to the way it feels.

A small Japanese style garden with a gravel pool, large boulders and a Buddha statue

Many people in the UK have a small garden, which makes design especially important as it can really help to make your outdoor space seem bigger. There are plenty of tricks you can use, from winding pathways and mirrors to vertical gardening and compact garden furniture.

There are plenty of different styles to tempt you, ranging from Mediterranean to Japanese. You might like to recreate a traditional country cottage garden or maybe go for a tropical or desert style garden.

Do remember to take into account the direction that your garden faces and the type of soil that you have, as well as your own personal taste. 

Working out the landscaping and planting that your chosen design needs does take a bit of research, but it’ll be worth it. 

If there’s a lot of work to do in your garden, you may need to call in some professional help. It’s useful to use a local business and to choose a gardener who has the right knowledge, experience and qualifications.

So, when I’m searching for gardeners near me, I always make sure to check out their credentials and read through the reviews before I hire someone.

Select your plants

The plants that you select will have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere and feeling in your garden.

If you want to create the feeling of being somewhere tropical, pick out palms that can survive our temperamental weather. Add in some easy maintenance grasses and a few unusual looking flowers and you’ll be well on your way to a garden getaway. 

If you’re after a more Mediterranean feel, pots of herbs such as lavender and rosemary would work well, along with a few large specimen olive and fig trees in terracotta pots.

And for a cottage style garden, some traditional flowering perennials and beautiful English roses will look the part.

Although you’re trying to plant to conjure up a particular style and mood, you’ll need to make sure your plants can thrive in your space. A sunny, south-facing garden won’t be suitable for plants like hostas and heucheras which need shady conditions.

However, with such a wide array of plants and flowers available, you’re sure to be able to find a design and plants that work with your conditions.

Picking the right materials

The materials you use will also affect the look and feel of your garden, whether you go for natural materials like wood and stone, or more urban style metal and brick.

A collection of terracotta pots with colourful flowers in them in a Mediterranean style patio garden

For a hint of the Mediterranean, think of terracotta pots and brightly patterned tiles. A Japanese style garden design will make use of natural bamboo and pools of gravel with stepping stones through them.

Or if you want to create a country cottage style garden, you will probably want to go for wooden picket fencing and a rustic brick pathway. 

Painting walls or fences in complementary colours will help as well. You might like to paint that picket fence white or pale green for a country garden, or paint the fence at the bottom of your garden a dark grey or black for a Japanese garden.

A Mediterranean design will look good with vivid colours to bring back memories of the hot summer sun!

Add some extra features

Adding garden features is another good way to make your outside space feel like a luxury retreat. Sculptures, water features, ornaments and structures can all help to tie your design together.

Cottage garden with wooden bench and flowers planted in the borders and containers.

A relaxing water feature will work well with a Japanese style garden, or you could add a little pond to your English country garden.

Greek style urns for your plants will look great in a Mediterranean style courtyard, and using mirrors can help to make your garden look bigger as well as adding intrigue.

And it’s a good idea to add seating to your garden, to make it a relaxing retreat from the world outside. Choose a chic little bistro set for your Mediterranean garden, or a rustic wooden bench for your country garden.

Whatever style you’ve chosen for your garden getaway, your features should fit in with your planting and the rest of the materials you’ve used.

And as the days lengthen and the weather starts to improve, your garden will become a precious space for relaxing and switching off from the world.

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