Nine of the Best Places for Brunch in Birmingham

Visiting Birmingham and looking for somewhere to relax over a leisurely breakfast or brunch? Who better to ask than some of Birmingham's finest bloggers!

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I love a long, leisurely brunch at the weekend. It makes such a fabulous contrast to the hectic weekday mornings.

So when I visit a city for a few days, I try to make time for at least one long relaxed breakfast or brunch. They seem to get this very right on the continent, but we’re doing pretty well at it in the UK these days.

Birmingham is my ‘home’ city, and I often go there for a day of shopping or just looking around the city centre. Brunch is always a part of this kind of relaxing day, and I have my own favourite places to go. But I haven’t tried every restaurant yet, so I turned to some Brummie bloggers for their recommendations.

So if you’re spending a weekend in Birmingham, here are nine of the best places to have brunch in Birmingham.


A Mezze brunch at Damascena in Birmingham
© Nutella Tasha

Natasha – Nutella Tasha

I would highly advise that anyone visiting Birmingham should visit Damascena for a relaxed breakfast/brunch. It’s located within a 15 minutes walk of the Bullring and brings a Middle Eastern feast to Birmingham City Centre.

They have a number of options that suit a variety of appetites and have options that would suit anyone from a meat-eater to someone with dietary requirements. I love their vegan options, especially the Hot Breakfast Meze and Mixed Meze. Plus their hot drinks are tasty too, I like their mint tea.

The best thing about this eatery is that it’s unique and that their price points are pretty damn reasonable. I mean, the Hot Breakfast Meze (shown above) was only £7.95 and filled me right up! The best choice for someone wanting a unique breakfast/brunch option!

Gas Street Social

Erica O’Brien – Buffalo Brummie

Gas Street Social is one of my favourite spots for a weekend brunch in Birmingham. It’s located in the Mailbox, and is only a 10 minute walk from Birmingham New Street and the centre of town.

The restaurant is easy on the eyes with its charming rustic interior. There is a patio out front overlooking the canals – perfect for those rare sunny days.

If you are like me and prefer a bit more variety than a full English, Gas Street Social has got you covered. There’s American pancakes with bacon, avocado and eggs on toast, and my personal favourite – Eggs Benedict. If none of that excites, then how about 2 hours of bottomless bellinis and mimosas! Certain menu items unlock this option for an extra £18.

It’s the way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon in Brum.

Boston Tea Party

Poached Eggs and Avocado on Rye at Boston Tea Party
© Inside Melly’s Mind

Melissa – Inside Melly’s Mind

I had been to Boston Tea Party in Worcester and Harborne, but wasn’t aware that they had a location in the city centre, on Corporation Street. On a whim, my best friend and I decided to go there for a breakfast date.

The restaurant has a laid-back, industrial feel to its decor and the staff are fantastic. As it’s not smack bang in the city centre (it’s a short walk), it’s quiet enough to escape, maybe to do a little work or to have a catch-up.

When I go out for breakfast, I usually go for Eggs Benedict but decided to go for a slightly lighter option this time. There’s a ‘Lighter Options’ section of the menu. I went for the Smashed Avocado on Organic Pumpernickel Rye with poached eggs. I usually go for a hot drink but the barista convinced me to try an iced mocha. It was SO chocolatey and although it contained avocado, you couldn’t taste it – I loved it!

They have good selection of vegan options and my drink was soy, so it’s great for everyone.

My entire meal came to just under £10 and the service was exceptional. Will I be going back? Absolutely.

The Edwardian Tearooms, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Bethan – Bethan in Brum

My favourite place to head to for both breakfast and brunch in Birmingham, and believe me I have managed to eat my way across the city, is by far the Edwardian Tearooms.

The Edwardian Tearooms in Birmingham
© Bethan in Brum

The Tearooms are a beautifully renovated venue within the wonderful Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. It is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious breakfast and brunch whilst also having the opportunity to learn all about the city’s heritage and explore the museum.

On recent visits I have enjoyed Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs and Toasted Brioche, which was a lovely light choice, and Porridge with Honey. Other options on their menu include Free Range Omelettes and a range of Vegetarian options.

