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This giveaway is now closed and the winner is Lynn N – congratulations Lynn!

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Last month I celebrated my birthday while the UK was still under lockdown. I can confidently say that it was my most bizarre birthday ever!

Obviously I couldn’t go far, just taking my daily walk down to the local canal for exercise. And there was no family dinner at a local restaurant or meeting up with friends for a coffee due to the travel restrictions.

But we had a takeaway dinner, and presents and cards from Mark and the boys. They made sure that my birthday was the best it could be under the circumstances.

And there was an extra little treat for me, thanks to bakerdays who sent me one of their fabulous letterbox cakes.

It’s the perfect way to treat a loved one when you can’t be there in person on a special day.

The Letterbox size cake will give 2-4 servings, depending on how generous you’re feeling of course. And the clever packaging fits through the letterbox for contact-free delivery.

Read on to find out how you could win a bakerdays Letterbox cake in our new giveaway.

Ordering a Letterbox cake from bakerdays is really easy, and delivery of bakerdays cakes is available all across the UK.

The hardest decision might be choosing which design you want from the hundreds of options in their range. They have cakes for female relatives, cakes by age, and cakes for all sorts of hobbies and interests.

Some designs allow you to personalise them with a photo, and you could even send a cake as a special treat for Father’s day. That is ideal right now, when visiting Dad in person might not be possible.

Once you’ve picked out your design, next you need to choose the sponge for your cake. There are seven options available, and the range includes vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options as well as chocolate and lemon sponges and a rich fruit cake.

Then you just add in your personalised message, and you can see a mock up of your cake on screen. You can choose to have some additional extras sent with your cake, such as a balloon or candles.

They even do next day delivery if you order before 2pm – that’s ideal for those last-minute gift ideas. The cakes are packaged very carefully, and will stay fresh for up to 7 days stored in a cool place.

My cake was made from the luscious Lemon sponge, which had a delicate lemon flavour and was beautifully fresh. It was topped with a layer of soft, sweet fondant icing, and I loved the delicate cherry blossom design.

As I was feeling generous, I shared my cake with Mark and the boys and it was a lovely addition to my very strange lockdown birthday. But with prices starting from just £14.99, a bakerdays Letterbox cake would be a wonderful treat for someone special at any time of year!

And you could win a bakerdays Letterbox cake for yourself or a loved one if you are the lucky winner of our fantastic new giveaway!

You could be the winner of one of these delicious cakes if you’re the winner of our new giveaway, thanks to bakerdays. 

You could send it to someone celebrating a birthday, or it would make a fabulous Father’s Day treat. Or why not just treat yourself – you know you deserve it!

If you win this giveaway, you’ll be able to choose a bakerdays Letterbox in the design and flavour of your choice, to be sent to a UK address. 

For a chance to win this fabulous prize, all you have to do is to log into the Rafflecopter below and answer the easy question. There are additional social media entries that you can use to boost your chances of winning.

The giveaway will close at 11.59PM on Friday 29th May 2020 and is open to UK entrants aged 18+ only. We’ll be in touch with the lucky winner as soon as possible after the closing deadline.

And the question you need to answer to be in with a chance of winning this prize is:

Who would you like to send a delicious bakerdays Letterbox cake to?

Good luck!

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365 thoughts on “Closed: Win a Letterbox cake from bakerdays

  1. Angie McDonald says:

    I’d love to send one to my sister for helping me with work from afar during this crisis and lockdown

    • Kerry Horsburgh says:

      I would love to send a cake to my husband whose birthday is on Father’s Day. This is an ideal gift idea for people who are shielding and can’t secretly get to the shops!

  2. Annabel Greaves says:

    I would love to send a letterbox cake to my son for his 16th birthday in June

  3. Andrea Smith says:

    I’d send the cake to my lovely mum who hasn’t been out for seven weeks. It would make her smile.

  4. Nicola McC says:

    I’d send it to my niece and nephew who I haven’t been able to see during lockdown. It would remind them that their auntie is thinking about them both!

  5. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I would really like to send my Mum a cake who I am really missing!
    She does enjoy cake.

