Aruba: A Little Taste of Heaven in the Caribbean

Still haven’t decided where to go on holiday this year? How about adding the Caribbean island of Aruba to your list of dream destinations?

With glorious white beaches, temperatures around the 28C mark, and delicious food, could Aruba be your next holiday destination?

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I recently received an email asking for my help to promote Aruba and its cuisine. And I have to admit that I got rather over-excited. Visions of blue skies and white sands danced before my eyes…

Then I read the email again, and realised that I wasn’t going to be flying off to the Caribbean. However I did receive a selection of Caribbean foods and drinks, to give me a taste of Aruba at home.

Aruba is just 19 miles long and 6 miles across, and lies in the southern Caribbean. It has glorious white beaches, temperatures around the 28C mark, and there is rarely a rainy day. That certainly sounds like a heavenly beach holiday location to me!

Caribbean food is a melting pot of different cuisines, and Aruban food has been influenced by more than 90 nationalities. Aruba’s rich multicultural past has seen it swap hands between the Spanish and Dutch several times over the years. And this heritage comes across in the diverse flavours of Aruban food.

A selection of delicious sweet, savoury and spicy foods from Aruba and the Caribbean
My selection included sweet and savoury foods, and some spicy treats as well. The boys fell on the caramel filled Stroopwaffels and Shirley biscuits straight away. While they were distracted, I quietly hid the plantain chips away from their view. I have a weakness for plantain in pretty much any form, and these are delicious!

Jerk Chicken is another favourite, so I was really happy to see a Caribbean jerk spice in the hamper. The sweet/spicy papaya hot sauce is just delicious – enough heat to make your mouth water, but without blowing your head off! And the Banks beer you can see in the picture above is popular across the Caribbean. It’s that light, slightly dry kind of lager that is so easy to drink on holiday, or even just at your next barbecue!

I was also sent a copy of Caribbean Cookery Secrets. This book includes favourites like Jerk Chicken and Rice & Peas, as well as lesser known recipes like Anna Maria Salad and Jamaican Patties. As my family all love Caribbean food, I think I’ve found my theme for next month’s Father’s Day barbecue (weather permitting!).

Also in my hamper of goodies was a little sachet of Speculaas spice mix and a speculaas biscuit mould. I’ve loved the warm, gentle spice of speculaas ever since I lived close to the Dutch border in Germany as a little girl.

So has all this talk of perfect white beaches and delicious food given you an appetite for Aruba as well? Why not pop along to the Aruba Tourism Authority UK website for more information or visit Kuoni to book your holiday now.


39 thoughts on “Aruba: A Little Taste of Heaven in the Caribbean

  1. Liz Mays says:

    Aruba sounds amazing. I’d definitely have to try some new cuisine if I took a trip there. I love that it’s been influenced by so many cultures.

  2. Charli Bruce says:

    Aruba really does sound like the place of dreams! I’m a lover of Caribbean food so I know I would definitely love the cuisine over there and the beaches… Definitely going to head over and enter. I’m off on holiday on Tuesday but I’m off to Mallorca as I do every year as its my home away from home! X

    • Sally Akins says:

      It sounds absolutely perfect, doesn’t it? Enjoy your holiday – we’re heading back to Portugal this summer!

  3. Laura H says:

    Jerk chicken is one of my favourites too :) There’s a really good Caribbean food stop near where I work but before that I’d never had it before! Looks like this trip could be an amazing opportunity for someone :)

  4. Rachael Phillips says:

    aruba is one of my favourite places in the world. i’ve been so lucky yo have been several times and i CANNOT wait to go back! it’s paradise

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