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With Christmas just a few weeks away, you could make December a month to remember if you win this fabulous beauty countdown calendar from No7. Keep it to pamper yourself, or give to someone else as a luxurious special treat – the choice is yours!

I absolutely love Christmas and usually post a lot of festive content in the weeks running up to Christmas. But I’ve decided that I love it so much, I’m going to start a whole separate site dedicated to it!

So this year you’ll find all of my gift guides, recipes and other festive content over at The Christmas Guide. I’m very excited about seeing how it develops and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. And I’m going to get the festive ball rolling with this gorgeous giveaway that you can find both here and over on The Christmas Guide.

The No7 beauty calendar is like an Advent calendar, but has beauty products instead of chocolate behind the doors. It’s a perfect seasonal pampering treat!

Can’t wait to see if you’re a winner?
Click here to buy the No7 Beauty Calendar

What’s in the Calendar?

It’s a long list – are you ready for this? Close your eyes now if you don’t want to spoil the surprise…

The No7 Beauty Calendar contains:

No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil in Black
No7 Intense Volume Mascara in Black 7 ml
No7 Precision Lips Pencil in Nude 0.31 g
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream SPF 15 +5* UVA 25 ml
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum 5 ml
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream 5 ml
No7 Radiance+ Illuminating Hydrogel Eye Mask 3 g
No7 Gel Finish Nail Colour Rose Gold 10 ml
No7 Biodegradable Makeup Removing Wipes 15 Wipes
No7 Laboratories LINE CORRECTING Booster Serum 3 ml
No7 Beautiful Skin Completely Quenched Body Milk 50 ml
No7 Stay Perfect TM Eye Shadow Primer 10 ml
No7 Instant Results Nourishing Hydration Mask Dry/Very Dry 100 ml
No7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care 10 ml
No7 Radiance+ Daily Energising Exfoliating Cleanser 50 ml
No7 Lip & Cheek Tint Dusk Pink 10 ml
No7 Powder Blusher Damson Mist 3 g
No7 HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel Oil Free 25 ml
No7 HydraLuminous Overnight Recovery Gel Cream 25 ml
No7 Radiant Results Nourishing Melting Gel Cleanser 50 ml
No7 Early Defence GLOW ACTIVATING Serum 30 ml
No7 Lash and Brow Perfector 7 ml
No7 Beautiful Skin Blissful Body Wash 50 ml
No7 Flawless Finish Blending Sponge
No7 Stay Perfect Concealer Voucher

It’s a fantastic way to pamper yourself throughout the month of December!

And I’ve got one of these fabulous calendars to give away to a lucky reader!

For your chance to win this fabulous prize, you just need to log into the Rafflecopter below and answer the really easy question. There are also some bonus social media entries you can use to boost your chances of being the lucky winner and you can enter here and over at The Christmas Guide.

The giveaway will close at 11.59PM on Friday, 12th November 2021 and is open to UK entrants aged 18+ only. The winner will be notified on Monday 15th November 2021, and will need to supply address details by 5.30pm on Friday 19th November 2021 to be sure of receiving the prize before 1st December 2021.

So to be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, you simply need to answer the following question:

What is your favourite thing about December?

Good luck!

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504 thoughts on “Closed: Win a Christmas Countdown Calendar

  1. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I love the build up to Christmas in December, I enjoy baking with my family, putting up the decorations, wrapping presents and watching movies.

  2. Hilda Wright says:

    I really enjoy our Christmas cooking. We usually do a batch cook of pasta on Christmas Eve afternoon. The room is smothered in fairy lights and we have a great playlist and it’s just good fun. We then have a huge batch of our favourite spicy pasta to eat over Christmas. No turkey for us!

  3. lucy higgins says:

    I love December, I love all the Christmas things like making mince pies, putting the trimmings up and decorating the tree

    • Jo B says:

      I love the build up to Christmas. The dark evenings lit by candles and fairy lights. The tree and decorations making everything look festive ready to spend time with family.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I personally love snuggling up in front of a blazing fire with my loved ones (two and four legged ones) after a crisp frosty walk

    • Jannette Roden says:

      I love the build up to Christmas Putting our Christmas lights up outside the house on the 1st of Dec ,Christmas films cosy nights and Christmas Dinner with loved ones

  5. kelleea says:

    Christmas! I still get as excited about it today as I did as a child. Spending time with family; the Christmas tree, sparkly decorations and twinkly lights; delicious food and drink; cosy nights in; Christmas specials of my favourite programmes; Christmas films; presents; time off work; parties – just magical.

