Pork Tenderloin Goulash

Pork Goulash served with broccoli and brown riceI love cooking with pork tenderloin – it’s relatively inexpensive, very versatile, low fat, rich in protein and a good source of B vitamins. In this Goulash, I’ve cooked the pork with a sweet and spicy tomato sauce for a prepare ahead dinner.

This recipe is based on one from ‘Czech and Slovak Cooking‘* by Ivana Veruzabova, which originally used beef. I’ve changed the meat and made some changes to the sauce which mean it’s probably less authentic, but definitely no less delicious!

As with all of these kind of recipes, this tastes even better the day after you make it. Which means it’s even more ideal when I need something quick and warming on a cold winter’s evening. [Read more…]


What’s on – March 2015

Secret Egypt exhibition at Shrewsbury MuseumHere we go – into the third month of 2015 already!

This is the first in a new monthly series, where I will be looking forward to some of the highlights of the month ahead. They may be events that I’m attending, new films that I can’t wait to see, holidays that we’re going to be celebrating – pretty much anything that I’m looking forward to! [Read more…]


2015 Reading List – February Update

2015 Reading List February Update

Two months down, and I’m really enjoying the 2015 Reading List challenge that I set myself at the end of last year.

This month I have read 3 books, so I’m making good progress towards completing the challenge of reading 40 books.  The books I’ve read have again been a mix of genres and included one re-read of a childhood favourite. I’ve also had my first non-finish – well, it had to happen sometime, didn’t it? But you might be surprised when you see which book it was… [Read more…]