  6. Liz says:

    My gorgeous daughter who should have been on her henny this weekend and has had to postpone her wedding.

  7. Peter Watson says:

    I would like to senda cake to my daughter who is just getting over Covid-19 infection.

  8. Marylyn Hammersley says:

    This would be for my beautiful granddaughter, who had a wonderful last school report from her primary school.

  9. Keith Hunt says:

    My Senior A&E nurse wife that has been off work after getting the virus as work.

  10. Karen Hughes says:

    i would send a cake to my auntie for her 81st birthday because she lives alone and hasn’t seen anybody for weeks.

  11. Ann Calland says:

    I would send one to my friend Laura who is a care worker for adults with disabilities as well as always being there for me too and really deserves a treat.

  12. Kristie Metcalfe says:

    To my Nana. I havent seen her since before lockdown began, but I have been calling her everyday. A cake would put a smile on her face.

  13. Heather says:

    My hubbie, who has his 40th next month and instead of the surprise holiday I had planned, we’ll be at home, probably gardening. Cake would cheer him up no end!

  14. PAMELA HAMBY says:

    i’d like to gift this to my beautiful daughter Michaela who I haven’t seen now for over a month due to the lockdown. It’s her 30th birthday on the 29th May so hoping I can get to see her & hopefully celebrate with her :)

  15. Rachel McMillan says:

    I’d love to send one in to my daughters school for the teachers to share

  16. Katie Jaques says:

    Not going to lie I would love to send this to myself haha but I would also be thinking about sending it to my family, I think a bit of cake would make my hard working parents smile a bit!

  17. Julia Kerr says:

    I’d love to send this to my best friend in Scotland who has been through so much in the past year yet still managed to pass her second year of open university! She is an inspiration, I’m so proud of her

  18. Kate Sutton says:

    Me because they look yummy!! But would share with my family

    It was my 40th whilst in lockdown

  19. Hilda Wright says:

    I’d love to send one to my son and his family! I think they need something nice out of the blue!

  20. Ann Goody says:

    My friend Pauline has a birthday in May so I would send it to her as I miss her so much

  21. Maria Pearce says:

    Amazing! I want to send one to myself, because my birthday was in March and I STILL haven’t had a cake for it… selfish I know, but CAKE IS MY FAVOURITE!

  22. Mel Pennie says:

    I’d love to send this to my mum as it was her birthday last week and we couldn’t celebrate it with her!

  23. Andrea Fletcher says:

    I would love to send one to my daughter when she has her baby in a few weeks.

  24. fiona waterworth says:

    I would send it to my daughter, who is 100 miles away and could not come home for her birthday

  25. melanie stirling says:

    I have sent a few of these cakes to family but I would send one to my sister for her birthday.

  26. Ruth Harwood says:

    I know my mum would love one of these, as would my dad – sure they could share xx

  27. Serendipity Says says:

    I would send it to my daughter. She had a baby just before lock down started and is feeling a bit overwhelmed. A little treat would do her the world of good.

  28. Tracy Newton says:

    I would love to send a cake to my dad. He lives alone and has had to self isolate. He is getting really bored and lonely.

  29. Valerie Seal says:

    I’ve been in hospital and am just getting my appetite back. Our daughter is shopping for us so I don’t like to ask for cake – but if I WIN one – then it’s for me!

  30. Alison Leonard says:

    I would love to send a cake to my isolating in laws to cheer them up and let them know we miss then.

  31. KATHY D says:

    My lovely niece Karen who is covering three hospitals as a Social Working making sure everyone who is able to leave has everything they need. She loves a bit of cake so this would cheer her up

  32. Lyndsey cooksey says:

    I would love to give a Letterbox cake to my mom who celebrated her 60th birthday last week but I couldn’t see her to celebrate with her.

