A Beginner’s Spin class

People on bikes in a spin class

This isn’t my spin class – I was much redder in the face than they are!

Spinning classes really aren’t a very new thing at all, but I have always been worried about trying one out because I felt it would just be too difficult for me. This week I decided to bite the bullet and have a go at a Beginner’s Spin class at The Shrewsbury Club, where Lyle does his tennis training. After all, if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to go back again, did I?

The class was at 8am on a Saturday morning, so I got up early while the rest of the family snoozed in bed. I munched on a banana and drank a big mug of coffee while I pondered the insanity of foregoing a rare lie in to put myself through this.

When I got to the class, I found out that there was a real mix of ages and abilities in there. Some like me were genuine beginners, others appeared to be using it as a warm up before the more advanced class that followed afterwards. I set up my bike, and started gently cycling to warm up my legs for what I expected would be 30 minutes of torture.

I thought I was reasonably fit, but this was using my quads far more than any of the other exercise I’ve been doing recently, and it gave me a great cardio workout as well. The main shock, however, was how incredibly uncomfortable the cycle seat was! Why did no-one warn me about that, eh? The instructor told me at the beginning of the class that if I felt that I was struggling to keep up at any point, just to sit down and lower the resistance to give my legs a break. But to be honest, I much preferred standing up as it was more comfortable!

The instructor was really encouraging, and always gave some modifications for those of us who were really new to Spin. The music was fab, and I found it really helped to use the beat of the music to keep my cycling in rhythm.

After some sprints, hill climbs and cadence sessions, the 30 minutes was soon up and we did a cool down and some stretches. And that was the end of my very first Spin class. Sweat was pouring down my back, my hair was a sweaty mess and my face was bright red. I gulped down a recovery shake, and then about 750ml of water, and still looked like I had a bad case of sunburn!

By the time I got back home, my arms and legs were feeling really tired and achy, not to mention the extreme pain every time I tried to sit down! I fully expected a full on case of DOMS to set in the next day.

Beginner’s Spin Class – the Verdict

I can’t honestly say that I enjoyed the class while it was going on – but that was more my own fault than anything to do with the class. I don’t think I drank anywhere near enough water, but my water bottle was a little too large for the holders which made it difficult to get in and out. To be honest, I just underestimated how hard I would be working as the class progressed!

But it was a fantastic workout, and as I write this post on Sunday morning, I can still feel a gentle ache in my legs although DOMS didn’t really set in. The pain from the seat is getting better, I can sit down now with no real problems, and my friends assure me that it does get better over time.

Would I go back? Hell yes! I put my name down for next week’s class before I left the club, so let’s see how I get on next time.

For more information on Spin, visit www.spinning.com




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