Closed: Win a £50 Amazon Voucher

This giveaway is now closed and the winner will be announced soon!

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Well, we’ve nearly made it to the end of 2022 and now the holiday season is nearly upon us. Whether you’ve finished all of your Christmas shopping or you’re just getting started, this is always a busy time of year.

But there’s just time to squeeze in one more festive giveaway before I take a short break over Christmas and New Year. And this time, I’m giving away a £50 Amazon gift e-voucher to spend on anything you like!

What would you spend the voucher on?

Will you add it to your Christmas shopping budget? The giveaway closes on Sunday 18th December 2022 so if you’re the lucky winner and you get in touch quickly, you’ll have your e-voucher before the last shopping day.

Maybe you’ll save it and treat yourself to something nice in the New Year. January can feel a bit flat after all the festivities have finished, so it’s good to have something to look forward to. Or you could choose to fill your Kindle with e-books, to keep yourself entertained over the next few weeks and months.

But whatever you choose to spend the e-voucher on, entering our festive giveaway is easy. All you have to do is to log into the Rafflecopter below and answer the simple question. There are also some social media entry methods that you can use to boost your chance of winning.

This giveaway is open to UK adults aged 18+ and closes at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 18th December 2022.

And the question you need to answer to enter this giveaway is: If you win, what would you spend the £50 Amazon e-voucher on?

Good luck!

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278 thoughts on “Closed: Win a £50 Amazon Voucher

  1. William Gould says:

    We still need a few things for our new house having moved a few months ago. This voucher would certainly help!

  2. Karen Usher says:

    I would love to put the voucher towards some airpods! I feel like the only one on the commute to work that doesnt have a pair!

  3. Louise A says:

    I would put it towards a portable carpet cleaner, I have elderly animals who are beginning to have tiny accidents

  4. Hilda Wright says:

    I have a list of books that I would love but wouldn’t buy myself unless I received a gift card to cover it. It would be fantastic!

  5. Catherine Whitlow says:

    I have a MASSIVE Amazon wishlist! I think my first purchase would be a mini exercise trampoline or punch bag so I could prepare myself for the inevitable January diet and exercise plan!

  6. Laura F says:

    I’d put it towards an air fryer – seems like the whole of the country is buying them right now. ♥

  7. Jaques says:

    PLANTS!!!! Can never have enough plants, especially in my home office where I spend most of my time. Particularly looking at Monkey Seat Monsteras, and some cute llama pots to put some of my plant collection in.

  8. katherine s says:

    If I was lucky enough to win this prize, I think I would put this towards a new Amazon Fire tablet, otherwise I would just buy lots of books.

  9. Jamie says:

    £50? Knowing me way to many kindle books and physical game of thrones books I am currently collecting / reading

  10. Lisa Anderson says:

    I would buy my Mum a cosy electric blanket, she’s just had a knee operation so can’t move too well and is feeling the cold.

  11. Peter Ogg says:

    I use Amazon a lot, so would spend it on the next thing we need. However if nothing was needed in the next month, I would buy some books.

  12. Ian Campbell says:

    I’d put it towards a Nintendo Switch OLED console, so I could ‘Switch’ up my family’s gaming experience from the mundane to the magical this Christmas!

  13. Sarah Knightley says:

    It’s my son’s birthday 2 weeks after Christmas so I would love to use the Amazon voucher to buy him some birthday presents. He’s very much into his health and fitness so I would choose some protein and health products.

  14. Sara Goodmam says:

    I’d buy a couple of really nice vegan cookbooks so my son can enjoy what I cook for him. I’ve never been the most creative!!

  15. Patricia Avery says:

    Some books for hubby and myself. Now retired with the luxury of time to read every day we can never have too many books. Luckily we have quite similar tastes (psychological /crime thrillers and historical fiction are among our favourite genres) so that does cut down the amount we need to buy……a bit!

  16. CAROL PATRICK says:

    If I am the lucky winner, I would buy an air fryer. We really need a cheaper way to cook without using the main cooker oven. I have read so much about them. A healthier way to cook too.

  17. Jodi parsons says:

    As boring as it sounds I’d buy some new handles for my kitchen cupboards, the ones we brought last year are awful & corroding… then if there’s any left over wine so I can drink it while I install them lol

  18. Annalisa says:

    I would use it to buy some ear defenders for my son as he is really
    Sensitive to certain sounds. Thanks for the chance.

  19. DEBBIE MILLER says:

    I would buy a collapsible bathtub.. I’ve seen a fantastic one on Amazon and could just imagine myself soaking away my pains and reading… I currently only have a wet room and really do miss having a bath..

  20. Carol Cliffe says:

    I’d probably buy some accessories for our ensuite which is (still, a week before Christmas!) being refitted.

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