  33. Lorna-Jane Holland says:

    I’d send one to my bestie because her birthday is coming up and I want to treat her x

  34. Angelique G says:

    Would love for a good friend as it was her birthday 2 weeks ago! Thanks for the giveway :):)

  35. Ursula Hunt says:

    I would love to send one to my 86 year old Mum , she broke her leg earlier this year and was just going to be able to get outside when lockdown came so she has not been out the house since the first week in January

  36. Kyra says:

    It’s my son’s birthday in a few weeks, this would be perfect, especially for a lockdown birthday

  37. Crobs says:

    I’d send it to my brother – it’s his 18th birthday this month and he’s a bit miffed he won’t be able to see his friends and buy his first (legal) drink! Xx

  38. Christina Palmer says:

    I would love to send one to my Mum who I haven’t seen in weeks and who’s birthday it is in June.

  39. Jodi Hill says:

    My nana! It would cheer her up! We’ve only seen her through the window for the last 7 weeks after we’ve dropped her shopping off

  40. LouiseM says:

    To my 94 year old Aunt who only has us and especially during these tough times. Unfortunately we are in Derbyshire and she is is in Bournemouth. I would really love to send her some sweet treats and this would be perfect, she would really appreciate it.

  41. Gemma Massey says:

    I’d love to send a cake to my lovely mum who’s working so hard at this difficult time at the hospital she would love this thanks for the chance x

  42. Rachel Craig says:

    Fiancé. As a Thank You. Doing his best during this time of lockdown. Missed out when lockdown impacted on some family planned Event. These included holiday, birthday, naming ceremony. Some cancelled. Naming Event may be rescheduled as was planned as joint:- The babies being related, and close in age. Family /ies had been looking forward to the gathering, as live a distance apart. Thank – fully they have been using technology to keep in contact.

  43. Firdaus Omar says:

    I would love to surprise my mum for doing her best working in the frontline of the NHS.

  44. Juli Savage says:

    Love to send this to my dad for fathers day next month. due to lockdown (Dads on a 12 week quarantine due to health problems) I havent seen him for weeks and this would be a lovely treat for him

  45. Sharon Griffin says:

    i would love to send a letterbox cake to my son who is living up in london and i havent seen him since march so would be lovely to treat him to a nice slice of cake xx

  46. Billie says:

    I would send it to my fiancée. We are meant to be getting married on 28th May and she’s feeling a little down about it. She loves cake so it would really brighten her day.

  47. Tracy Burns says:

    My daughter, as she will be 18 this year – or my other daughter who will be 21 in August!

  48. LOUISE HEATON says:

    This would be perfect. I keep saying to my friend Nick who I’ve been chatting to since the lockdown we should have cake when we meet up once this is all over. We last met up 20 years ago, so we have a lot more chatting to do. One slice wouldn’t be enough! Haha!

  49. Joy Winn says:

    I,d send it to my dear friend Chris Lake – He,s has to self-isolate for 12 weeks & couldn,t celebrate his birthday

  50. Laura Norcop says:

    I’d love to send one to my mum and dad who are self isolating and miss their grandbabies

  51. Patricia Avery says:

    I’d love to send one to my grandchildren. Skype is better than nothing but it seems so long since I was able to hug them

  52. Samantha Bennett says:

    I would love to treat my bestie Charlotte who is still working in a school right now

  53. Hannah Austin says:

    I would send one to my best friend who is working as a nurse on the front like in London and deserves all the best things in life :)

  54. Karen Stirling says:

    My lovely Gran. She celebrated her 85th birthday in lockdown and I didn’t manage to get her a cake.

  55. Karen Barrett says:

    To my sister, she is in the Uk and unable to get back to her family in Australia

  56. Rachel says:

    I would love to send this to my sister who has been living with my aunt during lockdown and who we are missing very much

  57. Jo F says:

    I would send it to my parents. They are very bored being in lockdown and this would brighten their day.

  58. Cindy Sutheran says:

    I’d send it to my bestie Stacie. I probably won’t get yo see her on her birthday as we don’t live close so this would be amazing.

  59. Mary Baldwin says:

    Much as I’d like this for myself, I’d love to send it to my lovely friend who’s a carer supporting vulnerable people in their own homes. She looks after a number of clients and is always running around caring for others and so deserves a treat.

  60. Sally Barrett says:

    I would love to send my gorgeous daughter a cake to celebrate, she is so close to finishing her degree and is 21 soon ,and she could just do with a boost. Plus your cake range includes vegan, which is perfect.