  6. Christine Lockley says:

    I love the run up to Christmas – the writing lists, letters to Santa, the lights, the music and the visit from the Big Man

  7. Marie Rungapadiachy says:

    I love that in December we can really get into the festive spirit and my kids all get so excited that Christmas is coming.

  8. Sarah Bailey says:

    Honestly I struggle with December and Christmas but I do love getting to see family and friends I try and make that my love and happiness of the month.


    The Strictly final! No, seriously it is the family which keeps growing! coming round and relaxing and we get a chance to spoil them on their well earned day off xx

  10. ruth robinson says:

    its got to be xmas and all the excitement leading up to it thank u beautiful gift id be thrilled to win as i love no7 products

  11. Maria Fernandez says:

    I love when it’s coming up to Christmas. I’m still a big kid at heart and just love everything about that time of year

  12. Debbie Skerten says:

    Christmas. I love all things festive, starting with the preparations, the celebrations and of course Christmas Day.

  13. Marylyn Hammersley says:

    The excitement and joy of the children with school plays, visits to Santa Claus, pantos and Christmas morning, just perfect!

  14. Michelle B says:

    We have a tradition with lighting the advent candle each night and spending the time it takes to burn to cosy up together to focus on family time it began when our son was young we used snuggle up and read together

  15. Jane Henshaw says:

    I can finally get out the wooly jumpers, the cozy blankets and sit huddled by the fire drinking hot chocolate and binge watching Christmas films!

  16. Michelle C says:

    I jut like the generalfeeling around Christmas time, cold weather,hot chocolate, dark evenings looking at christmas lights <3

  17. melanie stirling says:

    I don’t like december very much since I lost my dad just before christmas but I do like to see the christmas lights.

  18. Jean Vaughan says:

    December is my ‘exciting time’ when I make my list (which is very, very long) and go off searching out small businesses, farm shops and hidden boutiques to find those very special gifts that I so enjoy wrapping and handing over to everyone special in my life.

  19. Lucy Ignatiadis says:

    The thing I love about December is the excitement, everyone has this element of excitement about the upcoming holidays, there is also an excitement for the new year and new beginnings. When everyone believes they can change their lives.

  20. Tamalyn roberts says:

    I love Xmas dinners out with friends. I love a good roast but Xmas Dinner us my favourite so I book as many out as I can haha

  21. Sally Collingwood says:

    I love December because I really look forward to Christmas. When I was a kid, I thought Christmas was for other people because we didn’t have one, so now I am an adult I go all out.

  22. Carolyn Corrin says:

    I love the icy nip in the air, darker nights and snuggling up on the sofa with a rug and hot chocolate, I also love all the Christmas decorations

  23. Denise Coy says:

    Firstly it’s my birthday month and second Christmas Day. The one time we can get all the family together for some good food and laughter. This year will be even better as our granddaughter is just starting to believe in Santa Claus and is excited about getting some presents – can’t wait.

  24. Tracey Bailey says:

    I love buying and putting up my decorations, the tackier the better lol.
    I love doing the tree and cosy afternoons with hotchocolate and a blanket and Christmas movies

  25. Karen Mitchell says:

    My favorite thing about December is the Christmas Decorations. Everything looks so beautiful. I love the street lights and decorations in town, plus the lights on people’s houses. My ornaments and Christmas house decorations are like old friends I haven’t seen in a while, so I get excited to spend time with them again.

  26. Angela Kelly says:

    Well, it’s my birthday in December…But what I really like is putting the tree up and having the lights on on the dark evenings.

  27. Morag Downie says:

    I love December, seeing all the bright Christmas lights in all the windows, and if it’s snowing outside it’s more magical

  28. Sam says:

    I love everything about Christmas, it’s so warming and magical. The Best things are having all the family together, spending quality time and making memories

  29. TRACY MANNING says:

    My favourite thing about December is singing along to all the Christmas songs whilst I am working ( I work in a big Super Market) and seeing all the Christmas trimmings up, I love seeing all the children getting excited because they know Father Christmas is coming. It’s the best month of the year.

