Sally Akins


I’m really sorry that we can’t bring you the content that you were looking for today.

As you can see, is offline at the moment – the site is having a bit of work done to make it better than ever, with more news, information and updates.

What started off as a quick update has turned into a redesign and revamp that goes way beyond my initial plans. The new website will have a new fresher look, and as I start the run up to my 40th birthday next year, I’m updating both the website and my own lifestyle.

I’m going to bring you news, reviews, recipes and all sorts of lovely things in my aim to balance health and fitness with a busy family life.

And in Nourish, my new monthly email newsletter, there will be even more of the above.

We will be up and running by 1st November 2014, so please do come back soon. Even better, why not sign up to receive email updates and we will let you know as soon as the site is live again.