  61. Amanda Botterill says:

    I would send one to my Mum, who is in her 80s and living with my disabled foster brother. I haven’t been able to see her for months now

  62. Elaine savage says:

    I’d love to send the cake to my dad, who is doing an amazing job looking after my mum in these difficult times

  63. lauren says:

    i’d love to send one to my best friend whos cooped up isolating in a studio flat with no outdoor space.

  64. Nicola Dean says:

    I would love to send one to my sister, she’s just had a baby and this would cheer her up.

  65. Katrina Adams says:

    I would love to send one to my Mum and Dad. It’s their anniversary next week and they won’t be able to celebrate how they wanted, but I know they will make the most of it. I would love to send them this Letterbox cake to let them know I am thinking of them.

  66. Donna W says:

    I’d love to send one to my husband, it’s his birthday in a couple of weeks and he does love birthday cake!

  67. Krzysia says:

    I would love to send it to my husband. Hopefully he might spare a morsel or two with me ;-)

    • Laura Caraher says:

      My mum and dad as I have not seen them since January and would like them to know I am thinking of them

  68. Frances Heaton says:

    I would send one to my daughter and grandad, as it’s so long since we’ve seen them.

  69. melanie yates says:

    For my beautiful 19yo Daughter @deliayates working hard at the NHS Emergency Hub as dental Nurse <3

  70. Helen S Wright says:

    My mum, as I missed her birthday this year due to lockdown. Would love to make it up to her :-)

  71. Victoria Prince says:

    My mum and dad! Really missing them and I know mum in particular is struggling so it would be great to surprise them with cake

  72. Emma Harvey says:

    I would send it to my friend who has been suffering a little bit with her mental health during this lockdown – just to let her know I am thinking of her.

  73. Helen says:

    I would send one to my brother and sister in law as they’ve recently had my baby nephew and could do with a treat!

  74. Rachel Walsh says:

    I’d love to gift one to my lovely partner for being such a fabulous hard working nurse!

  75. Marycarol says:

    My sister Becky who is isolating with her husband due to health issues – it’s her birthday in a few weeks and I’d love to surprise her with this

  76. Joanna Kiely says:

    I’d love to send one to my Auntie!! She’s still going out to work as well as looking after some of her neighbours!! Would love ti send her a treat!!

  77. Michael Annetts says:

    These look delicious and are such a thoughtful gift, plus everyone loves cake !

    I’d send one to my Mum as she really misses her only grandchild (my daughter) and is finding it difficult caring for my Dad on her own right now.

  78. Heather T says:

    I’d send one to my sister-in-law, who’s working extra hard as a midwife in these scary times

  79. Joanne Smith says:

    I’d like to send one to my buddy Ruth who was redeployed to the front line administering Covid tests

  80. Jessica Hutton says:

    To my grandma to remind her that we love her and miss her while she is self isolating.

  81. Lynn Brown says:

    Is it bad to say myself! It looks so lovely and pretty and I’m sure tastes delicious.

  82. Susanna Oxborrow says:

    These look great. I would send one to my mum, it is her birthday soon, my birthday the next day & my sister has her birthday 2 days later!

  83. John says:

    I would give it to my vulnerable neighbour, who has been unable to leave his home for more than 2 months now.

  84. Antonia Sergent says:

    It is my step-dads 50th birthday on the 5th June, so I would love to gift this to him

  85. Lauren Old says:

    I’d send one to my sister as she’d currently living alone under lockdown and could do with a pick me up!

  86. Laura Pritchard says:

    To my sister to cheer her up after she had to postpone her September wedding to 2022!

  87. Angela Kelly says:

    I’d love to send a cake to my Nanna. She has a real sweet tooth and I haven’t seen her for ages.

  88. charlotte wilde says:

    My mum and dad – they are so miserable in lockdown – i am 250 miles away and their other two daughters both live abroad so no idea when they will see anyone again!

  89. Lena Hartl says:

    I’d send it to us… well my husband, who’s birthday it is soon, but I totally suck at baking!

