Update your Bedroom with a Cosy Winter Makeover

If you’re feeling like cosying up at home when the evenings draw in, here are some ways to give your bedroom a makeover for the darker nights.

A Scandinavian style bedroom decorated in shades of grey

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The chillier weather and darker evenings are definitely here now. I always find that when the winter evenings are drawing in, I love to spend more time in my bedroom.

It’s easy to update your bedroom for the different seasons by swapping out accessories. Adding throws, cushions and candles to your bedroom are a great way to bring a touch of hygge to your evenings.

But maybe you want to give your bedroom a complete makeover for the new season. After all, if you want to make your home cosy for the winter, the bedroom is a great place to start!

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So here are some ideas for a bedroom makeover, just in time for the chilly winter months.

A Crisp and Clean Look

Redecorating your bedroom is a great opportunity to have a clear out. It can feel really liberating to get rid of clutter and unwanted ornaments. Don’t forget to check if anything you don’t want can be recycled or donated to your local charity shops.

You may find that decluttering leads you to adopt a more minimalist look for your bedroom. The Scandinavian trend is still very popular, and gives a really crisp and clean look.

Elle Decor has got plenty of suggestions for ways you can bring this look into your bedroom. Through using soft textures in soft furnishings, and calming neutral tones in the colour scheme, the Scandinavian look is both modern and comforting.

Grand designs

A bedroom at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow

But if you are looking for a more luxurious bedroom decor, then why not take inspiration from your favourite hotel?

When I stayed at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow, I really loved the way they combined period decor with modern design.

Now, I’m not about to suggest that you should start adding classic columns or wooden panelling to your bedroom. And it would be out of most of our budgets to add a grand leather headboard like the one in the photo above.

But it’s worth looking at the range of divan beds that are available from retailers like Bedstar. They often contain additional storage which really helps to keep the clutter out of your bedroom. This is a great way to add grand hotel style to your bedroom, without breaking the bank!

Then just add luxe fabrics, plump cushions and one or two fabulous pieces of furniture for a look that comes straight from the Grand Hotel.

Grey is the Colour

Combining shades of grey and pink give this bedroom a fresh and feminine look

It’s great to keep an eye on interior design trends when you’re redecorating your bedroom. And grey has been a key trend during 2017.

It’s a calming and sophisticated colour, which can really bring your bedroom up to date. Grey really works well with the Scandinavian trend shown earlier in this post.

But if you want a more feminine bedroom, then grey can work really well for you as well. Combining deeper shades of grey with pink softens the look, while still keeping the overall freshness of the colour. You could also accessorise with grey tones to add elegance to your room – this guide from Ideal Home has some great ideas.

A bedroom makeover should aim to give you a calm, clutter-free and peaceful place to relax in. That may mean using a divan base to free up some storage space, or giving your bedroom walls a fresh new look with a coat of paint.

One thing’s for sure, it’ll all add up to a great new look for your bedroom as we approach the winter months!