  30. Rebekah L says:

    I like the colder weather – I don’t do well in heat so when it gets colder and I can have a fluffy blanket around me and a cuppa, I’m at my happiest

  31. Nicola Maycock says:

    i love the crisp mornings, the dark nights, putting the tree up on dec 1st, xmas movies, snuggling under the blankets with the kids, and all the warm comfort food like soups and stews, i love jumpers and hats and all things cosy, most of all i love xmas :)

  32. Rachel Smith says:

    I love the Christmas build up, the shopping trips, get togethers with friends and family, festive events and generally snuggling up in front of the fire watching festive movies!

  33. Jen Rogers says:

    Being in the woods in memory of our Forester husband and dad who passed away last year – collecting the chestnuts for our chestnut stuffing for Christmas which he did for over 50 yrs

  34. Katrina Adams says:

    I love the build-up to Christmas. The excuse to overindulge, curl up with a good book by the fire, drink hot chocolate. Couldn’t think of anything better.

  35. olivia Kirby says:

    I just love Christmas, not so much the build up as I get a bit stressed and anxious, but once II’m fully organised I really enjoy the time with my extended family.

  36. Jacqueline Cook says:

    I love Christmas Day Eve…it’s the time when everything’s pretty much done, everyone’s fed and I can chill with a gin & tonic, the heating on & a box of chocolates

  37. Lauren Ingham says:

    I love the build up to Christmas more than the day itself, as I’ll be working on the ambulances this year. I’ll be planning some fun things on other days in december, and I love documenting the memories in my scrapbooks :)

  38. Harriet Thacker says:

    I love the build up to Christmas, putting up the decorations, planning Christmas day and all the food – my husband’s birthday is also in December so it’s double celebrations. Mostly though I love getting together with all the family.

  39. esme dodsworth says:

    December is a wonderful month, I love the hunt for presents, finding that perfect gift for friends and family. love gift giving, just love seeing family happy

  40. Jo Elis says:

    The weather! I love crisp chilly mornings, the sun low in the sky, frost glistening on the few remaining leaves. Walking home at dusk as fairy lights slowly start to appear in windows.

  41. Delia Pemberton says:

    Sitting by the fire listening to the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge on the radio.

  42. Abby P says:

    I love the decimorations and build up. We have a family of nice elves come to live with us and it’s so exciting for our young family

  43. Christina Curtis says:

    I have so many favourites but binge watching Christmas movies cosy in a Blanket with the candles lit has to be one of my most favourite bits – Of course with the usual spending time with my amazing family.

  44. Emma says:

    The build up to Christmas and all the lovely Christmas activities with my children – seeing the Christmas lights, decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies!

  45. Louise Emerson says:

    The atmosphere of the build up to Christmas; as well as all the lights going up. And all the Christmas sandwiches!!

  46. Margot Adams says:

    I like everything about Christmas !! Family, the tree, the food, and yes, the prezzies. I would love to win the No7 Advent Calander. It would be like Christmas for an extra 24 days….. opening a door and receiving a prezzie every day. !

  47. TRUDEE HARTLEY says:

    I really enjoy the build up to Christmas, the excitement in the air, Christmas shopping, Christmas Music, Christmas parties, tree decorating and opening our advents every day. Its the most magical time of year xx

  48. Deirdre M says:

    I love the whole build-up to Christmas that happens during December. The tree going up at the start of the month & decorating it and the house with my girls. Having a mulled wine to warm up after a cold walk home after work! Twinkly lights around the streets and house and the general feeling of goodwill that builds throughout the month making people that bit friendlier! I love everything about December. If it snows?? wow, cherry on top!

  49. jacqui says:

    i love being able to snuggle in front of the fire with the family, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and watching christmas movies

  50. DIANE JACKSON says:

    The best thing about December is the time when you can sit back and relax because all the shopping, cleaning and decorating is finally done. Roll on Christmas!

  51. Sarah Tunstall says:

    It’s got to be the build up of the big day. The pure excitement from the kids counting down to the 25th, picking gifts and wrapping in front of the fire with Christmas music, organising yummy Christmas food and being with the people you love the most

  52. Bethany Irons says:

    I festive spirit. Everyone just seems merrier. The build up to Christmas and the excitement on people’s faces. Plus the dmfact you can eat whatever you like and no-one can judge you for it cause they are all doing the same!

  53. Katie Harmer says:

    My favourite thing about December is the build up to Christmas with all the festive films, the lights and the decorations everywhere.