  90. Anthea Holloway says:

    I would love to send one to my daughter for her June birthday. I haven’t been able to see her for such a long time and this would be so nice for her.

  91. Katheryn says:

    My granny, whose birthday is coming up. It would be nice for her to have a cake she didn’t have to bake herself, for a change!

  92. Fiona Johnstone says:

    I would send it to my mother in law who has been very good in sticking to the rules. She is 89 and missing her family very much. We can now sit in her garden – 2 meters apart of course, so this will help. Maybe share the cake.

  93. Rebecca Roberts says:

    Definitely my partner for fathers day he’s amazing and working so hard for us all

  94. Andrzej Szymanski says:

    I’d send it to my mum as I wasn’t able to take her on Mother’s Day as restaurants were closed.

  95. Clare A Gillman says:

    I would like to send a delicious bakerdays Letterbox cake to my Dad who’s been in self-isolation for way too long x

  96. Claire sutherland says:

    I would send this to my mum and dad who have been shielding and not left the house for 12 weeks

  97. Mrs Lesley Andrews says:

    I’d love to send this to my old school friend who is 60 on 7 June, such a treat for her in lockdown, especially since her party has now been postponed till next year and I can’t get to see her.

  98. Angela Sandhu says:

    My mum, as her birthday is coming up, but its also my dad’s birthday and Fathers Day -so who knows!!

  99. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    I’d love to send one to a good friend on FB. Who has been an amazing friend over the years and always cheers me up with a daft comment or a tweet to my favourite footballer asking him to say “hello” to me (not worked yet, but amazing that she does that). Thanks for the chance.

  100. Darren Bourne says:

    My girlfriend who is having her birthday in lockdown. Would be a lovely surprise as she needs cheering up.

  101. Tracy Barber says:

    I’d send it to my elderly Mum who’s shielding, she likes cake so it might cheer her up

  102. Georgie Wright says:

    My in-laws, they’ve been shielding for 11 weeks now so could do with a treat!

  103. Sunita V says:

    If I’m totally honest I think I would drop this as a massive hint to my family as its my birthday in June and I am prepared for the most boring birthday ever, but I know they would love the idea of this.

    It’s my son’s 17th in July and he loves cake im not the best baker so this is a great idea.

    thanks for sharing this..this is a great find:-)

  104. Dorothy K says:

    It’s my daughter’s birthday on the 9th of June and she would love one of these!!!

  105. Ross Leech says:

    My Mum, whose birthday is next month. And Bakerdays do gluten free cakes she can eat.

  106. Alison Macdonald says:

    My wonderful DH, Richard! It’s his birthday on 4th June and sadly for him I’m no good at baking!

  107. Erica Hughes says:

    I’d like to send one to my sister in Scotland – her oven has broken and she can’t get an engineer in because of the lockdown.

  108. Anne Thompson says:

    I would love one for my birthday, as I don’t think my partner will make or buy one

  109. Jocelynne Harrison says:

    To my mum. She has been working so hard to keep her business going. Plus her birthday was in lockdown so she would love a belated birthday cake.

  110. Heli L says:

    The cake would be a lovely surprise to my brother-in-law and his wife who are about to have their first baby.

  111. Julie Mouzoura says:

    I would love to send one to my husband for our wedding anniversary on 8th June!

  112. Fiona Parr says:

    I’d love to send one to my daughter who I’ve not seen too often in lockdown and it’s her birthday next week .

  113. Rebecca Beesley says:

    I’d love to send one to my son as his birthday is coming up soon and we’ve not managed to sort much else out for him at the moment.

  114. Debbie Miller says:

    I would love to send one to my dad as he has spent all the lockdown alone… we have been facetiming and phoning but not the same…. and he absolutely loves cake…….. x

  115. MRS JACKIE CURRAN says:

    I would send it to my daughter , not seen her since lockdown ,so would be perfect

  116. Matt Allum-O'Reilly says:

    I would love this for my partner who is a keyworker. Just a little something to say well done and thank you for all the work you’re doing.

  117. Natalie Gillham says:

    I’d love to send a cake to my Dad to cheer him up as he’s not allowed out at the moment due to his poor health. Thanks for the chance to win this for him x

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