Bathroom Decor: How to Design your Perfect Bathroom

Following these simple bathroom decor tips will make it easy to create your ideal luxury bathroom!

A vintage style bathroom with blue walls, white bathroom suite and tiles

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The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but it’s also one of the most important. Even a small bathroom can look luxurious if you plan your design carefully.

A well decorated bathroom can be a haven from the stresses of modern life, or it can create an invigorating mood to start your day.

Redecorating your bathroom might just mean a new lick of paint on the walls, or it could be a full-on renovation project. But whatever your plans, there are some important points to consider.

So if you’re planning to decorate your bathroom, here are some simple tips to make sure you get the bathroom you want.

A small bright bathroom in a classic modern style

Choose your Mood

The first thing you need to decide is what mood you want to convey in your bathroom.

Do you want to relax in a luxurious spa bathroom, or do you want your bathroom to energise and invigorate you? Are you looking for a vintage style, or do you want a more minimalist design?

Your chosen mood and image will determine all the other decisions you make when you are designing your perfect bathroom so don’t rush this first step.

Take a while to browse through magazines or scroll through Pinterest, and see what sort of design catches your eye. The more inspiration you find, the more likely you are to create a bathroom that you’ll love.

Set a Budget

Your budget is always a vital factor for any room makeover. Setting a realistic budget means that you can consider where you want to save money and where you want to splurge.

It also means that you’re less likely to forget some of the practical considerations like new taps to go with your new bathroom suite, or a water softener to cut down on limescale.

And even if your budget is tight, that doesn’t mean you can’t create the luxurious bathroom you’ve been longing for.

Pick one beautiful piece, like a stunning bath, and then go for more budget-friendly options for the rest of the bathroom. Or you might decide to retain your existing bath, and splash out on some high-end taps to breathe new life into it.

And a few luxurious accessories will go a long way to help give you the design that you’re after. Click here to read some more tips on creating a spa bathroom from Premier Care.

Shades of purple contrast against a white suite for a modern bathroom

Pick the Perfect Colour

The colour of your bathroom will make a big difference to the mood that you create. So take your time to look through the bathroom design ideas you picked out, and choose a colour you’ll love.

White and neutral tones give an air of elegance, while blues and greens look fresh, relaxing and natural.

But don’t feel that you’re restricted to traditional ‘bathroom colours’. Your bathroom is a great space for expressing your individuality, so choose colours you love.

You could play with different shades of the same colour, which gives depth to your colour scheme. Or why not use bright, bold contrasting colours if you’re looking for a more energetic atmosphere.

Choose your ideal Bathroom suite

The bathroom suite you choose is obviously a very important decision when you’re planning a bathroom design.

There are almost unlimited design options, so you’re sure to find something that is perfect for your ideal bathroom. Would you prefer an elegant, classical design to fit into a Georgian townhouse? Or are you looking for something sleek to go in a more modern bathroom? Whatever your preferred style, you’ll find plenty of choice at Premier Care!

If you’re planning a full revamp of your bathroom, it’s worth drawing a plan to scale on squared paper, taking note of where the pipes, doors and windows are.

Take careful note of the space that you have in your bathroom, and consider whether you have the space to install a bath and standalone shower.

Smaller bathrooms may be better with a large luxurious shower cubicle, rather than trying to shoehorn in a tub.

Or you may decide to splash out on a beautiful slipper bath or a standalone tub, for maximum visual impact and an elegant place to soak!

Even a small bathroom can be luxurious with careful planning

Create a Mood with Lighting

Lighting is always a key factor when you’re designing a room, and the bathroom is no exception. Light always impacts on the mood of a room – for example, it’s hard to relax in a bath if you’ve got harsh fluorescent lighting overhead!

Think about light fittings that will suit the overall decor of your room, but also consider lighting levels.

You might like to have different lighting options so that you can turn on a low light for night-time trips to the loo or for relaxing in the tub.

And if you’re planning to do your makeup in the bathroom, make sure you have good lighting for this, especially in North facing rooms which don’t get much light.

Don’t forget the impact that candles can give to a room. They are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere, so think of places to put them when you’re designing your bathroom.

Plan Proper Storage

Don’t let storage be an afterthought when you’re designing a bathroom. There are several options to consider, and you’ll probably find that you’ll need two different types of storage.

Think about open storage like shelves or open stands, so that you can display pretty bottles and jars of toiletries.

But don’t forget to fit in some closed storage like cupboards, cabinets and undersink storage. That way you’ll be able to hide away the bathroom cleaners and spare loo rolls out of sight!

Mirrored cupboards over the sink are a great way to add extra storage, or you could install a substantial vanity unit with space to store towels. And don’t forget in-shower storage for your shampoo and shower gel!

Ferns and ivy soften the lines of a modern style bathroom

Think about Flooring

There are so many more options for bathroom flooring these days, so you aren’t restricted to just a boring piece of lino.

Of course, there are practical considerations that you need to consider. Your flooring needs to be able to handle high traffic if its in a family bathroom, and will definitely need to cope with moisture and the inevitable spills that happen in a bathroom.

Some of the options you might want to consider are ceramic or natural stone tiles. laminate flooring or luxury vinyl flooring.

You could even consider installing an engineered hardwood floor. This is able to cope with the moisture in a bathroom better than natural hardwood flooring, but still gives that lovely rustic feel.

Add in some Plants

And finally, don’t forget to add some plants to your bathroom for a lovely, natural feeling.

Bathrooms are often humid places that don’t get a lot of natural light, so it’s important to pick the right plants for these conditions.

Aloe vera, peace lily and spider plants are all great choices for this room, and an orchid will add a luxurious spa feel to the room. Or you could place a pot of ivy on a high shelf, and let it trail elegantly down.

Follow these simple bathroom decor tips and you’ll soon be relaxing in your perfect bathroom!

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