  54. hayley berry says:

    Christmas is one of my fave things in Dec but I also have 2 of my childrens birthdays so its a month full of celebrations

  55. Sarah Heath says:

    Christmas Day, we just chill out as a family and relax, no pressure over dinner, all done in our own time. A perfect day.

  56. Susan Willshee says:

    My favourite thing about December is that our gorgeous Daisy has a birthday just a few days before Christmas and we always make such a fuss of her because it’s easy for people with birthdays around Christmas to miss out a little.

  57. Rachel King says:

    I love December, and the build up to Christmas – going to the panto, listening to Christmas songs, baking mince pies

  58. Sarah R. says:

    I love December, and the excitement & anticipation of Christmas! Earlier and longer nights, getting cosy at home, the wonderful experience of getting the decorations out and making the home look like Christmas! Festive feelings all around, with shops and towns lit up, festive music and carols playing. Choosing gifts for family and friends, meeting pals for Christmas get togethers, waiting for the kids to go to bed to put on a Christmas film, a glass of hot mulled wine and wrap presents galore! Traditional trip to the pub for family drinks on Christmas eve, home early to get ready for the day itself with Father Christmas duties, bed early and then the wonder of family, friends, food and festivities on Christmas Day. LOVE DECEMBER (did I say that already?!) :-)

  59. Alison MacDonald says:

    I love seeing all the twinkly lights when you go out and about on dark wintry evenings and I love the feeling of excitement everywhere and the friendly gatherings for various things.

  60. Karen R says:

    I love getting ready for Christmas, the Christmas shopping, buying and decorating the tree, the Christmas parties, then breaking up for Christmas, and having the family all together, playing games, watching tv and Christmas films, and then the big day itself xx

  61. Jocelynne Harrison says:

    I love the winter walks with the dogs. Followed by snuggling up in front of the fire with my family watching Christmas movies.

  62. Keri says:

    I love the whole build up of it all. From opening the 1st door of the advent calendar, to making family Christmas cards and having cosy evenings watching festive movies. The best time of the year

  63. Helen S says:

    A myriad of things – making gifts (usually something sweet) with the grandchildren for their mummies and daddies, which usually ends up in me being covered in flour snowman-like (but they’re only young for so little time), helping them make and build the gingerbread house,, wrapping the presents and the walks in the snow (unfortunately we rarely get snow before Christmas but I can but hope).

  64. Christine Hobbs says:

    It was dads birthday in December he would have been 91! unfortunately he died in July this year but I will still be celebrating his day on 28th December. He was always a big kid on his birthday and loved me buying his annual bottle of Chanel Bleu which was his favourite. The man had posh taste and I loved him so much. To me he was my December Diamond no other man will sparkle the same x

  65. Naomi Allen says:

    When I think of December I think of Christmas and family and the warm fuzzy feeling I get but for me my absolute favourite thing is the cold crisp mornings, I love to wrap up warm and walk at these times, I love the frost glittering across the grass, the sight of my breath hitting the cool air, its a peaceful time before the world arises.

    • Corinne Wright says:

      I absolutely love December! The build up to Christmas is just everything! Decorating the house, school fairs and nativities, Christmas markets and shopping, watching Christmas films under chunky throws and hot chocolates with my family. These so much to enjoy in December

  66. Rebecca Townsend says:

    I love December as it is mine and my sibling birthdays as well as Christmas, so it really is the month of parties, laughter & lots of love!

  67. Dragonfly63 says:

    Making every day of Advent special, and forming memories for future Christmas’s by creating emerging annual traditions and crafts for my small granddaughters. It’s a magical time.

  68. Chris Constable says:

    Christmas Day – an early morning swim with friends, then church followed by family time. Finally falling asleep after a lovely meal and feeling content.

  69. Nicole Scott says:

    My favourite thing about December is finally being able to put the Christmas decorations up! And I’m finally allowed to start playing Christmas music around the house haha

  70. Brenda Davies says:

    Seeing the children believing the magic of Christmas and this year we have 2 new granddaughters and a new great grandson to join us

  71. Danielle Spencer says:

    I love December because you can get cosy under a blanket, sitting in the dark watching a film with the flicker of the candles. I also love the quality family time we have around Christmas.

  72. nicky Benton says:

    With my birthday, my son’s birthday and then Christmas in December my favourite thing is Boxing day when I can finally relax

  73. Averil Lea says:

    I love December because there’s the build up to Christmas and all the preparation of festive food.Lots of shopping amongst the twinkling lights and finally…if we’re lucky…the snow!!

