5 arty ways to update your Home Decor

If you’re thinking of updating your home decor, here are some simple ways to add an arty touch to your home

Royal blue couch with two pillows standing in real photo of bright living room interior with fresh plants, window with curtains, three paintings and carpet with moroccan trellis pattern

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Have you been spending time updating your home decor recently?

With all of us spending more time at home, it’s been the perfect opportunity to update your interior decor and get your home looking exactly as you want it.

Surrounding yourself with things that make you feel relaxed has to be a good thing. And often people collect artwork that has sentimental value, as a reminder of happy times or people they love.

But sometimes it can be tricky to choose exactly the right accessories for your home. Making the right choice can feel overwhelming – there’s just such a wide range to choose from!

And accessories can make a real difference to the atmosphere in a room. In fact, studies have even shown that viewing artwork can have beneficial effects on our mental health. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean looking at a drawing or painting. It could be a favourite statue, beautiful tapestry or even your favourite LP cover framed.

So if you’re thinking of doing some home renovations in the coming months, here are five great ideas to give your home an arty touch.

Add Some Exquisite Tapestry 

Many many years ago, tapestries and embroideries were used to decorate rooms as well as helping to keep them warm. These days, a tapestry is a beautiful piece of artwork that adds a personal touch to your room as well as giving it a boho vibe.

High quality tapestries come in all shapes and sizes and a wide range of designs. So you’re sure to find one that suits the style and atmosphere that you want to create in your home.

If you’re feeling crafty, you could stitch a tapestry yourself. It’s easy to do and a wonderful way to while away the long winter evenings. But if you’re not a fan of needlework, you can simply order one that’s ready to hang.

Royal blue couch with two pillows standing in real photo of bright living room interior with fresh plants, window with curtains, three paintings and carpet with moroccan trellis pattern

Display a Wall Painting

This is probably what you think of first when someone mentions adding art to the home.

A framed painting is a wonderful way to personalise your home, whether you are displaying your child’s nursery artwork or a famous painting by a renowned artist. You could commission a local artist to paint your family portrait, or even take an art class to create your very own piece of art.

With all the different styles of painting, you’re sure to be able to pick one that suits the style of your home. But whatever style you choose, make sure that you pick something you really love. You’re likely to spend a lot of time looking at that particular painting!

Brighten your room with mirrors 

Mirrors are a great way to add an arty feel to the room as well as making it feel lighter and airier.

Mirrors and reflects have always been a popular theme in art, and you can use them to give the impression that a room is bigger than it is.

Don’t feel that you have to limit mirrors to the bathroom or entrance hallways. They’re a ubiquitous part of modern design and there are mirror frames to suit every style from baroque grandeur to Scandinavian minimalism.

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interior design scene with a white modern chair and lamp on a pale green wall

What About Handmade Craft?

The great thing about art is that there are no fixed rules about what is art. Even the experts can’t always agree on it!

Yes, different styles go in and out of fashion, but ultimately you decide if something is art. So that handcrafted piece of furniture, those hand-dipped candles or even that handmade souvenir from your last trip can all be considered to be art.

So if you want to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of furniture or a handmade designer lamp to place in your living room, go ahead!

Decorative Areca palm in interior of room

Plants can also be Art

Plants make every home feel warmer and more welcoming, and they’re also very definitely arty.

Whether you choose a dramatic architectural plant like a Snake plant (Sansevieria kirkii), a sprawling Swiss Cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa) or the lush greenery of a Peace lily (Spathiphyllum), it’s a great way to personalise your space.

And you can add to the artiness of your greenery by picking beautiful pot-holders or plant stands to display them.

All of our five arty suggestions will help you to personalise your space, add character and atmosphere and make your home somewhere you love to be.