You can explore the museum itself before or after your visit to the tearooms, making it more of an experience than just a bite to eat. With big, cosy chairs and warm colours, the tearoom is incredibly welcoming. If you get the chance to visit, don’t miss out on experiencing something totally different.

Can Eat, Stirchley

Chorizo Gravy and Biscuits at Can Eat in Stirchley
© Emma Victoria Stokes

Emma – Emma Victoria Stokes

If you have chance, why not venture a little further out of the city centre? It’s so wonderful to see independent coffee shops and bakeries pop up around the area. When Can Eat cafe opened in Stirchley, it was a breath of fresh air.

It has a great coffee shop vibe and the breakfast and lunch menu is small, versatile and is likely to change on a weekly basis. They like to welcome families and people of all ages.

Yorks Cafe

Laura Creaven – Full to the Brum

Where can you legitimately get fried chicken for breakfast and not get pitying looks from people who assume you’re severely hungover? Yorks Cafe on Stephenson Street, that’s where.

On a mission to find something indulgent for breakfast, and still get to work on time, I discovered Yorks serve fried chicken, bacon, sweet waffles and syrup for breakfast. Sure, it’s not going to win any #fitspo awards anytime soon, but it’s delicious.

There are more standard options on offer too, think bacon sandwiches, eggs benedict and porridge. But if you’re not in the mood for fried chicken then my second recommendation would be Shakshuka, which is proper comfort food your Mom probably never made you.

Cherry Red’s

Brunch at Cherry Red's in Birmingham
© Can’t Cook, Want to Cook

Charlotte – Can’t Cook, Want to Cook

My favourite place for brunch in Birmingham is without a doubt Cherry Red’s. In fact I have travelled from Leicester just for their pancakes before!

They have something for everyone, vegetarians and vegans included. When I go with my husband, we tend to go for a breakfast each and then have a side order of pancakes to share!

It’s only a stone’s throw from New Street Station and perfectly sets you up for a day of exploring the city. It’s also handy when we come to Brum for a weekend as we stay in the Easy Hotel opposite

Natural Healthy Foods

Natural Healthy Foods - an ideal venue for brunch in Birmingham
© Aloha and Coffee

Zoe – Aloha and Coffee

I’ve visited Natural Healthy Foods a few times, mainly to shop for their delicious food in their supermarket. But when I found out they were launching a brunch menu I got myself there as fast as I could ready to feast on the vegan delights.

I’m not vegan myself but do try to incorporate as many plants as possible into my diet.  The menu was plentiful, from smoothie bowls and avocado on toast to a build your own brunch (of course I opted for this!).

My plate was loaded with avocado bacon, scrambled tofu, mixed greens, hash browns and gluten free toast. I went for a beetroot latte to drink, and I was a happy bunny.

The atmosphere is warm and relaxed, with super friendly staff and a chef who was more than happy to share his tips on how to cook the best scrambled tofu.

I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu. It’s a big thumbs up from me!

Still looking for more brunch inspiration for your visit to Birmingham? Check out the Birmingham Breakfast Club on Facebook.

And my own personal favourite?


I love going to Bill’s in the Bullring when I’m visiting Birmingham. They do a fantastic Full English, and a great veggie version as well. I sometimes confuse the staff there by asking for the Veggie breakfast with a side order of bacon… The pancake stacks look amazing as well.

Unfortunately I discovered that I don’t have a photo of their breakfast to use in this post. So I guess I’ll just have to go back for another visit!

Have you enjoyed a really good brunch in Birmingham? I’d love to know your recommendation!

Visiting #Birmingham in the #UK and looking for somewhere to relax over a leisurely breakfast or brunch? Who better to ask than some of Birmingham's finest bloggers! Here are nine of the best places for brunch in Birmingham. #travel | #breakfast | #brunch


  1. I can’t believe you haven’t included The Plough at Harborne. It’s the best breakfast/brunch joint in the City by a long way…especially on a Sunday!

  2. Great inclusions there Sally! I also love Saint’s Kitchen in the JQ & Home on Church St (although they’d stopped their ace Full English the last time I went!)


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