7 Beautiful Bathroom Designs

7 Beautiful Bathroom Designs to inspire you from Bathrooms.com (sponsored post)

Sinking into a hot bubbly bath is one of my favourite ways to relax, and I can easily spend an hour or more in the tub. I recently had my en-suite bathroom redecorated and refitted, and now I can’t help thinking that our family bathroom could do with a refresh.

There’s a wide range of bathroom suites available, with something to suit all tastes and budgets whether you prefer more minimalist design or something more comfortable and relaxed.

Contour Designer 3 Piece Bath Suite from bathrooms.com

Our family bathroom is quite small, and so I have been looking at some of the space saving options that are available. I love the sleek lines of this Contour Designer 3 Piece suite, which would make sure that our bathroom doesn’t look cluttered.

I’d quite like to have a shower-bath installed, so that the boys have the option of having a quick shower but I don’t lose my bath.

Metro Compact 3 Piece Bath Suite from bathrooms.com

The Metro Compact 3 Piece Bath Suite could be an ideal design for our bathroom. It has a compact loo and a counter-top style basin, which would make the most of the space available. The loo has also an eco-flush to cut down on water wastage.

Metro Curve 3 Piece Bath Suite from bathrooms.com

Of course, if space is at a real premium then you could consider taking out the bath and installing a shower cubicle. Or if you are lucky enough to have a larger bathroom then you could install both! I love the modern look of this bathroom, and the Metro Curve 3 Piece Shower En Suite really enhances the design.

Chambers Signature 3 Piece Bath Suite from bathrooms.com

And I really love the Chambers Signature 3 Piece Shower En Suite, which has a frameless shower enclosure and high quality stainless steel fittings. It even has Easy Clean glass, to keep it looking shiny and new. It looks like the sort of thing you’d find in a hotel room – I wish I’d spotted this before our en-suite was redecorated!

But if space was not a constraint, I would definitely go for a stand alone bath. I love the look of these, and I’ve spent plenty of time drooling over these gorgeous suites.

Rinaldi Signature 3 Piece Bath Suite from bathrooms.com

The Rinaldi Signature 3 Piece Bath Suite is inspired by the flair of Italian design, but at a more affordable price. I love that deep bath, and can just imagine sinking into a mass of bubbles with a glass of something chilled. If it came with that view included, that would be even better!

Janssen Signature 3 Piece Bath Suite from bathrooms.com

And the ultra contemporary style of the Janssen Signature 3 Piece Bath Suite would definitely appeal to fans of minimalist design. It’s very sleek and modern, and definitely suits a minimalist home.

But personally I’d prefer something a bit more classical, like the Victorian Designer 3 Piece Bath Suite.

Victorian Designer 3 Piece Bath Suite from bathrooms.com

This is my absolute favourite, the suite I would choose if I was designing the bathroom of my dreams. I love the detailing in this suite – from the roll-top and pedestal feet on the bath, to the shaping around the base of the loo and basin. Not to mention the gorgeous freestanding tap. All the design features would probably be wasted on the boys, but I think that I would happily spend a whole evening in that bath!

How about you? Do you like luxuriating in a bath or do you prefer a quick shower? And do you prefer a clean and modern bathroom suite or something a bit more classical?