  74. Jo Jones says:

    December brings the magic of school performances, nativities, carol services, and the sheer enjoyment on little faces as they participate

  75. Lucy Jones says:

    My favourite thing about December is some much needed time off work for starters! I love spending that time with my partner and family, wrapping up warm in Christmas jumpers and just laughing together.

  76. Dotty says:

    Just spending time with the Family, that’s what makes Christmas Special not how many presents you get or how much you spend , Family time is So Special , make the most of it when you can !

  77. sherri Hough says:

    December for me means it’s time to get the Christmas tree and decorations down from the loft. Drinking the festive drinks in the coffee shops ( won’t mention names) baking,baking and more baking. Listening to Christmas music and picking up bits and bobs from shops…. oh yes I need that festive smelling air freshener lol

  78. Debbie Bradley says:

    I love Christmas as its family time :) I love the feeling of seeing so many of my family, sadly it is the 1st Christmas without my Dad…….I really miss him :(

  79. Sarah Hearnden says:

    I love the build up to Christmas with all the excitement around. Especially looking forward to this year as spending with my daughter & her partner in their new home as couldn’t get down to see them last year because of covid ♥

  80. debra applegate says:

    I love seeing all the Xmas lights and this year I’m looking forward to the All Creatures Great and Small Xmas special on TV, it’s such a feel good programme after the last couple of years we’ve all been through

  81. Jacqueline Simmons says:

    I love New Year’s eve, spending time with family and looking forward to the anticipation of what lies ahead in a fresh new year.

  82. Jess McGuire says:

    I love the build up to Christmas! Whilst some find it stressful I enjoy shopping for presents, planning the Christmas dinner and putting up the decorations. It feels great to see it all come together

  83. Hazel Christopher says:

    December for me is a time to reflect on the events of the year and time to plan for changes for the new year. That’s what I love most about December, the taking stock and reflecting of things that have been and the anticipation of an exciting new year about to start.

  84. Kelly Brett says:

    I love all the wintery nights out, warming on fire pits, mulled wine, hot chocolates and spending loads of quality time with the family

  85. fiona d says:

    Sounds odd but enjoy a few days without receiving post or deliveries of any kind, uninterrupted family life, enjoying each other’s company, good food, singing, joking and watching tele without any one at the door ….fab!

  86. Samantha Buntain says:

    My birthday which is on Christmas Day and the fact I get to spend it with my kids and the rest of my family because it’s Christmas

  87. Sammy Fairman says:

    I love Christmas Eve. We go and collect our turkey from a local farm and come back and the kids open their Christmas Eve boxes and we sit and watch a Christmas film.

  88. Jodi hill says:

    Decorating the house, finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones, visiting Santa, visiting small markets, baking with the kids, Christmas crafts with yue kids… the list is endless

  89. Patricia Avery says:

    So many things to love about December but one of my favourite things is the scent that fills the house and lingers after I’ve been baking Christmas treats. All those spices! No need for candles etc when I have been busy.

  90. Debi Gillard says:

    I love the build up for the day itself, love buying pressies and seeing peoples faces when they open them. Love family time.

  91. Juliet Couch says:

    Oh everything! The lights, the music, the smells, the building excitement, buying and giving gifts and the way everyone just seems more joyful and kind. 18 days to go!!!

  92. Catherine Gregory says:

    I love seeing the magic on my little boys face. This year he’s old enough to get excited about the magic of it all

  93. Sarah Robertson says:

    I love the smell of Christmas. Pine and cinnamon everywhere. I love spending time off work my family and friends, plus I also like being able to dress up a bit more sparkly and eat a lot more indulgent food :)

  94. DAWN HULL says:

    My favourite thing is having a long break away from work. It means that I have time to relax over Christmas and see my family.

  95. Catherine B says:

    Christmas lights in peoples gardens. It’s also my birthday month, but have always felt it would be better to have a birthday in the Summer!

  96. PhillW says:

    My wife would love this bundle. I love preparing for Christmas, decorating the tree, getting everything ready for a perfect and relaxing day.

  97. Sim says:

    All the Christmas food and I mean all of it… I could eat it all. Fortunately the majority of Christmas food is only available in December. The food and spending quality time with friends and family as everyone gets a break at the same time.

  98. Samantha B says:

    I love all the build up to Christmas and then Christmas week itself. So much to look forward to and (mostly) everyone is in a good mood and nicer to other people!

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