Book Review Policy

Book review policy for - request a reviewI am currently accepting books for review here on, and I’m happy to receive requests from book publishers, e-book publishers, and authors. At the moment, I am not accepting review requests from self-published authors – sorry!

Please note: I am now booked up with reviews through to mid-September and am not currently taking on any book tours until October. Standard and mini reviews may be possible, please get in touch to discuss this.

Books may be submitted in hardback, paperback or e-book format, as well as through NetGalley. If you are sending a book in e-book format, please note that my current e-reader is a Kindle. Hardback or paperback copies that I receive are never sold after review, however I may donate them a charity shop after publication date. Please let me know if you would prefer me not to do this.

I am willing to discuss other forms of book promotion such as blog tours, giveaways (of books that I have reviewed), guest posts from authors, and book extracts to run alongside reviews.

Please email me if you would like to discuss your requirements.


The best way to see if your book is likely to be accepted for review is to take a look at the Book Review Archives. I am happy to review books in the following genres:

  • Adult Fiction
  • Dystopia
  • Crime Thrillers
  • Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy
  • I may consider other genres, depending on how busy I am.

I do not review:

  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • True Crime
  • Action Thrillers
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Non-Fiction


Generally I do not post more than one book review per week.

Please note that although I do my best to review books in a timely manner, there may be a delay at busy times. However, if I commit to taking part in a blog tour, I will not reschedule a review without prior agreement. Please ensure that I receive the book at least 7 days before any agreed posting date. If there is a delay to this, I can not guarantee that I will be able to post a review on the scheduled date.

Where possible, I prefer to post book reviews on Fridays and I will not post my review before the week of publication. I will also post my reviews on GoodReads and Amazon, although this may not be on the same day as the review appears on my blog.

Reviews and Ratings

I’ll always give every book a chance, and try to read at least 10%. If I really can’t get into a book by that point, I may decide not to continue reading it. If I don’t finish reading a book, I won’t post a review of the book. My reviews are always honest, but if my reaction to a book is mainly negative, I may choose not to run the review.

My reviews on this blog are scored on a 0-10 basis, which I then translate to the 5 star based system for Amazon/GoodReads/NetGalley.

10-8.5 – I loved the book, and will probably re-read it in the future – Five Stars
8-6.5  – I really enjoyed the book, although I wouldn’t describe it as a favourite – Four Stars
6-4.5  – I enjoyed the book, but there were some flaws in the plot or characters – Three Stars
4-2.5  – I disliked the book overall, and found major flaws in the plot or characters – Two Stars
2-0    – I really disliked the book, and it’s highly unlikely that I will actually run the review – One Star

Please feel free to share a quote from my review, as long as my blog name appears alongside the quote.