Does Boots No7 Dramatic Lift live up to its name?


Boots No7 Dramatic Lift mascara* claims to lift lashes by 70%, adding weightless volume and giving the ultimate wide-awake look. Sounds impressive, so I picked up a tube to test out as soon as it was in the shops.

Dramatic Lift is inspired by hair care products, and contains keratin and flexible polymers to boost the lashes from root to tip. Meanwhile the curved brush is designed to get right into the roots of your lashes, capturing every lash and lifting them up by 70%. Dramatic Lift mascara is available in black or brown, but as usual I went for the black option.

dramatic-lift-mascara-brushAs you can see, the packaging is sleek, shiny and silver – quite glamorous, I think you’ll agree. The curved brush has very short, densely packed bristles on it. At first glance it doesn’t look too impressive compared to some of the other mascara brushes that I have seen recently.

But looks aren’t everything, so how did it perform?

As usual, I tested this mascara on uncurled lashes so that I could see the full effect of the product. I was quite impressed with the brush, which really does get right into the base of the lashes. The curve lets you cover a lot of the lashes at once, and is also good for covering your lower lashes without getting product on your skin! The mascara is easy to apply, gives good definition and I didn’t have any problems with clumping.

But does it lift lashes as much as the claims? I think it does, my lashes certainly looked lifted and the mascara added a nice curl to them. It’s hard to say whether they were lifted by 70%, but the effect was certainly impressive. Dramatic Lift has definite staying power, with very little smudging even in the Portuguese summer heat. It also came off pretty easily, without needing too much work to remove.

The only downside is that Dramatic Lift doesn’t add much in the way of volume. I’d probably be tempted to add a coat of a volumising mascara for the evening.

In summary, I think Dramatic Lift does live up to its claims and lifts lashes to give a great wide-awake look. But there are other mascaras that I would reach for first, as I prefer a more volumising effect than this product can deliver.

Boots No7 Dramatic Lift Mascara* is available in store and online, with an RRP of £13.50


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